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Sora sighed on Monday morning at school when she settled into her seat. On Friday she had drove Tai home with Mimi, and then they had taken a cab home to their respective houses. Sora had promised herself she wouldn't say another word to anyone from the Golden Society. Sekio... He had frightened her, how could he not from rumours that he raped girls?

Sora came back to reality when the class bell rang to start. The teacher looked at a few people who had just ducked into the room. Then who to come sleeking into the room but the new heartthrob, Yamato Ishida.

Sora ducked her head, hoping he wouldn't see her. Alas he was looking bored anyway and just looked at the teacher. The teacher, Mr Itsai, looked at him then scanned the class.

"Kumoi, could you please go sit next to Jiro?"

Sora froze. How can he take Kumoi away! He's my lab partner!

"I want Sora available for this young man..." Mr Itsai continued, "Yamato, is it? Go take a seat next to Sora Takenouchi, girl with the red hair, raise your hand please Sora?"

Sora slowly raised her hand as Kumoi gave her a sympathetic look and gathered his things to sit next to Jiro. Sora turned her gaze towards Matt now, and was surprised when she didn't see him with a smirk on his face or anything like that. He just looked... bored.

Matt walked towards her and took a seat. After he had done that, the teacher started talking about setting up equipment. Sora began to do so, ignoring Matt as he just sat there. She could feel his presence as she took out some test tubes. As she set them on the table, she froze in chem class again as she felt a warm breath on her right ear.

"You're a goody two shoes, right?" Matt breathed, "Sir said he wanted you to be available for me... So?"

Sora turned sideways to face him, and indeed she did see his smirk this time.

"We have to get to work" Sora said quietly, ignoring what Matt said.

There goes the promise down the drain.

Matt chuckled, "A little too eager?"

Sora turned to him yet again and said, "If you're my new lab partner you should really help out. Bring out some sulphur will you please?"

"Sulphur... Can't that burn you? So, you're used to hot things?" Matt said in a humourous tone, "I guess you're used to me then"

Sora placed a test tube she was holding onto the table as gently as she could, "If you want to pass this class I suggest you actually do something to contribute. Sitting there and talking to yourself isn't exactly that"

"Ooh, feisty" Matt grinned, "Must be why Tai wants to get you into bed"

"What?" Sora asked, turning her attention to Matt fully now, fear of him washing away.

"I don't like repeating myself" Matt said carelessly, "You heard me"

"... Tai's not like that" Sora defended.

"If that's what he tells you" Matt said, beginning to trace the table edges, "But then again, what did he tell you about me?"

"Why would he tell me anything?" Sora said carefully, "I mean, not that I want to know anything about you- I mean I do but... don't?"

Matt laughed, then winked at her, "So, I take it you like Tai?"

"... Why would you think that?" Sora asked, focusing on the experiment she was doing.

"Well, he likes you and so I don't want him to get heartbroken if you don't like him back you know. Since, I'm very caring" Matt replied, somewhat sarcastically.

Sora looked over at him.

"You? Caring? Especially towards someone who you punched unconscious?" Sora retorted, then immediately turned back to her work, "I'm sorry"

Matt sat silent for a minute, then made himself get closer to Sora, making her turn sideways to face him. Sora thought he looked slightly evil as he spoke.

"You're not scared of me, are you?"

Sora lowered her head, "Is there a reason for me to be?"

Matt smirked, "You're pretty cool. For one of 'em teeny bopper girls"

"Excuse me but I am not a teeny bopper" Sora grind.

"Why can't I make an assumption? You've assumed I'm some asshole to be scared of, right?" Matt quirked an eyebrow.

Sora opened her mouth to reply, but no sound came out as she realised it was true. But, he did hang around Sekio...

"See, you don't even know me and you've got an opinion" Matt stated.

"Am I suppose to get to know you then?" Sora stated back.

Perfect... Matt thought, I am definitely going to win her over Tai.

"Not a bad idea" Matt grinned slyly at her, "So, what do you say?"

