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Sora Takenouchi made her way through the crowds in the hallways of Odaiba High.

"Sora!" Mimi Tachikawa yelled as she made her way towards her best friend.

"Hey Mimi" Sora greeted.

"Have you heard!?" Mimi asked excitedly.

Sora laughed, "What?"

"There's a new student coming tomorrow!"

"And that's really something to get excited about?" Sora asked skeptically.

"Yes! I mean There are rumours that he-"
"Oh, I see now" Sora said, a smile tracing her lips, "You're excited 'cause it's a boy"
"No! Well, yes but-"


"It's not just that! Let me speak!"

"Ok ok" Sora said, laughing.

"Ok, well the guy, they say he's just come out of a juvenile detention facility!"

" Wouldn't that make him dangerous?" Sora asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Yes! That's what makes him so intriguing!"

"But it's a rumour" Sora pointed out.

"So? The word is he's ultra hot as well! And loaded!"

Sora smiled, rolling her eyes.

"I for one, don't care about how hot a guy is, or how much money he has"

"Oh c'mon, you've gotta admit it doesn't hurt!" Mimi giggled, "I mean, just look at-"

"Hey girls" A deep voice said behind them.

"Him" Mimi whispered out just before she turned around to face Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya.

"Hello Tai" Sora said, blushing slightly.

She had to admit she did have a slight crush on him. And Mimi, including numerous other people, have been telling her he had a crush on her as well, but she couldn't be too sure

"Hey Tai" Mimi spoke, "Have you heard about the new student?"

Tai's face darkened a bit, but only slightly.

"Yeah. What about him?"

"Do you perhaps know his name?" Mimi asked, eyes lighting.

Tai frowned.

"Well?" Mimi asked.

"What if I do?" Tai said flatly.

"You do!?" Mimi giggled excitedly, "Tell, please!?-"

"God Mimi, he's going to be here tomorrow anyway" Sora cut in, sensing Tai didn't want to talk about this, for whatever reason.

"Yeah but-" Mimi whined.

"Hey, it's cool" Tai interrupted, "Just don't tell anybody or else they'd think I know something"

"Well, don't you?" Mimi pointed.

Sora glared at her. Mimi shrugged.

"Yes" Tai said sharply, "But I only know his name, ok?"

"Ok, geez" Mimi muttered, "So?"

Tai paused.

"Yamato Ishida"


Sora Kamiya Mrs Taichi Kamiya Mrs T. Kamiya Sora + Tai = Love

Sora continued to scribble all over her diary late that night. She was hunched over in a chair at her desk, doing nothing for the past hour but scribbling.

"I've got it bad" She muttered to herself.

Her mind wandered onto the subject of Tai Not that her mind wasn't already on that subject.

He's so adorable Not to mention hot So sweet, caring, kind, goofy, funny Adorable. Hmph. Forget it Takenouchi, like he'd ever like you He's oh-so-popular The most popular guy in school He could go for Mimi Oh damn, I have to get over him! But he's so So, perfect To me anyway


As Sora arrived the next morning at school, she could see Mimi waiting patiently sitting on the front steps.

"Hey, what are you doing out here?" Sora asked.

"Waiting for that guy" Mimi replied.

Sora smirked.

"What!? I want to be the first girl to see him!"

Sora looked around, "Too bad, you're not the only girl out here"

"Don't tease me" Mimi said jokingly, "Besides Don't you want to stay out here with me?"

"Why?" Sora smiled.

"Because Tai usually comes 'round about now" Mimi quirked her eyebrows suggestively, "So take a seat"

She patted the spot beside her.

"Like I care" Sora scoffed.

"Please" Mimi grinned, "Even a blind mice could see you like him"

"Ok ok, so what if I like him He's just so-"

"Hot and loaded" Mimi finished, grinning.

"No! I do not like him because of those things, unlike you"
"What are you saying? I don't like Tai"

"Yeah, but you haven't even met this Yamato Ishida and you only want to meet him 'cause you've heard rumours that he's hot and loaded" Sora smirked.

"Hey! I'm just being a good student, I'm trying to make him feel welcomed" Mimi said, looking away.

