"Don't you think you should think about this?" Shittaka asked me.

"I have!" I retorted.

"You can't leave!"

"I can leave, it's my decision."

"Just because Aoi jumped, you're blaming it on yourself?"

"Well, it is partially my fault that she went suicidal on herself…"

"No, it isn't… That was her choice, it had nothing to do with you…"

"Whatever… I just don't want to be here anymore, something troubles me about this place!"

"You're just troubled because of Aoi's death!"

"That and because of the horrid laughter that always seems to come up before something bad happens to this class…" I said.

"That is a bit creepy…" Shittaka agreed with me. I nodded. "If you're leaving, I'm coming with you…" He sighed after a moment of silence.

"What? Why?"

"You know why," he said breaking eye contact with me. I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks.

"Just because you're coming with me doesn't mean you're off the hook for what happened at the amusement park!" I said sternly. He gave me a really cute pouted face that I couldn't help but laugh!

Shuji's P.O.V

The classroom was really noisy this morning. 'I wonder what's up…' I thought. "Shuji, did you hear about the new transfer students that are going to be in out class?" Akira asked me.

"No, I didn't… I just got here…"

"It's a girl and a boy… A pretty girl at that!" I heard one of my classmates yell as he came into the class.

"That sounds awfully familiar…" I told Akira. He nodded.

"But, there's no way it could be Nobuta, right?" Akira questioned. I nodded. 'Yeah, there's no way it could be her…' I thought.

"Even if it was her, who would the guy be? Another person from our old school?" Akira only shrugged at my question.

"Okay, class… Settle down and take your seats!" The teacher said, coming in.

"Sensei, what about the new transfer students?" A classmate asked.

"Oh, yes… You two can come in now!" Sensei called to the two that were out in the hall. The two came in and I was in shock! I looked at Akira and he was also in shock!

"Shittaka!" I called out. He gave me a friendly smile.

"Nobuta!" Akira called out. Nobuta flashed Akira the same smile that Shittaka gave to me.

"Shuji, Akira, do you know these two?" Sensei asked. Akira and I gave each other brief glances and then looked back to the front.

"Let us explain, sensei…" Shittaka said. The sensei nodded and allowed them to speak. "Hello, I'm Shittaka and I'm old friends with Shuji…"

"I'm Nobuko Kotani and I'm old friends with both Shuji and Akira…" After the wo had introduced themselves, the whole class was looking at me and Akira!

One of our classmates raised his hand, sensei allowed him to speak. "So, how do you two know Shuji and Akira?"

"We were their classmates, before they moved to this school…" Nobuta said. A girl raised her hand this time.

"You said your name was Nobuko… So, why did Akira call you Nobuta?" I heard a lot of yeah's from the class

"That was a nickname that Shuji and Akira gave to her when they were helping her become more popular at out old school…" Shittaka explained.

"She wasn't popular back then?" Another classmate asked.

"You guys should've seen her back then…" Akira and I laughed.

"Hey, come on, you guys! I wasn't that bad…" Nobuta stated.

"You had your hair in your face and always used to walk with your head down. Plus, you never really talked to anyone!" Akira pointed out. Nobuta gave him an eye roll as the teacher interrupted.

"Okay, that's enough! If you guys have any more questions for these two or Shuji and Akira, ask during break!"

"Okay, sensei…" The class said with unison.

"Now, then… I think there are two seats in the very back of the class." Shittaka and Nobuta nodded and headed to their seats. At lunch, I grabbed Shittaka and Nobuta by each arm…

"Okay, why did you guys come here?" I asked.

"Come on, Shuji… Didn't you miss us?" Shittaka asked.

"That's not the point…" I retorted.

"Answer the question!" Akira backed me up.

"Okay, okay… We came because of Nobuta…" Shittaka confessed. Our eyes turned to the girl in the group.

"Aoi died," she said.

"Isn't that a good thing? I mean, after the way she treated you and stuff…" Akira asked.

"Akira's right…" I said.

"Yeah… but, she jumped!"

"She what?" Akira and I asked together.

"She jumped off of the roof when the rest of the school was eating lunch… No one was there to stop her this time and she died!" Nobuta explained with detail.

"Wow… never thought she was that crazy!" Akira commented. I nodded.

"She wasn't…" Shittaka said. "Something happened one day… and, she jumped!"

"That's tragic…" I said. They both nodded.

"That's why, I couldn't stay there. She most likely jumped…"

"No, she didn't… She jumped because Mariko said something to her!" Shittaka interrupted.

"How do you know that?" I ask.

"Overheard Mariko and a friend talking… She said that she told Aoi to stop bugging Nobuta. Aoi asked why Mariko didn't ever bug Nobuta, Mariko said that the girls were friends and that she wasn't mean like Aoi…" Shittaka explained. "And, you guys know what happens next!"

"You couldn't have heard all that just by overhearing a conversation… You were eavesdropping on her!" Akira accused. I couldn't help but snicker at the bickering of the two…

"So, that's why she jumped?" Nobuta interrupted their bickering.

"Uh… yeah, well that's what I heard!"

"At least I don't feel guilty anymore…"

"If you don't feel guilty…" I started with concern inevitable my voice. "You guys are going to go back to that school?"

"No way, Shuji…" Nobuta retorted at me. "The people in this school are a lot nicer, I like them better!"

"So, you guys are staying?" Akira asked with hope and desire inevitable in his voice.

"We're staying!" Nobuta declared, hugging both me and Akira! I pulled Shittaka into the group hug, since the group was basically the people from that school where we made Nobuta popular!

"This seems like a reunion!" Akira pipes into the joyful mood.

"It is a reunion!" I confirm.

"We have Aoi to thank for this reunion!" Shittaka reminded us.

"Thank you, Aoi!" All four of us yelled to the heavens with unison!

Just like I promised, a death but a happy ending! Hope you guys liked it, I loved writing it! It was so much fun… Please review!