AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a role play between Remus_Lupin and myself. The original idea was: Matt is being stalked by his raging fangirls. To calm them down, his manager suggests he find a girlfriend. What happens when Matt asks Tai to be his 'fake girlfriend? It belongs to Remus_Lupin. If you like it, please drop her an email at:

She wrote as Tai. I wrote as Matt.

It's posted here 'cus it's Yamachi

Ah he was tired. Tai Kamiya had just finished up with a grueling soccer practice. It was tough being the captain. You had to work harder than everyone else. Tai had to work harder than that because there had never in the history of their school been a sophomore soccer captain. No one could deny that the sixteen year old had talent. They might not have liked it but they couldn't deny it.

He fell onto the couch. His mother wasn't home and neither was his sister. She was probably off with the new digidestined. If there was anything that made you feel old it was knowing that new generation was put there kicking ass and taking down names. But aside from T.K. and Kari everyone from the original team was busy. Izzy worked on computers,Joe had cram school,Sora had tennis,Mimi was in another country, Matt had his band,and he had soccer. Oh and school they all had school to deal with. Oh but what he wouldn't give to be a kid again,when he had few responsibilities and it was OK to run off to save the world.

Now that he thought about it it had been a long while since he had seen any of his other friends. So up he went and after a quick shower and change of clothes he was off. Sora was busy. Joe wasn't at home. He didn't feel like watching Izzy work on a computer. What were the odds that Matt was at home? Either way he found himself knocking on his door.

"Matt?" he called out "It's Tai! You home? You'd better not be screening me again!" He knew Matt lived as an unregistered address and number since he was getting kind of famous. But to Tai he was still Matt his best friend. Sure they had fought a lot at first. But when his own little sister came to the digital world with the group he had started to understand Matt a lot more.


Matt winced as he heard the knocking and shrieking on his door. Please... just not another one of those goddamn fan-girls... he decided. He peeked through the eye-hole, relieved to see Tai standing on the other side. His friend looked seriously pissed off, so Matt decided it was in his best interest to open the door quick.

"Come in quick," he said, grabbing Tai's arm and pulling the smaller boy inside, before firmly locking the door behind him. "They hide in the bushes sometimes and try to rush the door whenever I walk outside. Lord knows how they managed to figure out where I live...," he muttered. "I'm pretty sure no criminal would ever have a chance of hiding out anywhere if my fan-girls were on the case," He didn't care if he sounded full of himself at the moment.

"Been a long time, Tai," he said, gesturing for the brunette to take a seat on the couch. "I haven't been to school in so long that I haven't seen any of you. You're still a runt I see," he smirked easily, his frame towered over Tai by atleast 4".


Tai blinked. He didn't hear anything. Maybe Matt wasn't home? Well that was dissapointing. He wanted to spend time with one of his friends! Just as he was about to turn away and head home the door opened and he was yanked inside.

Startled at the sudden grab Tai yelped. He watched at Matt locked the door while muttering to himself. What was he doing? Did he know that he sounded a bit crazy. What was he muttering about? Fangirls? He hadn't known Matt had those. Maybe Matt was more popular than he had realised.

His grinned happy to be one of his friends again. How ever his smile soon turned to a look of annoyance. Okay so they were best friends but they still argued. But now they laughed after instead of Tai tackling Matt to the ground. "I'm am a perfectly normal height." he pointed out. "You on the other hand are freakishly tall."


"Oh sure. That's why I'm the one all the girls keep throwing their panties at," Matt replied, smirking easily at Tai. Then he sobered up slightly. "Truth be told though, this whole rock-star thing is getting out of hand. Last week, I was out shopping with Teeks. Had a hat and sun-glasses on too - out of nowhere, this teeny-bopper is screaming out my name. Before I know it, I'm tackled to the ground by a bunch of thirteen year old girls and one of them is trying to take my pants off! Kids these days!" He couldn't help the horrified, disgusted look on his face as he shook his head. Then he abruptly changed the subject, determined not to think about the humiliation he had been subjected to.