"To what?" Sora asked, ignoring the obvious.

Ok, so she still has the hots for Tai...

"Listen, all I'm asking for is one date, give me a break"

"One date that might end in gun fire?" Sora asked.

When Matt gave her a cold look instead of a smirk she expected, her fear built up again, sending shivers down her spine.

"I- I didn't mean that" Sora started.

"Look. I was asking for a date, but now I guess I'll just demand for one" Matt stared at her coolly, and when she didn't object, he got up from his seat, bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek,

"Whenever I'm free I'll find you"

And with that he walked to the front of the room with everybody watching him, including Mr Itsai, and left the room.

"Don't bother to run after me, I'm jigging!"

Was what everybody could hear echoing through the hallway, and then laughter.

But what Sora was thinking of, was the jolt of electricity that seemed to past through her body as his lips had graced her cheek.


"He what!?" Tai shouted at Sora at lunch.

"He asked, no, demanded for a date with me" Sora replied.

"And you said yes!?"

"He demanded!"

Tai shook his head, I am going to kill you Matt!

"You don't really want to go out with him, do you?" Tai asked.

"No..." Sora replied, actually, I wouldn't mind... Stop it Sora! You don't want a guy like him!

Tai smiled at her, "Leave this to me then, I'll get you out of it, ok?"

"Thanks" Sora smiled, or more like, forced herself to smile. Why am I being like this? I do not like Yamato Ishida! We barely had a conversation, and he just kissed you once! On the cheek only!

"My pleasure" Tai replied, "If he ever speaks to you again, which he probably will, ignore him then tell me, ok?"

"Ok" Sora replied, focusing on Tai's face, as if trying to brew up her crush.

Tai's gorgeous... But his hair... It should be down, and... not brown. Another colour such as... yellow would do, or maybe- blonde. Shit. I'm think of-

"Man they are idiots" Tai said, stepping forward and looking behind Sora.

The two were outside near the trees on the school oval.

Sora turned around to look at whatever Tai had commented on. She saw Matt, Sekio, and the other rough guys having a brawl. With each other.

Sora had wide eyes, "They're fighting with each other?"

"They're playing around" Tai answered, "Like the dick heads they are"

"To play is to fight?" Sora asked, turning a weary eye on Tai.

"Hey, it's them. Anything is play to them"

"Aren't they afraid of hurting one another?"

"They already have. Plenty of times"

"... How do you know all this? If, you don't mind me asking" Sora said nervously.

Tai was silent for a moment, then said, "Well, you already saw Matt at my place so... uh, he's some sort of relative, that's all I can say"

"Oh" Sora said, taking his small explaination, "So does he live with you?"

"For now"

"For now?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure he'll be gone by the end of the month" Tai laughed.

"Why's that?" Sora asked, confused.

"He's addicted to trouble. Well, it seems like he is. My parents will get sick of him in no time, then he'll go somewhere... else" Tai shrugged.


"... Don't tell anybody that he's related to me, please?"

"Ok, sure..."


Tai walked around the outside of the school building, searching for Matt. He was not going to let him take Sora out on a date. No way in hell.

"Where the fuck is he?" Tai muttered to himself as he scanned the areas all around.

His gaze found Sekio smoking though. Sekio looked across at him and smiled,

"Hey Tai! Wanna smoke?"

"No thanks" Tai replied, looking around to make sure no one was watching, "That isn't pot or some shit is it?"

"On school grounds? Man, I'm not even dumb enough to do that... your brother, now that's another story" Sekio laughed, "Wasn't Matt expelled from his last school for that?"

Tai shugged, "Not sure. That, or he was found fucking some teacher"

Sekio laughed again, "You're rough"

Tai shrugged again also, "Thanks for not punching me last night anyways. Though, not for the hurting Sora part" Tai glared at him.

"Hey! I have a reputation to live up to!" Sekio exclaimed.

"Whatever. Just, you're not going to bother her or my other friends anymore, are you?"