Sora laughed, "Yeah yeah"
"Anyways, here comes your lover boy" Mimi said slyly.

Sora blushed as she saw a blue sports car pull up to the front of the school and parked.

"None other then Taichi Kamiya" Mimi said, giggling at Sora.

"Shut up" Sora said as Tai got out of his car.

The rest of the girls in the front school yard focused their attention on the spunk of the school as he headed towards Sora and Mimi.

"Hey, what are you two doing out here?" Tai asked, a slight frown on his face.

"What else? We're, well I am anyway, waiting for the new guy" Mimi spoke up.

"You too?" Tai asked Sora.

"No way, I'm just here 'cause of Mimi" Sora spoke, making Tai smile.

Just then, a loud screeching kind of sound was heard, catching everyone's attention. Riding on the road was someone on a black motorcycle. Sora watched, along with everyone else, as the biker stopped in front of the school. The rider then got off and faced the school, and Sora took a good look at him, now knowing he was a guy by his physique. He had on a black helmet, and was also wearing black. Black boots, black jeans, black shirt, leather jacket, you name it. As he took off his helmet, Sora could hear Mimi gasp next to her, as well as the rest of the girls outside. She herself, couldn't take her eyes off the guy. He had golden blonde hair, which made a contrast with all his black clothes... Though a good contrast, Sora admitted.

The guy just kinda stood there for a few moments, scanning the area it seemed. His eyes landed on Sora, then moved quickly to Tai. The corners of his mouth gave way to a slight smile, then he walked towards the entrance of the school, where Tai, Sora, and Mimi were.

He has the most beautiful eyes...

Sora couldn't help thinking as she could see the guy's crystal blue eyes more clearly. As he came upon them, he gave a small smirk, it seemed to Sora, at Tai, but she couldn't be too sure as he walked right past them and into the school. As the doors closed behind him, the students in the front yard started bustling with noise as they headed towards the entrance of the school after him.

"Wow" Mimi whispered as the front was practically deserted with all but them.

Sora merely nodded her head.

"He's a jerk" Tai scowled, kicking at the floor, hands in the pockets of his letter jacket.

"And how would you know?" Mimi asked, standing up.

"Because- ... I just do" Tai replied.

Mimi raised an eyebrow at him.

"He looks like one" Tai defended, "C'mon, a biker boy, what a show off, he has jerk written across his forehead"

"... Maybe you're judging him a bit too harsh?" Sora spoke up meekly.

Mimi smirked, "Yeah... You're not jealous of him, are you?"

"What!? As if!" Tai exclaimed loudly.

"Uh huh-" Mimi started, just as the bell rang.

"See you guys later!" Sora yelled as she headed into the school.

Mimi and Tai following suit, but heading in different directions to their classes.


After homeroom, Mimi headed towards her first period, Commerce. She entered her class just as the bell rang.

"Take a seat, Tachikawa" Her teacher said sternly.

Mimi nodded her head and sat in her seat. Commerce was hard, she knew, but it was a mixture of juniors and seniors, that's why she had chosen this elective, because of all the cute seniors.

If only one particular senior was in this class...

Mimi thought, thinking about the new guy, Yamato Ishida...

"And you are?"

Mimi came out of her thoughts as she heard the teacher ask a question sharply. She glanced at the door, and there stood the biker stud, Yamato Ishida.

Oh my god...

Mimi giggled quietly.

Matt didn't say anything, but handed a piece of paper to the teacher, who then read it.

"Alright" The teacher said, "Sit... Next to Tachikawa, the girl with the pink hair"

Mimi nearly jumped up in joy. Matt merely just turned his head towards Mimi, then said in a cold voice loud enough so everyone could hear him,

"I don't sit near girls with no brains"

Mimi opened her mouth, her eyes wide with shock, as the rest of the class also had similar reactions, some even giggling a bit.

The teacher frowned at him, but didn't have a chance to say anything as Matt opened his mouth first.

"If it's all right with you, sir, I'd like to sit somewhere else" Matt said with what you could call respect in his voice.

"... Sit next to Ouji, back row" The teacher muttered.

