Author's Note: I am sure not many of you have heard of Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure, but it is an awesome game for the DS. You guys need to play it. Those you you who are fans yay! This is a story about Weasleby and Hatsworth. There are some spoilers in this fic, but nothing too bad. It is a romance betwixt the two, so just letting ya know.

Paring: Henry Hatsworth/Leopold Charles Anthony Weasleby the 3rd

Warning: violence/sexual situations/rape/slash

Silver and Gold

Chapter One: Worthless

The cold rain poured down upon the streets and buildings of Tealand. Everyone was safe inside away from the storm; almost everyone. The great city of Tealand was known for it's high class adventurers. They had always been above the rest when it came to the greatest treasure hunters. Unfortunately walking around with such extreme wealth was a dangerous thing. The beautiful city was also full of robbers and thugs wanting to taste the wealth.

Then there were those few who cared little about the wealth, but wanted those who had it. Though it was a rarity there were very few who only wished to humiliate and have power over those who had it all. They wanted to make them see that they were really nothing under all they possessed. It gave them a sort of thrill which was really covering up for something far deeper. The beautiful city hid something very dark which no one could see until it was too late. They would become victims.

The rain continued to fall at a hard and steady pace. The weather seemed to make things melancholy, but also very quiet. Then a lone man was walking down the street with an umbrella in his hand. He looked around through his monocle and continued to walk at a fast pace. The ran dripped off his umbrella and coat as he continued down the street. His grey hair and mustache blew in the wind as some rain hit his face. He stopped to catch his breath as a crack of thunder sounded in the distance.

Henry Hatsworth was the number one adventurer in all of Tealand and he was the most respected of the Pompous Adventurer's Club. He was a brilliant professor whom taught an English course at Tealand's highest university. He also tutored young students on the side who were interested in treasure seeking. His kind and sweet disposition made the woman adore him, but he remained single through the years. This was because he was always traveling around away from home.

Hatsworth ran through the rainy streets of Tealand looking for something important. It was getting dark and he seemed to be really bothered. The truth was he was quite upset. He began to call out over the storm hoping to get through.


Leopold Charles Anthony Weasleby the Third was also a member of the Pompous Adventure's Club and the second greatest treasure hunter in Tealand. Unfortunately he was a devious little man and was very stuck up. He was snobbish and was not afraid to show it to anyone. He could be nasty and was a spit fire making him very unpopular among the other adventurer's. Hatsworth and him were always in competition and were hard core rivals.

Weasleby was not the most physically strong man, but he was amazingly brilliant. All though, he used his brilliance to build great machine's to stop Hatsworth anyway he could. He was jealous of Henry because he always got the glory and everyone adored him. The real reason he hated the other man (some could say) was because he was really very lonely. He saw how much everyone loved the other man and felt utterly alone. He knew he was hated and it hurt.

Henry looked around and tried to listen if he could hear anything over the storm. When he heard nothing he continued to run through the streets looking for the other man. He cared about him and when he missed the most recent Pompous Adventurer's meeting he became worried. Weasleby was at every meeting and was always on time, or even early. As the rain grew harder Hatsworth became even more worried.


Suddenly Hatsworth heard a noise which was out of place even in the storm. He heard loud laughter and it wasn't the happy kind of laughter either. It sounded more like something was happening that shouldn't be happening kind of laughter. He ran around to the back of a building and his eyes went wide at what he saw. There was a small group of men standing around in a circle. In the middle of the circle was Weasleby half naked, beaten and with his hands tied behind his back. They had gaged him and were taking turns humiliating him.

Henry stayed silent because they didn't know he was there, but anger began to boil inside of him. It was a kind of tea kettle effect and as he watched it boiled even more. He was not a violent man, but when he saw one of the men kick the younger man making him cry and bleed he lost it. He took his cane wringing it with both hands and raised it over his left shoulder. The anger seethed from him as he approached one of the men from the back. Then with a mighty whack he took him out in one shot.

The others looked in surprise and shock as their friend fell to the ground. They looked at Hatsworth and saw the anger in his eyes and he raised his cane again. They threw Weasleby to the ground and began to approach Hatsworth. The was anger in their eyes because of what he did to their friend.

"Don't be foolish now lads . . . your messing with the wrong chap." He warned them.

"You're dead old man." One hissed. "Oh no, I believe your dead . . . dead wrong."

They all went at him and he took his cane bashing one in the back of the knee rather hard. There was a crunch and he fell to the ground moaning in pain. The other two men tried to grab Hatsworth, but he dashed out of the way completely. One of them grabbed a hold of Henry's arm, but he stabbed him in the stomach with the pointed end of his cane. The man doubled over grabbing his stomach as blood trickled through his fingers. Hatsworth let out a low growl as the last man stood in front of him. He held his cane up and the guy took off like a dog with his tail between his legs. Henry put down his cane and tried to catch his breath as the adrenaline left him. He heard a whimper and remembered Weasleby was hurt.

"Weasleby . . . it's okay I'm here now." Henry said as he ran over to the man on the ground. "Hold on old boy."

Henry took off his coat and wrapped it around the shivering man. He gently pulled the gag from his mouth and untied him. His heart broke into pieces when he saw a pair of sky blue eyes begin to water. Tears spilled down Weasleby's face as blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. Hatsworth got down on his knee's and pulled out a cloth dabbing the blood from the younger man's mouth. The younger man finally broke down and began to sob as heart breaking sounds emitted from him.

