The taller man ran his fingers through the honey brown hair before him, a smile slowly forming on his lips as he felt the smooth silky hair leave his fingertips. The smaller boy only leaned into the others touch. A blush slowly began to form on the smaller boy's cheek which only earned him a light chuckle from the taller man. He had wanted this for so long, to feel the boy's milky white skin underneath his fingertips, to smell the boy's sweet scent and let his brain save it to his memories, to taste the other boy, to embrace the boy and hold him forever, protect him.

The taller man tilted the smaller boy's chin up and gently placed his lips over the soft ones before him. Loving the essence of the other; the feel of cool lips against his. His smiled into the kiss, never wanting to let go.

Beep Beep Beep

The sun crept through the blinds, illuminating the room and casted shadows from objects that stood still within the room. The window slightly open, brought in the breeze of early spring and some Sakura leaves had managed to float in. Having some land on the bed that was against the wall. A sigh was heard from the bed and there laid a lightly tanned boy with goldish-brown hair parted to the right. He sighed again and brought a hand to his face to wipe away the traces of sleep. He sat up and got his glasses from the nightstand and spotted the Sakura leaves of the side of the bed.

'Spring huh?' he thought to himself as he got up and walked over the window with nothing but a pair of boxers, 'the season of love and new beginnings.' He thought again as he opened the blinds and saw the Sakura trees filled with leaves and falling like snow. He inhaled deeply and walked to his bathroom. 'Practice starts in an hour. . . I must get ready. It's going to be a very long day.' he disappeared to the bathroom and got ready for school.

With his arms crossed he watched the regulars do their practice matches. His face stern as always but as much as he put up that façade he wasn't okay, he wanted morning practice to end already but it had only just begun.

"What the hell do you think you're doing you idiot!" Kaidoh yelled at Momoshiro. His gaze turned to the pair that was now in each other's face.

"Ahh, there they go again!" He heard the freshman who was picking up balls say. He was getting irritated. If it wasn't for their good tennis play they would be banned from the tennis club for making such a ruckus. He continued to look at both Momoshiro and Kaidoh and now Oishi who was trying to break them up. He placed his middle finger on the bridge of his nose and pushed up his glasses.

"Saa, they're really a handful, right Tezuka?" His body had frozen; he was too concerned with the loud pair by the tennis courts and didn't notice someone was standing next to him. As startled as he was, his body and face had not shown an ounce of it. He cleared his throat and crossed his arms over his chest again.

"Ah." Was his only response to the person next to him. He felt a hand on his shoulder and his heart had picked up its pace.

"Ne, Tezuka. What's wrong?" He panicked now. How could he read him? He was a master at keeping that poker face unreadable. He was a master at putting up a façade. Why, why was he being read by him?

"I'm fine, Fuji." He responded to the Tensai that now faced him with a worried look. 'No.' he thought to himself as he glanced at him from the corner of his eye. 'Don't make that face.'

"Really? You look a bit hot, why don't you take off your jersey?" the Tensai asked as he tugged the jersey a little with a soft smile. He cleared his throat again.

"Momoshiro! Kaidoh!" He yelled out, startling both of them.

"H-Hai!" they said in unison with their backs straight, looking at their Buchou. They knew what was coming.

"20 laps!"

"Hai!" they said again in unison and ran off to do their laps. He heard some people laughing and he got more irritated. He looked to his left and realized Fuji wasn't there anymore. He probably scared him with his loud command. He looked forward and saw the Tensai playing a practice match with Kawamura, who was yelling at him in English.

He smiled a little and unzipped his jersey, but that was as far as he'd go. He checked his watch and realized morning practice would be coming to an end soon. He walked towards Oishi who was talking with Ryuzaki-Sensei about his latest thoughts about his formation with his doubles partner, Eiji.

"Ryuzaki-Sensei," he said firmly. Ryuzaki-Sensei looked at him.

"Oh, Tezuka. What is it?"

"I'm just informing you that I'm going to get a little refreshed, if practice ends before I come back would you please make the announcements without me Sensei?" Tezuka asked in his usual formal way and guarded expression. Ryuzaki-sensei smiled and nodded. "Thank you." He walked out of the courts and stopped by the club room first to get his towel and then headed towards the water fountains.