Matt headed towards the back row, passing Mimi who was gaping at him. He gave her a small smirk before sitting down.


"Have you met him!?" Mimi screeched at Sora.

They were having their lunch break but were at Mimi's locker.

"Who?" Sora asked.

"Yamato Ishida!" Mimi practically shouted.

Sora raised an eyebrow, "Um, no"



"Don't meet him, you wouldn't want to. Tai was right, he is such a jerk!"


"But he's so hot!" Mimi whined.

"Who's so hot?" Tai asked from behind them.

"The new guy" Sora answered, "But Mimi says he's a jerk"

"Told yah" Tai remarked.

Sora shrugged, "It's not like I like him or something"

"Really?" Tai asked, his mood getting serious.

"Yes, really. I mean, I don't even know the guy, and hey, you two are saying he's a jerk-"

"He is" Tai and Mimi said simultaneously.

"Right" Sora laughed.

Tai gave Sora a crooked grin. A faint blush crept across her face. Mimi started laughing.

Just then Matt walked into the hallway. The three of them saw him, and Mimi stopped laughing. Tai shot a sharp glance towards Matt, but he only approached them.

"Hey" Was all Matt said, directing it more to Sora then anyone else.

"Hi" Sora returned, smiling.

Mimi frowned a bit. At least she wasn't frowning as much as Tai, who was making himself heard by it.

Matt turned his gaze away from Sora, and looked at Tai. The two boys stared at each other for a while, it seemed that a silent battle was going on. Finally, Matt smiled, and turned away, walking off.

"Whoa" Mimi stated, "What was that all about?"

Sora looked at Tai suspiciously, "Do you know him? I mean, did you know him before or something?"

"No" Came the straight reply Tai gave.

"'K..." Sora said, nodding her head slowly.

"... Listen, I've gotta run, uh, the guys are waiting for me..." Tai said, as he took off down the hallway where Matt had gone.

"Um, ok..." Sora said as he disappeared from sight.

"Boys are weird" Mimi stated.


Tai rounded a corner but stopped as he heard,

"I can see why you go on about that redhead, she's pretty hot"

Tai looked to his left, where Matt was leaning casually on a locker, arms folded.

"Stay away from her" Tai growled at the blonde, "Or else-"

"Or else what?" Matt smirked.

Tai glared at him, "Look. You just keep away from Sora, me, and anyone else I know, and I'll stay away from your business"

"My business?"

"Yeah, you know. Alcohol, sex, drugs, whatever the hell you do"

Matt laughed, "You always stay away anway"

"You just got back, Matt. I know you're going to hang around with Sekio and the other losers. I don't really care if you do, but I know who will, and it'll get you into a lot of trouble if they find out... So I'm making you a bargain. You stay away from me and all my associations, and I won't-"

"Tell on me? Tai, please" Matt butted in, "If they find out, they'll kick me onto a plane to Europe or something, not like I care, I don't even want to be here"

"Maybe" Tai smirked, "But the guys are here, you wouldn't want to leave them that far behind, would you?"

Matt slightly glared at Tai.


"So it's settled?" Tai asked.

Matt smiled, "I don't know what you're talking about, Tai"

Tai closed his eyes, his patience was running thin.

"All I know is, that redhead is hot" Matt continued, loving the feeling of pushing Tai's buttons, "And damn, hell I wanna get her into bed-"

Suddenly, Matt found himself pushed up against a locker.

"Don't say anything about Sora that even remotely comes close to that" Tai said in a low voice as he gripped the front of Matt's shirt.

Matt opened his eyes.

"Let go of me, Tai"

Tai pushed Matt against the locker once more before letting go. Matt rotated his shoulders, an act of exasperation to annoy Tai. Which he did.

"Calm down, she's not that hot anyway" Matt smirked, "You have no taste, after all"

"Whatever, just keep away from her" Tai growled.

Matt shrugged, then headed towards the back of the school.

"You hear me, Matt!?" Tai yelled.

"Not sure" Came Matt's reply.

He better keep away from her... Or he's going to make her life hell, just like his own fucked up life...


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