"How are things at school? Still crushing on Sora, I bet - see her a lot these days?" He asked, teasing Tai about the crush he had on their fellow digi-destined for years. He grabbed a couple of sodas from the fridge and took a seat next to Tai on his leather couches, handing one can to the brunette.

Odd Matt made it sound like having girls throw their panties at you was a good thing. "That doesn't sound sanitary." he replied wrinkling his nose. Was that what happened when you were sort of famous? Well maybe that was rock star fans. Tai planned to be a soccer star.

Taking the soda he sat down. "Being with Sora is a little confusing." he sighed as he stipped his soda. "But lately she's been pretty busy. She's been working a lot in her mom's flower shop." He wasn't sure what Sora wanted exactly. It was so hard to make her happy now!


"Girls, my friend," Matt agreed, shaking his head sagely although he couldn't offer more help. "Sora was always a bit of tomboy though," he mused quietly. "I'm surprised you're having so much trouble there. Even when I was attending regular school, you guys seemed to get along just fine. It's only been a couple of months since I had to start home-schooling - how did things change so quick?" He wondered aloud but didn't wait for Tai to answer. "Truth be told though - I never thought you guys were that great a couple." He took another sip of the cool soda. "You've always been a bit of an airhead and she's so ground in reality. Too different if you ask me."


It was true. Sora had always been a tomboy. She had been a lot of fun in the digital world. Always ready to run off for adventure while Mimi had complained about the bugs and dirt. "I don't know what's wrong. Now Sora wants me to hold her books and tell her what I think of her hair clips and stuff." Tai complained.

He looked a little upset when Matt said that he and Sora didn't make a good couple. Sora was the only girl he ever liked! She was way more fun than other girls. "Well don't they say oposites attract or something?" he asked. "Just wait until you get a girlfriend." At least...he thought Sora was his girlfriend. He wasn't really sure.

"Yeah well...," Matt said, shaking his head at the thought of getting a girlfriend for himself. "But get this: that's exactly what my manager thinks I should do. To deal with the screaming fan-situation." He added as an explanation. "Apparently it's worked in the past for a bunch of rock-stars to have one. Calms down the die-hard stalkers a bit."

He sighed, feeling more than a little annoyed. "But dude - do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to be saddled with a girlfriend? I mean... don't get me wrong... I like fucking them just fine. Hell, that's one of the perks of the job." He added, a lecherous grin stretching across his handsome features as he turned blue eyes on Tai. "But I don't a want a relationship with one. She would totally destroy my style... I bet she wouldn't even be cool with me fucking some groupies after a concert. Ball and chain, man. Ball and chain."

He sighed again. "What I need is a pretend girlfriend. Someone who could show up at my side for premiers and shit... Just so that I don't look like a single piece of meat for all the 13 year olds to paw at. You think Sora or Mimi would be up for it? Hell, I'd even take Kari or Yolei if they weren't so damn young," he mused, looking at Tai for helpful suggestions.


Tai blinked. Matt's manager wanted him to get a girlfriend? Well he guessed that could make sense. If Matt got a girlfriend girls would start thinking of him as taken and start obessing about the couple aspects of Matt's life. Maybe his manager thought it would even settle him down a bit.

He was a little shocked to hear Matt talk about sex so casualy. Tai was still very much a virgin. But he wasn't going to think about that right now. He assumed that things with Sora would get better with time and they would be a normal couple like they were suposed to be. He most deffinately did not like Matt thinking about dating his sister! Thank god she was too young.

"Well Mimi would be a good choice!" he said after a bit of thought. "She would totaly be into being a rock star's girlfriend. She already knows about fashion and being trendy so your fans would probably think she's worth looking up to. "But she's all the way in America. I don't think Sora would want to do it at all."