He removed his glasses and put them on top of the water fountain along with his towel. He sighed contently as he washed his face with cold water. He turned off the faucet and reached for his glasses which were now missing. He got up with some strands of hair wet and looked in front of him.

"How blind are you really, Tezuka?" Tezuka squinted a little and realized Fuji was holding his glasses. He sighed and grabbed the towel to dry himself.

"Blind enough." He replied as he walked towards Fuji to retrieve his glasses. Fuji stepped away and chuckled.

"I wonder how I look with glasses on." He opened up the legs and Tezuka's eyes widened.

"Don't Fuji. You'll ruin your vision. Last thing I need is the Tensai of Seigaku to have a bad vision." He moved closer to Fuji and took the glasses from the Tensai and put them on.

"Well, you're no fun Tezuka." Fuji leaned his body against the fountains. Now that Tezuka could see well, he felt his heart pounding again.

"What happened to practice?" He questioned as he tried to dry the little of his wet strands. Fuji chuckled which earned him a look from his Buchou.

"It's over." Tezuka looked at his watch and he sighed as he walked towards the club room.

"Let's go. We'll be late for class." Fuji followed him to the club room which was now empty. 'Oh, this could not have gotten better.' He was alone with the Tensai, in the club room and were now changing.

"Ne, Tezuka?"

"Hm?" he replied as he took off his gym shirt.

"You never told me what was wrong." He glanced at Fuji who was looking at him as he buttoned up his shirt. He grabbed his shirt and put it on, buttoning it up as well.

"Nothing." He put on his shirt and slung his bag over his shoulder and waited for Fuji to finish. Even the when the Tensai got ready it was strange, he had put on his shirt but not his pants yet. He sighed and leaned up against the wall opposite to Fuji and closed his eyes to think. The only thing that came to mind was his dream from last night. How close to Fuji he was, how his lips felt against his.

"Tezuka?" he heard the Tensai say. He opened up his eyes and saw the Tensai was close to his face. Tezuka cleared his throat and looked into the Tensai's eyes. "There really is something wrong, isn't there?" Tezuka felt his hands, his fingers wanting to brush through that beautiful light brown hair.

"Let's go." Was all the Seigaku captain said and brushed past Fuji to leave the club room. Fuji stared after Tezuka, feeling empty inside he decided to follow him anyway. They walked in silence to class. Tezuka looked at Fuji from the corner of his eye and realized he wasn't smiling anymore. He felt a sharp pain in his heart and looked forward.

"I'll see you during practice." Fuji said as he arrived to his class. Tezuka nodded and walked to his class. Fuji entered his classroom and was met by a bouncing Eiji.

"Fujiko! Where'd you go? I couldn't find you so I walked with Oishi and Taka." Eiji said while pouting. Fuji smiled and thought about when he was at the club room. How disturbed Tezuka looked as he had his eyes closed. Was it because of him? What had he done to him for Tezuka to act like that?

"Hm, I went to drink water after practice was over, by the time I went to the club room everyone was already gone." He lied to his best friend. Eiji frowned.

"Sorry, Fujiko." Eiji said as they sat down in their desks. Fuji looked out the window that was by his desk and saw the Sakura leaves falling. 'It's beautiful outside. . . The wind is strong today.' He thought as the wind picked up and blew the leaves harder for another direction. The teacher came in and he paid no mind at all at the lesson. English was easy anyway, amongst the people in the tennis club, Echizen, Tezuka and himself understood it and could speak it. Kawamura didn't count since he only said few words from time to time.

Time passed and classes were over. Fuji sighed and packed up his stuff. All he had done was think about Tezuka. Nothing else crossed his mind. He tried reading the assignments and the thought of Tezuka correcting his teachers crossed his mind, he tried looking out the window and focus his mind on nature but he ended up daydreaming about a panic with Tezuka, he tried conversing with his friend Eiji during lunch break but Eiji started complaining that their Buchou was too strict. He sighed again when he realized he was now alone in the classroom. His hands stopped moving and his fingers curled up into a fist. This shouldn't be happening. He's had feelings for his captain almost two years now, but just until a year ago his feelings had reached their limit. He figured Tezuka understood him well but he was wrong. Fuji leaned back and let his head fall back with his eyes closed. He let himself slide down his chair so the back of his neck was against the backrest.