Hatsworth gently wrapped his arms around the other man and pulled him close. He was sure he would be pushed away, but instead arms went around him. Weasleby grabbed his jacket holding the fabric tightly in his hands until his knuckles were white. The rain had become gentle and the thunder softly rolled in the background. Henry rubbed the broken man's back trying to soothe him, but knew it was in vain. He wasn't really sure what those men did to him, but he knew it was horrible and unspeakable. The sobbing lasted for an hour and finally Weasleby had become quiet.

"Weasleby . . . we need to get you to a hospital old boy." Hatsworth said kindly.

"H-Hatsworth?" Weasleby asked his voice cracking.

"Yes, tell me . . . what is it?"

"D-d-don't . . . don't leave me . . ."

Weasleby coughed hard as blood dribbled from his mouth. His eyes rolled back into his head as his body fell limp in Hatsworth's arms.

Coma. It was the only word Hatsworth had heard the doctor say to him. His heart ached because he realized despite all of his efforts he had failed. He softly clutched Weasleby's nearly lifeless hand in his own. He looked upon the younger man laying in the bed all hooked up to these strange machines. At least his face looked peaceful despite the tube going down his throat. Henry had come everyday for almost the past two months and sat with the man. He spent time with him, talked to him and even had tea with him. Weasleby wasn't able to drink the tea, but it was the thought that counted.

At one point he was sure he saw the man move his hand, and it gave him hope. He was sitting one day talking to the younger man when the doctor came in.

"Mr. Hatsworth can I talk to you outside please?" He asked.

"Yes, of course." Hatsworth said getting to his feet.

The two moved to the other side of the room and began to talk.

"What would you like to do sir?" The doctor asked.

"What do you mean?" Hatsworth asked quite confused.

"It's been two months and it is highly unlikely Leopold will be pulling out of this coma."

Hatsworth was not happy to hear this and it made him rathe irate.

"Perhaps it is time to look at his will to see what his wishes are sir." The doctor explained. "He may not want to be on life support."

"You listen to me lad . . . I am not giving up on him!" Hatsworth roared. "DO YOU HEAR ME?"

"I understand but . . ."

"NO, Weasleby is a fighter and I will not give up on him EVER!"

"I'm sorry sir . . . I didn't mean to upset you."

Hatsworth finally calmed down and leaned on his cane regaining his composure. He looked into the doctor's eyes realizing he meant no arm. Then he remembered what Weasleby had said to him on that day.

"Don't leave me . . ."

Henry gripped his cane in determination, but looked back at his fallen friend.

"I'm not going to leave him . . . not now." Henry said quietly. "I will never leave him."

"We'll keep trying Mr. Hatsworth." The doctor said. "We won't give up on him either."

Hatsworth turned back to the doctor and gave a kind smile.

"Thank you."

The doctor nodded and then went over to the side of Weasleby's bed. He checked his vitals, but stopped in the middle of his examination. Almost frozen in place he watched as the man moved his hand. He then looked over at Hatsworth and saw the man smile.

"I told you he's a fighter." Henry chuckled. "He's always been."

The doctor finished his exam and told Henry to keep and eye on Weasleby. Perhaps he could pull out of the coma at anytime if he was strong enough. The doctor left and Hatsworth was alone with the other man again. He went over and sat down taking a hold of his hand again.

"I know you can hear me Weasleby." He said gently. "I won't leave you."

He smiled when he felt Weasleby's hand softly grip his own. Hatsworth turned and looked out the window as the rain fell against the pane. It reminded him of that day and the smile quickly left his face. He felt like he should have made it there sooner, but he was too late. Those man had done something to Weasleby, but he wasn't sure what. He was pulled from his thoughts when a hand softly gripped his own. "H-Hatsworth?" A familiar but quiet voice asked. Henry turned his head back and saw Weasleby's blue eyes looking into his own brown ones. He smiled and held the other man's hand softly just happy to see he was awake.

"Am I . . . in an h-hospital?" Weasleby questioned.

"Yes, you have been in a coma for two month's old bean." Hatsworth explained. "I knew you would pull out of it."

"Y-you stayed with me . . . didn't you?"

"Yes, you told me you didn't want me to leave you."

"Even after what I tried to do to you?"


"I don't understand . . . you don't hate me?"

"No, I could never hate you."

"But . . . I . . ."

"You have done bad things, but I know you're not a bad man."

Weasleby turned away from Hatsworth and let out a sigh.

"You have a good heart." Hatsworth explained. "You're head just isn't in the right place is all."

"Thank you . . . for staying with me."

Hatsworth could hear sadness in Weasleby's voice and he knew something was wrong. He gave the man's hand a gentle squeeze and he turned toward him. Henry smiled trying to let him know it was all right.

"It's all right old boy . . . you're not alone." Henry said softly. "I'm your friend and I'll be there when you need me."

"My friend?" Weasleby asked.


"I've never had . . . a friend before."

"Now you do." "Hatsworth?"

"Hmm?" "I'm really glad . . . you're here."

"As am I, as am I."

So, this is only chapter one and I plan on doing more. Feedback is much appreciated. Also a freaking centipede crawled in front of me as I typed this story, so pardon any mistakes. LOL!