Kenichi Shirahara was nine years old when he met an angel.

He had decided to go the long way after school and was passing through the park, enjoying the sights and sounds of the fall scenery. Taking in everything from the crunching of the red, yellow and orange leaves under his sneakered feet.

He stopped under a large tree and tipped his head back and watched the sway of the branches as the wind blew. He could see faint traces of the sky's pale blue between the swaying branches. Could see the sun shining in the partially cloudy sky.

The air was just a little bit cold, for such a clear and sunny day. But that didn't bother the boy much. He had his pocket warmer and his light red and black jacket with the hood. And the scarf that his insane father had tied around his neck this morning and nearly strangled him with before he had managed to escape.

He breathed deep. Ignoring the sting of the wind as he inhaled the scent of leaves and grass. The dirt of the ground and the water of the lake some ways off to his left. He exhaled and started walking again knowing that he needed to go home before it got dark.

Because his father always told him that terrible things happened to children in the dark and he was paranoid that he would be caught by some unknown monster and dragged off to some scary place where the sun never reaches it's dark depths.

To him such a place could only be described as hell. And he didn't want to end up in such a place no matter what.

He was walking by a bench when he noticed a little white shaped bunny back pack with a teal and lavender colored scrunchy around both of it's little ears and paused for a moment and looked around for it's owner.

It looked like something that a little girl would carry, yet there weren't any kids in the area aside from him.

At least none that he could see anyways. He picked up the bunny and studied it for a second before turning it over and finding a name written sewn onto it's bottom. Right under it's realistic looking little fluffy tail. Hn. Interesting. Kenichi thought before turning it right side up again and frowning then put the bag back down on the bench.

He turned and started walking again and stopped when he heard the bushes behind the bench stir. He turned a little bit and caught a small glimpse of something scarlet disappearing through the branches and blinked when he noticed that the bunny was gone.

Curious to know who was hiding in the bushes, he slipped his back pack from his slender shoulders and jumped the bench and ran after the scarlet thingy.

It was fast. Whatever it was. It was also small and more able to maneuver through smaller areas without getting snagged on the branches and brambles that it zipped through. But Kenichi was determined and closed in on the thingy.

He could see it a little more clearly now and was a little surprised to know that the thingy was a person. A little girl if the mid back length curly silvery blond hair was any indication at all. Though he could also tell that he was running after a girl by the scarlet sweater, the overall pants and little black boots with small heels.

"Hey! Slow down!" Kenichi called out as they ran through a familiar area that he recognized as a dangerous place due to the uneven ground that sloped down into steep hills with large jagged rocks sticking up out of the ground and little creeks that ran into ditches that fed the lake in the middle of the park.

The girl didn't listen and before Kenichi realized what he was doing he saw her slip and start to disappear through some bushes and dove into the thicket after her.