His mind filling up with images of his Buchou, the way he looked at him, the way he always cleared his throat when he was nervous, the way he closed his eyes with irritation, how he would always yell in a commanding manner, how he spoke with such formality, how he was standing behind him and was looking down at him. . . wait. . . looking down? Fuji stared into those brown eyes that were behind glasses. He had not realized that in the amidst of this his thinking he had opened his eyes and stared at the white ceiling above.

"Te-Tezuka? Why are you here?" Fuji questioned still with his head back. Tezuka looked down at the Tensai, his heart pounding and his hands cold from the nervousness he felt.

"Eiji told me you weren't yourself during class. I asked him why you were not in practice and he told me you stood behind." He said in a firm tone. Fuji's eyes opened to reveal those blue eyes, Tezuka turned his gaze the window and let the sunsets hue hit his face.

"What time is it?" Worry filling the Tensai's voice.

"Past 5." Tezuka turned his gaze at Fuji and placed his hand behind Fuji's head and slowly raised it so he was facing the front of the classroom. 'It's soft, so soft, just like I imagined.' Tezuka thought as he retreated his hand back to his pocket. "You'll get a headache if you stay like that for too long, Fuji." Fuji smiled and looked down as he put his pen in his bag.

Tezuka noticed this and cleared his throat. "So I missed practice, huh?" Fuji whispered and he turned his body towards the window to gaze out as well with his chin in his hand. Tezuka glanced at him from the corner of his eye and turned to the window.

"Ah. I was worried you felt sick. It would be rare if you were." He said truthfully. What would he have done if the Tensai would have gotten sick? He wouldn't be able to see those gorgeous blue eyes that he so very much adored anymore. 'No, I shouldn't think so selfish like. The team would suffer if he wasn't there.' Fuji chuckled.

"You, worried? Saa, that sounds unlike you, Tezuka." His voice soft and innocent. Tezuka turned to him.

"I can worry sometimes, I'm human." Tezuka looked at Fuji as he revealed those electrifying eyes again. He looked away. He heard Fuji stand up and walk towards him. He felt Fuji's body heat against his body and he looked down.

"Fu-Fuji?" Tezuka questioned as the Tensai hugged the taller of the two. His hair brushed against his cheek.

"Thank you for worrying, Tezuka." Fuji whispered against Tezuka's chest. He looked up and saw him smile softly. Tezuka wrapped his arms around the Tensai. Fuji smiled as he felt his Buchou hug him back and then opened up his eyes in shock as he heard closely against Tezuka's chest. Tezuka froze and he felt it as well. Tezuka's heart was pounding loudly and it was beating very fast. Tezuka looked away embarrassed as a blush crept over his face. "Tezuka? What's wrong?" Fuji asked as he slowly pulled away and looked at the embarrassed Tezuka.

"Nothing, really." He stuttered.

"You had the same expression today too." Fuji said as he placed his hand on Tezuka's cheek. Tezuka turned his head to Fuji and ran his fingers through Fuji's hair. 'It's so soft, irresistibly soft. What am I doing?' he thought as he slowly lowered himself and placed his lips on the Tensai's lips.

Fuji froze up in shock at the feel of Tezuka's lips against his. 'This, it can't be happening. I must be dreaming. That's right, dreaming. I just simply fell asleep in class and didn't actually miss practice. I'm not actually kissing him in person. This is just a dream.' He thought as he felt Tezuka's lips retreating. 'No, don't let go.' His eyes stared into Tezuka's brown orbs. He saw panic start to form as he stepped back. Fuji brought his fingers to his lips, stuck in a trance of what had just occurred.

"I-I'm sorry." Tezuka looked away nervous and fixed his glasses. 'What did I just do? I just ruined something that I so very much cherished.' Tezuka felt a sharp pain in his chest and he felt a knot starting to form in the back of his throat. "I'll be leaving now." He whispered as he walked past Fuji. He didn't want to look into those eyes of the person he had just betrayed. He wouldn't be able to stand it. He picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder and turned around when he felt a hand grab his wrist. "Fuji?" he questioned swallowing the lump in his throat.

