Dedicated to Skyla-Dream and Blademaster57 on DA. Their beautiful picture of the same name inspired this.
Manga: Pandora Hearts
Pairing: BreakLiam
Rating: T
Summary: Loss of sight only makes things harder.

The icy stone floor bit at his bare feet, and he hissed, stepping lightly across the expanse. At the very center, he could just make out dark form stretched out on the ground.

"Xerxes? What are you doing?"

"Watching the stars."

His gaze rose automatically upwards though he knew precisely what he would see. The vaulted ceiling arched high overhead, a solid expanse of dark stone. "You're inside, Xerx."

"It's raining outside."

And it makes no difference to me, so why bother with getting soaked? Though words remained unspoken, Liam heard them loud and clear.

Break had approached his blindness with the same accepting indifference he turned towards most everything else. Perhaps his past as Kevin Regnard had taught him the dangers of desiring a different outcome or, more likely, his personality simply did not allow him to dwell on the things he had no control over so that he could exert all of his focus on bending those within his span of control to his will. There was no self-pity to be read between the lines of his unvoiced statement – it was simply a statement of fact.

To be honest, Liam was extraordinarily glad that Break had chosen to remain inside.

It wasn't truly raining outside; it was sleeting, and he would not have put it past Break to stretch out in the mud that undoubtedly covered the front lawn. Liam, of course, would be forced to retrieve him, getting soaked in the process.

This made his life that much easier.

He crossed the floor and stretched out opposite to Break with their heads together.

"Get up, Liam, the floor's freezing. What will I do if you catch a cold and can't complete my paperwork?" Despite the teasing protest, Break squirmed around until he could rest his head on Liam's shoulder.

"Same thing you always do, I expect – make some dramatic and enigmatic statement and then disappear under the coffee table." His tunic had bunched up around his throat when he'd lain down, and he arched his back to pull it straight, smoothing the front down with an idle hand.

"The Pleiades are bright tonight." Break pointed blindly.

Liam caught his hand and carefully turned it in the opposite direction. "That way."

A slight pout fixed itself across Break's face. "I'm fairly certain that south is that way." He tugged Liam's arm around to point back in the original direction.

"That's North."

The brows drew down, and Liam could practically hear the gears turning.

"The north hall is that way then?'


"Ah, that would explain the feminine screaming when I walked into 'your' room earlier."

Liam burst out laughing. The north and south halls on the upper floors were mirrors of each other. His room was in the south hall, and he had no idea who occupied its corollary, but hoped she hadn't been too traumatized by Break's appearance.

"Don't laugh at me, Liam! I'm an invalid, and I deserve to be treated with the care and concern due someone of my position."

"Xerx, if I tried to coddle you, you'd probably smack me in the face with your cane, hog-tie me and leave me somewhere for…Vincent or someone to find me."

"My dear Liam, if I'm going to be tying you up, I am certainly not going to let anyone else enjoy it."



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