"Sure, no problem. Though if they get on my nerves... But, you have my word I won't hurt that Sora chick"

"Thanks man... Do you know where Matt is?"

"I dunno, maybe he went off with some of the others"

Tai frowned, "Does he want to get sent overseas?"

"Whoa man, your folks would do that?"

"Yeah, of course. Do you know how much of a pain he is?"

Sekio smirked, "C'mon Tai, Matt's not bad"

Tai narrowed his eyes for a second at him, "Do you live with him?"

Sekio raised his eyebrow, "Tai, considering he hasn't lived with you for his whole life, I take it I know more about him then you do"

"... Whatever. Seeing as he's not here... Can you tell him his date with Sora is off?"

"He asked that chick out? I thought you liked her?" Sekio asked, confused.

"I do" Tai replied, blushing lightly, "Though he's gone and asked her out anyway, and only because he knows I like her"

"That's low" Sekio said, shaking his head, "I swear you two both need to have better respect for each other... I'll talk to him, k?"

"Thanks" Tai replied, shaking off Sekio's 'respect' comment, "Well, I've gotta get to class... you can continue your smoking"

Sekio grinned, "I never stopped, Tai"

Tai shook his head, though smiling, "Later Sek"

"Later Pretty Boy!"


"Damn man, Takenouhci's fine" Ruji Kiori said to Matt as he looked into the window of a classroom Sora was in.

"She's alright, I guess" Matt shrugged.

"Dude! It's obvious you're only tempting her to spite Tai, so when you do, are you gonna dump her?"
"Nah. I've got it all planed out. When Tai gets pissed, I'll stay with her for a few more days... then I'll let her catch me with some other slut and then she'll just dump me"

"Cool plan. Only, I would keep her as a side dish, ya know, since I might get hungry" Ruji laughed.

"You're not a man, Ruji, you're an animal" Matt shook his head.

"And proud of it!"



"What?" Matt answered, looking at Sekio.

"You going for that Sora chick that Tai likes?"

Matt rolled his eyes, "Don't tell me he's got you on his side"

"I'm not on anybody's side! But trying to get her away from him just isn't cool"

"I like the girl!" Matt retorted.

"You've never really liked a girl in your entire life. So, I doubt that. Very much"

"Whatever" Matt replied, grabbing Ruji's car keys.

"Where are you going?" Sekio demanded.

"We're going to mock the pretties at the Ice Rink" Matt grinned, "Coming?"


"What morons" Junaki remarked, looking at Sekio's group throwing random things onto the rink making some guys trip.

Tai nodded his head, agreeing, and made eye contact with Sekio, giving him a look. Sekio in return just pointed at Matt and shrugged. Tai rolled his eyes, and turned his attention to his girl friends that were skating in front of him.


"Watch this" Ruji elbowed Matt from a bench higher than his.

He picked up a coke can and threw it onto the rink, in the path of a guy people would consider in the 'B' Crowd. The guy skidded, trying to stop from hitting it, but fell over it anyway, and hit into the rink 'barrier', flipping over the side towards... them.

Ruji moved up a bench, but Matt only got half way there. As the skater somersaulted, his left skate blade grazed Matt's right arm on the inside, half the length of his forearm, nearer to his wrist.

"Fuck!" Matt yelled, standing up and clutching his arm which had blood oozing out of the slightly deep cut, "Shit!"

The rest of the Golden Society stood up also, and the skater that had fell was getting up sorely from the ground. His friends had come out of the rink and stood before the Golden Society as well.

"Look what you fuckin' did!" Matt yelled, looking at his arm.

Everyone else in the rink rushed over to see what the commotion was about. Tai stood just inside the rink, watching Matt scream his ass off. And to keep any trouble from arising.

"I'm sorry" The skater said fearfully and weakly, "It was an accident, I couldn't stop"

"There's something called LESSONS! Maybe you should go?" Ruji sneered, smiling at the fact he had caused it anyway.