Fuji looked down at the floor trying to find the right words to say. 'He isn't much about words. If that's the case. . . ' He grabbed the collar of Tezuka's shirt and pulled him down to crash his lips against Tezuka's. He felt the bag that was on the taller man's shoulder fall to the floor and Tezuka gave him his undivided attention. Fuji smiled into the kiss as he felt one of Tezuka's hands on his waist, bringing him closer to the taller one's body.

"Fuji. ." Tezuka whispered against the other's lips as they slightly parted. Pinning the Tensai against the wall, his leg in between the Tensai's legs, his hand on his waist and the other against the wall, supporting himself. Fuji groaned and licked the bottom of Tezuka's lip, begging for entry, Tezuka parted his lips and let him in. Tezuka moaned as he felt Fuji's tongue exploring him, fighting with his tongue for dominance which turned into passion.

Fuji felt Tezuka's hand roaming his body and slightly smiled as he felt him struggle to unbutton his shirt. Tezuka growled a little as he fought with the last button and smiled into the kiss as he finally got Fuji's shirt open. Fuji broke away from the kiss and tilted his head to the side and ran his fingers through Tezuka's messy hair, his breathing totally off as he felt Tezuka place wet kisses down his neck. 'This is bad. What'll happen after this? What'll happen to us?' He thought as he closed his eyes, drowning himself into the sensations that Tezuka made against his body.

Tezuka slowly dragged his tongue down the middle of Fuji's chest until he reached his naval and dipped he tongue in. Fuji gasped at the feel of something wet in his belly button and squirmed a little. He heard a light chuckle and Tezuka stood up to kiss Fuji again, running his hand up from his stomach to a nipple and lightly pinched it. Fuji broke away moaning and Tezuka lowered himself to the other one and let his tongue dance around it.

"Te-Tezuka. . . Stop." Fuji gasped out in between breaths. Tezuka moved the other one and engulfed it. Fuji tilted his head back against the wall and gently tugged at Tezuka's hair. He heard him groan and it sent shivers down his body as his mouth sent vibrations against the sensitive spot that Tezuka was occupying himself with. "T-Tezuka. . ." He moaned, his shirt hanging from his arms now.

Tezuka let go of Fuji's now red-ish nipple and pecked Fuji on the lips again before turning the Tensai around so he was facing the wall Fuji placed his hands against the wall and threw his head back as he felt Tezuka's hand rubbing over his clothed erection and his other hand caressing a nipple. Tezuka rested his chin on Fuji's shoulder and nibbled his earlobe.

"Hm, Syuusuke. You're so sensitive." Fuji moaned as he felt Tezuka's breath against his ear and the sound of his given name leaving his lips. Tezuka stopped his ministrations and unbuttoned Fuji's pants in which Fuji gasped.

"Tezuka, wait." He heard the Tensai stutter as he slid his hand past the Tensai's boxers and grabbed hold of his erection. Fuji rest his forehead against the wall in front of him and groaned. Tezuka kissed Fuji's exposed shoulder.

"What's wrong, Syuusuke?" Tezuka whispered huskily as he continued to stroke Fuji's member. The Tensai bit his lip and threw his head back onto Tezuka's shoulder as he felt Tezuka's thumb gently caress the head. Fuji reached back to grab a handful of Tezuka's hair.

"Not. . . Here Kuni. . ."He moaned louder as Tezuka bit his shoulder. It felt so good, pain and pleasure. "Mitsu. . . " Tezuka bit Fuji's bare shoulder again leaving red marks. Fuji arched his back and felt Fuji's member twitch. He was close. He knew at any moment now he would come. Tezuka smiled and gave his erection one last stroke and pulled away. Fuji whined as he felt Tezuka let go. 'Why, I'm so close. When I need you the most you leave me.'

"Then where Syuusuke?" Tezuka whispered against the Tensai's hair as he turned him back around so he saw the Tensai's face. Fuji pressed his lips against his Buchou and let his tongue fight with Tezuka's while he grabbed another handful of that messy brown hair and tugged it. Tezuka groaned and nibbled on Fuji's bottom lip. Fuji broke away and licked his lips, loving Tezuka's taste.