Matt groaned when Tai told him about Mimi. "That sucks dude - she hangs out here for ages and just when I could really use a friend like her, she decided to study fashion in America. She's hot too - she'd totally be believable as my girlfriend." It was a serious consideration - Matt knew he couldn't have an unattractive girlfriend. The fans would never buy that an Adonis like him would date an ugly chick. Or even an average one.

"I guess you're right about Sora too - she doesn't exactly have the personality to pull this off either. There are going to be girls all over Japan who would HATE my girlfriend for stealing me away." He ran a hand through shaggy blond hair, blue eyes focused in concentration. How was he supposed to solve this problem?

Then, as if a gift from god, an idea struck his mind.

He turned excitedly to Tai. He grabbed the brunette's slender hands in his own and babbled excitedly. "Dude! You could do it! You could be my girlfriend...," Then realizing his mistake, he quickly corrected himself. "I mean YOU could be my boyfriend. It's the perfect solution! I bet a fake boyfriend wouldn't half as many death-threats from my fan-girls than if I picked a fake girlfriend!" He said, choosing to highlight the positive in this for Tai's benefit. "And! And! It's not like you'd get jealous if I was out fucking some chick, right?"


If Mimi was around she would have indeed made a great fake girlfriend. Even Tai though she had grown up to be really pretty. A far cry from the whinning princess she had once been when they were kids. He wondered if it would be too much trouble to fly her out for concerts. No wait the fans wouldn't believe that. They would have to go on dates and stuff.

And Sora was deffinately out of the question. She wouldn't like the publi eye on herself. And she didn't like lying either. How ever Tai was pretty sure she knew how to fight. But Matt said these girls could be crazy.

Tai's eyes widened as Matt begain to talk excitedly and started to pay attention to what he had been saying. He regretted it though. "Well no I wouldn't care...but I can't be your fake boyfriend. I'm suposed to be Sora's boyfriend!" he exclaimed yanking his hand back.


Matt grabbed Tai's hands as the brunette tried to pull away. "It's not as if you're going to be my real boyfriend - I mean don't worry... I'm not gonna try to take you to bed or anything," he said, looking a little green in the face at the thought. "No offense man - you're not bad-looking for a guy. You're all right - but I'm a vagina-man."

"This would just be for show. You'd be helping a friend out. Your best-friend." He turned his blue eyes on Tai, widening them as best as he could to draw a look of total innocence. He wasn't particularly successful and Matt could tell by staring into Tai's wide brown eyes that the brunette was not impressed. "Come on ... it'd be so easy. We just go and eat at a couple of restaurants, walk down a few red-carpets together, hang out at the beach a couple of times and that's it. It'd be no different from us hanging out together now as friends. We'd just leak it to the press that there may be something going on between us. Easy as pie."

Realizing that Tai still didn't look convinced, Matt pulled out his ace in the hole. "I'd pay you. Any way you want. Cash, concert tickets... Is there a special celebrity Sora wants to meet? I could open a lot of doors, my friend - you could score some serious brownie points with Sora with all the ways I could help you out," he said enticingly, staring into chocolate eyes.


Tai was't sure if he was offended by Matt's comment. Sora thought he was attractive! least he think she did. Well he was sure he was better than not bad looking for a guy. Uh-oh Matt was still talking. What was he saying?

Tai knew Matt way too well to far too well to fall for that innocent look. Matt was making things sound really simple but he was still feeling unsure. What would life be like away from Matt when people thought he was gay or bi or what ever. What if it got him the wrong kind of attention.

When Matt started offering him things to give to Sora Tai's focus was deffinately on him Sora would like that he was helping out Matt. She was big on friendship. And he would get to spend more time with Matt and that would be nice. He was starting to seriously waver. "I dunno." he said sounding unsure. "Won't it hurt your image to have a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend?"


Matt considered Tai's last statement seriously. It probably would hurt his image if people thought he was gay. But then he recalled last week's tabloid headlines: Yamato Ishida - Man-whore. Complete with a picture of him banging a girl in an alley-way. Good times.