"He said he was sorry!" One of the skater's friends defended, but then backed down at the look he got.

"Fuck man..." Matt said, still looking at his arm, but then looked at the skater, "Shit you're going to get it"

He advanced towards the skater, ignoring the pain in his right arm. Even the skater's friends backed away, from fear for themselves.

Everyone watched as Matt lifted his left hand up, ready to strike. But just as his hand was coming down, Tai rushed towards him, pushing his body against Matt's, and grabbing both his arms to keep him from hitting the other skater.

"What the!?- LET GO!" Matt yelled as he realised it was Tai.

But instead Tai tightened his hold on Matt's injured arm, "It was an accident asshole, now shut up and come with me" Tai said said through clenched teeth.

Matt gritted his teeth at the new wave of pain Tai was inflicting.

"You're hurting me" Matt stated coldly.

Tai let go of him, then backed up one step, motioning for Matt to follow him. Matt simply stared at him, unmoving, until Sekio grabbed his arm from behind him and started pulling him towards the entrance of the rink. Tai followed.

"What is wrong with you!?" Matt yelled at Sekio, "My arm is freakin' sore and you grab it!?"

"Well you weren't going to follow Tai" Sekio replied.

"Yeah" Tai added, now walking on Matt's left as Sekio was on his right, "Besides, you only lashed out at that guy cause you were looking for trouble"

"So?" Matt remarked, "I'm not a wuss like you"

Tai looked heavenward, "Look. Do you want me to take you to the doctors?"

"No. Thanks. I'll be fine on my own" Matt replied, then smirked, "You wouldn't want your Jockies to get suspicious, do you?"

Tai shook his head and walked off.

"He was only trying to help" Sekio said.

"Yeah, sure" Matt muttered, looking in the direction Tai had left to.

Of course, he had headed back to the Jocks and Cheerleaders, and whoever else was considered the 'in' crowd. His gaze landed on Sora, who was laughing at some guys wearing letter jackets. Suddenly, Matt had an idea. He clicked his fingers.

"What?" Sekio asked.

"Nothing" Matt replied, grinning, Perfect...

Sekio gave him a suspicious look.


Later that night, Matt wandered the hallways of the mansion. Well, he was actually making himself walk discreetly towards a room.

Why am I doing this? Just for a girl? Please. I do not need to go as far as this to get a measly girl's attention. I can do that by myself... I'm just doing this because I want to piss Tai off. Bad. Yeah, that's it. It's not like I think I can't get her without-... Yeah, just the thought of Tai's red face makes this worth it. That's it.

Matt looked around quickly, making sure no one was around. Then, he placed his hand over the door knob, and twisted, hoping it wasn't locked. It wasn't.

He stepped in and headed over towards a closest. He opened it up and searched for what he was looking for. Finally, he found it. As he was about to grab it, a voice behind him said,

"What are you doing?"

Matt immediately stood up and turned around, but forced himself to keep his cool, which he was supposed to have mastered already.

"Hello Tai" Matt replied.

Tai gave him an accusing look, "What are you doing in my room?"

"What do you think? I was going to stash some crack in here, either for safe keeping or... To get you kicked out" Matt smiled.

Tai stared at him, then fianlly said, "Get out"

"Gladly" Matt replied, and walked past him and out of the corridor.

Note to self: Make sure Tai isn't going to be home anytime soon when stealing!

Tai closed the door behind Matt, turning towards his closest. He searched through the contents, seeing if Matt had actually placed drugs in there. After he didn't find anything, Tai just shrugged. HHis mind going to a conversation he had had with Mimi earlier today. It was one specific line that she had said.

"Sora doesn't just go for the 'typical' guys. You know; no brains, all brawn, clad in a football uniform, that sortof thing. She likes guys that are... more, let's say, dangerous. Naughty. Bad. Whatever the word... Guys like that Yamato Ishida. Yeah, he's a perfect example"

Tai fell onto his bed, trying to think of what he could do to get Sora to notice him more.

Guys like Matt, eh?


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