"Anywhere but here." Fuji whispered as he wrapped his arms around Tezuka's neck giving him another kiss. Tezuka broke away and kissed down to Fuji's collarbone and nibbled lightly. "Oh, Tezuka. . ." He moaned and he loved his Buchou's ministrations. Tezuka rubbed Fuji's trapped erection making Fuji arch his lower body against Tezuka.

"It looks like you won't be able to stand a bit more, Syuusuke." Tezuka kneeled down on one knee and lowered Fuji's pants enough to let his erection free. Fuji laid his hand on Tezuka's head and closed his eyes as he felt Tezuka licked up his shaft. Tezuka felt the smaller boy underneath him shiver.

"Te-Tezuka. . .that's not fair. . . nghhh." Fuji gasped and took another handful of Tezuka's hair as Tezuka took Fuji into his mouth. Licking up and down as he bobbed his head, enjoying everything the Tensai had to offer. Tezuka licked up his shaft again and tongued the head. Fuji threw his head back, his mind completely blank and his body underneath Tezuka's trance. Tezuka sucked harder feeling the Tensai close, he decided to fondle his sack. Fuji arched his lower body into Tezuka's mouth as he came into that wet cavern, biting his lip until it turned red. Tezuka swallowed Fuji's seed and let go of Fuji as he went limp. The Tensai slid down to the floor, breathing incredibly hard and sweating a little.

Tezuka felt himself blushing as he saw how tired Fuji was and how his lips were red from the biting he had down to keep himself quiet, how the Tensai looked down with his legs parted and his arms resting at his sides, his pants still slightly lowered and unbuttoned, his shirt still hanging from his arms, exposing his slightly toned chest. Tezuka couldn't help but feel turned on at the sight. 'What have I done? I let my guard down. Let my emotions go and this is the result. What if he never wants to talk to me again?' Tezuka brought himself back to reality and analyzed the situation. Fuji had kissed him after apologized for kissing him first. Fuji hadn't really stopped him, or did he? Tezuka slightly shook his head and realized what was more important was the situation at hand; they're both men. He sighed at the realization at the fact that had crossed his mind and ran his long fingers through Fuji's hair and brought himself forward to embrace the small boy. Scared of the outcome, scared of being pushed away, of being rejected.

"Tezuka. . ." Fuji whispered once he got the energy, feeling the taller of the two hug him. 'What's going to happen now?' he thought and smiled at the thought of having him so close for the first time. Fuji brought his hand the small of Tezuka's back and dug his face into Tezuka's shoulder. "I love you." Fuji said against his Buchou's neck. Tezuka tensed up and smiled and pulled away to look into the Tensai's eyes. He placed a kiss on Fuji's forehead, the tip of his nose and finally his lips.

"I love you too Fuji." Tezuka whispered against Fuji's wet lips. Fuji smiled. "Saa, hold on." Tezuka said and wrapped Fuji's arms around his neck. Fuji held on and Tezuka stood up bring him to his feet.

"Arigatou." He smiled and looked down at his clothes. He chuckled. "I would have never thought I'd see the day Tezuka Kunimitsu lost his control." Fuji chuckled as he fixed himself and saw the blush on Tezuka's face as he looked away.

"U-Urasai." Tezuka said looking out the window realizing it was dark already. "Let's go home." Tezuka picked up his bag and grabbed Fuji's as well and gave it to him. Fuji nodded and followed Tezuka who was leaving the classroom. Fuji took hold of Tezuka's hand and intertwined their fingers. Tezuka looked down at his hand and did the same while smiling. He stopped and pulled the Tensai in for a kiss.

"Saa, Tezuka. If we keep like this, we'll never get home." Fuji whispered huskily as Tezuka was kissing his neck. Tezuka pulled away.

"I'm sorry." He chuckled and continued walking holding the Tensai's hand.

"Ne Tezuka, I need to return the favor soon." Fuji looked up at him and smiled as Tezuka looked away embarrassed. They left the school grounds with a few stops due to Tezuka's lack of control and headed home.