"I don't think my image could hurt anymore than it is right now, Tai," he said honestly. "And honestly - if it gets the goddamn stalkers to go away, I'd do just about anything. Just so long as it's just a facade," he added quickly. Still, it rather stung his ego if someone thought of him as anything other than the manly stud he was. Then another bright idea came to him for a second.

He sized Tai up quickly: 5'9 and slender, with thick chocolate hair and dark skin. Matt studied his face carefully. Huge eyes. Plump lips. Delicate features... given the right grooming, the brunette would be quite... pretty. "Tai... I know you're not going to like this next part one bit. But hear me out, okay?" He asked, his tone already slipping into the requisite begging he knew this would require. "Would you be willing to be my girlfriend instead of my boyfriend? I mean... put on some girly clothes for award shows and stuff?" He wondered whether the brunette would even understand what he was trying to say. Tai could be so square sometimes.

"It'd be better for you too!" He added quickly before Tai could shut him down. "No one would know it was Taichi Kamiya - you could be Tina! Or whatever other name you prefer!" He got down on his knees and prostrated himself before his friend. "Pleaaaaaaseee Tai!"


Well it was a good thing that Matt's image wouldn't be hurt. That was the last thing he wanted for his friend. Sure he was a little worried about what would happen to himself but Matt really came first. He didn't like that Matt was being stalked and felt like he had to hide out in his house all the time. What if it made him start to resent the music he loved so much?

Wait a minute Matt had a funny look in his eyes. Tai pulled himself out of his thoughts again and paid attention when the blonde spoke. Once again he wished he hadn't. His best friend had clearly gone off the deep end.

Well maybe not completely. Matt was making some good points. If they did this neither of them would be thought of as gay. "Dude I would look weird in a dress. And what on earth would we do about my hair." After Mimi had broken her only brush trying to tame it Tai had given up on doing anything with it.


Matt couldn't believe his luck or his ears! Tai sounded like he might actually agree to this. Knowing that he had a very small window of opportunity to convince his friend to do this, he immediately began with astronomically high levels of ass-kissing. "Weird? Nooo... Not weird at all! You'd just look like a really tall, athletic girl!" Who could beat the crap out of a lot of guys... he added mentally but didn't dare say out loud in fear of pissing off Tai.

"Don't worry, buddy - I mean you're really masculine and all that... but there are things called wigs. Even my band-mates wear them sometimes. Totally cool these days." He talked fast, hoping to con Tai before the brunette realized just what he was agreeing to. He thought even faster, trying to think of something, anything that Tai had been especially interested in.

Then it came to him. He lifted himself off the floor and sat on the couch next to his friend again. "Tai - if you do this, I will give buy you all the chocolate you could ever, ever want," he said solemnly. If he knew Tai, this should do the trick. "Belgian chocolate even."


Sora was an athletic girl. Though it might make Tai feel better to know that Matt thought he could beat up any guy who messed with him. It was a good thing Matt knew how to switch gears so quickly. He really had Tai thinking about dressing up like a girl and pretending to be his girlfriend!

Tai was still looking unsure about all thise. But he wasn't shouting about how Marr was crazy. How could they get his hair under a wig anyways? "What if some one finds out the girl you're dating is a guy? I know you think your reputation couldn't get any worse...but it might!" Sora might be okay with him pretending to be Matt's boyfriend but what would she say about him pretending to be his grlfriend? "What are you going to tell your band mates? This is a weird idea!"

When Matt said chocolate it was like he said a magic word. At once he had Tai's attention. In the way you could get a your dogs attention when you pulled out a treat in front of it. "All the chocolate I want?" he repeated in amazment. Perhaps now would be a good time to throw in some trips to places known for chocolate.


Bingo. "All the chocolate you want," Matt replied, voice solemn and earnest. "Heaps and heaps of it. Mountains of chocolate. I'll build you a chocolate fountain if that's what it'll take to get you to agree to this." He stared into Tai's eyes. Those were chocolate too... No wonder you like chocolate so much, he thought to himself.

"You wouldn't need to worry about the rest of the stuff at all... I'll take care of what you'd be wearing - my manager could easily set up a personal shopper for you. And I promise, nothing too girly or too frilly, ok?" He said, taking Tai's hand in his and squeezing those rough fingers in his own. Time to turn on the sincerely needy friend act, he decided. "Please just do this for me, Tai. I can't go anywhere these days, you know. There's always some girl in the bushes following me around, hounding me. I wouldn't ask...," he dramatically looked away, pausing for effect. "But you're my last hope. Please say yes - say you'll be my girlfriend."

Chocolate fountain? Tai's eyes went wide at the very idea of one. Were those real or was Matt making this up? He would be so sad if there wasn't such a thing. He didn't know what one did with a chocolate fountain but that didn't stop him from wanting one.

He bit down on his bottom lip. He didn't want his friend to be upset. And everyone deserved to be able to walk down the street and stuff. Matt looked pretty upset. And once again it wasn't like anyone would really know it was him. He's just me Matt Ishida's girlfriend. "Okay I'll do it." he finally gave in. He was sure Sora would want him to help his friend even if he did have to dress up like a girl now and then to do it. "But nothing too crazy okay?"


Matt let out a breath of relief as Tai finally agreed to help him solve his problems. "Thank you! Thank you so much, Tai!" He screamed, launching himself at the brunette and landing squarely on top of him so that the slender brunette was trapped underneath Matt's own much heavier frame. Unconcerned about the awkwardness of the situation, he stared deep into huge brown eyes. "Nothing too crazy at all - I promise! No catholic school girl outfits, no dressing up like a Harajuku girl... you're just going to be an average athletic girl who I was lucky enough to have as my girlfriend." He flashed a wide grin before sitting up and pulling Tai up with him.

"So why don't you go on home now? It'd be great if we could started on this public-dating thing as soon as possible. I have an event I have to go to this evening - I really want you to come." He knew he would have to entice the brunette into coming with him so quickly. "The faster we get started on this and convince the papers that you're for real my girlfriend, the faster the fan-girls will go away and the faster we can stop doing this...," he wheedled. "I'll send someone over to your house to help you get ready for tonight so don't worry about that at all," he said, taking away that excuse if Tai had planned on using it.

Tai was not expecting Matt to react this way. Sure he expected him to be happy but not to knock him to the ground. Thankfully he was used to falling down and taking hits. Chocolate eyes looked up at Matt in suprise. Catholic school girl? Harajuku? What on earth was that?


Finally Matt got of him and helped him up. Why did his tummy feel so funny? Wait Matt wanted them to go out tonight? "Wh-what?" he squeaked. "We can't go out tonight." He wanted to argue that he didn't have a look or anything to wear but Matt took care of those arguments. "I have to let Sora know what's going on. And I don't know how to act like a girl at all! We can't rush into this Matt!"

"Rush? Nonsense! It won't be a rush at all!" Matt spoke fast, helping the brunette stand and pulling him towards the door to send him on his way home to get prepped for the evening. "Listen - it's a big deal: there will be a lot of newspapers there tonight. If they catch a hint that we're their together as dates, the news will spread like wild-fire."

"And don't worry - it's an awards show. Not too much talking. Just smile a lot, hold onto my arm while we're walking - giggle! That's something I've seen girls doing a lot," he offered as helpful suggestions as he pushed Tai out the door. From the corner of his eyes he saw the bushes begin to move suspiciously. Oh no... it's one of them... If experience was anything to go by, he knew he wouldn't have a lot of time before a screeching fan-girl launched herself at him. His blue eyes narrowed in restlessness as he started to pull the door closed. "Look - it'll be fine. Just be ready by 9 PM. I'll pick you up." With that, he managed to pull the door shut just as one of his more ardent stalkers leapt out of the bushes screaming his name.

I'm so sorry Tai, Matt thought, wincing as he heard the girl start to cry and moan outside. I hope you understand that I really do need your help on this.

He didn't waste any time - five minutes later, he had contacted his manager, explained the situation and had a private shopping assistant sent over to Tai's house.


He had just agreed to do this and Matt was already making plans for them to go out to some big event. He had thought there would be time to break things gently to Sora and explain everything properly. He was going to ask her advice about girly things. Maybe even Mimi too.

"Matt I'm not comfortable with this!" he protested looking back at his friend with puppy dog eyes as he was pushed towards door. Why was Matt pushing him into things so quickly? "Matt!" Just as he was pushed out the door it was slammed in his face just as a girl lept from the bushes screaming. Startled and confused Tai turn and ran for it before she asked who he was and what he was doing at Matt's house.

Tai made it home with out incident. But he was still worried about that night. He didn't know anything about girls! Hell Sora confused him and that was the girl he was suposed to be he went to his room. What was he going to do about tonight?


Katrina did not appreciate being interrupted from her mani-pedi session for Yamato Ishida. Oh sure... her boss, Anita, was Yamato's manager and technically, Anita did have the right to tell her what to do and when to do it. But that did not mean Katrina had to be happy giving up her appointment at the exclusive Vir Engray salon to help a teenage boy cross-dress!

Still she was nothing if not professional and she would do her job and do it well.

Plastering a wide grin on her face, she knocked on the door, impatiently tapping her foot until the door was answered. It was a boy - a dark skinned brunette who couldn't get much scruffier looking with his raggedy clothes and his bird's nest of a hair. Strange... this kid fit the description her manager had given her of her new subject. But it couldn't be him. This boy didn't look like he had a single feminine bone in his body. Must be his brother or something...

"Hello there, I'm looking for a Taichi Kamiya? Is this his residence? I'm the make-over specialist Yamato Ishida has sent over to help him prepare for tonight," she said, introducing herself and pushing her way inside the door. "Now where is Tai? It's already 4 in the afternoon - don't have a lot of time to waste dilly-dallying..."


When he heard some one knocking at the door Tai did not want to answer it. What if it was some one to help him? He still wasn't sure about going out right away. The fact that he had agreed at all still hadn't really settled with him and now Matt was pushing him into things right away.

Though he had agreed to help Matt out. And it would only be for a little while right. Swallowing he went to answer the door. There standing before him was a cheerfull looking woman. But Tai kind of got the feeling that she wasn't feeling that cheerfull right now.

She told him she was looking for...well him but it seemed that she didn't think he was Tai. "Uh.." She pushed past him and looked around expectantly waitting for some one to come out that wasn't there. Because he was already there and she didn't know it. This was getting confusing!

Tai shook his head a little to focus his thoughts. "Um...I'm Tai. B-But I don't really think I'm ready to go out tonight. I only just now agreed to help Matt out! Do I have to go?" he blurted out ending with a question and chocolate puppy dog eyes.


Um...I'm Tai... The boy in front of her had spoken the words quietly enough that Katrina wasn't sure she had heard him right.

"Come again?" she asked, a desperate little smile painting her features. "Y-you're Tai? The boy who's supposed to cross-dress?" She did a double take, her hazel eyes taking in his scruffy t-shirt and grass-stained shorts. She kept hoping he'd start laughing and a nice, feminine boy would jump out in his place. Instead, the idiot child was still standing in front of her, babbling on about not being sure and trying to worm his way out of what he was supposed to do.

"Oh god... I don't get paid near enough for this," she ground out. She ignored his questions and got to work; grabbed his wrist in one of her delicate manicured hands and pulled him along - looking frantically for the bathroom.

Finally finding the right door, she threw him inside. "Shower," she ordered, not leaving any room for an argument. "After that, I'm taking you straight to Bergdorf-Goodman's - if there's any hope for someone like you, it's there."


The woman was acting a little strange. Like she was expecting him to tell her this was all some big joke. Tai really really wished he could. He flinched at her exclamation. Yup he was the one who was suposed to cross dress. But hearing it out loud really made him question what ever Matt saw to make him think this was a good idea.

When the woman's hand wrapped around his wrist Tai was caught off guard. Boy was her grip really really strong! Much stronger than the woman looked. It was a bit frightening. Sora was stronger than she looked when angry. Was this woman angry? But it wasn't his fault.

He yelped as he was dragged forward and all but thrown into the bathroom and ordered to shower. Afraid of making Katrina even more angry he hurried to turn on the water and get undressed. Not knowing what else to do he got undressed and got into the shower. He washed both his body and hair. He didn't know where she wanted to take him after this but he didn't want to argue.


An hour later, Katrina was dragging Tai across the Bergdorf floor. "I'm just going to assume that you don't care when it comes to the type of dress you're wearing," she muttered to him as she started going through the racks quickly as he stood next to her clueless.

"Let's see a dark-skinned brunette with big brown hair. How about a yellow sundress (.com/.a/-250wi)? It's got a nice high neck-line so the fact that you have no cleavage to speak of isn't going to be such a big deal," she explained, handing him the dress and pushing him into the changing room. She handed him a couple of more dresses in the same style: a flower-printed one (.), a green one (.com/image/green%20sundress/moore224/3262011/il_), and a blue one (.com/.a/-250wi). She hoped he wouldn't put too much of a fight.


When Tai got out of the shower he hid in the bathroom for a little while but eventualy he knw he'd have to come out in just his towel. Once he was cleaned up,and half naked, Katrina would see some of what Matt had seen. Yes he was muscular but he was trim.

"There are different types of dresses?" he asked in confusion. What was she talking about? He just though a dress was a dress. See? This was the same kind of stuff Sora did to confuse him!

Taking the dresses he went to the changing room while glancing around nervously even though Katrina had reserved them a private fitting decided to wear the yellow one first handed to him. It took a little coaxing but Tai came out blushing softly. He felt like an idiot. This was never going to work! But even though he didn't see it he actualy looked pretty decent. With a little poloshing he would clean up nicely.

Katrina was rather surprised as the brunette stepped out in the yellow vintage sundress. Tai's shoulders were wider than most girls but still thin enough to look feminine, his waist was tiny and the shape of the bodice hid his lack of cleavage quite well. Over all, he had a rather nice figure to pull off the feminine look. "I've got to hand it to myself - I've done an amazing job in pulling this off. That dress doesn't look half-bad on you," she said, admiring his slender frame. She selected a cashmere white cardigan (.) for him to wear on top of the dress - "In case it get's cold," she said, handing him the delicate fabric.

The dress hit just at his knee - she took one look at his legs and shuddered. "The wolf-fur covering your legs will definitely have to go - it's wax time after we're done here," she said, finality in her voice - leaving no room for argument.

"Now... we've got to do something about shoes," she surveyed him carefully. There was no way this boy would be able to keep himself upright on stilettos. "I guess we've got to get you either a wedge or a flat," she mused, dragging him along to the shoe department. She made quick work of selecting a couple of pairs - then she chose to forgo the flat sandals and handed him yellow wedges (.) instead.

"The heel will give you a nice S-curve in your figure & it's a wedge so it should be easy enough to walk in - even for a manly dude-bro like yourself," she explained, rolling her eyes as he looked horrified at the thought of heels. Lord knew this boy would need all the help he could in trying to come off as feminine.


Tai could see that Katrina was really suprised a how good he had turned out in a dress. Well it served her right! She had no faith in him what so ever! He knew she had thought this was some kind of joke when she first saw him and realised he really was Taichi Kamiya.

How ever his joy was short lived when waxing was mentioned. "Wh-what?" he stamered. "But I don't want to wax my legs! Can't I wear stockings or something?" He was afraid of waxing his legs. Girls complaint about that all the time. Besides how was he suposed to explain his shaved legs in the boy's locker room?

He listened to Katrina talk about shoes with a blank expression on his face. Which wasn't really that suprising. But he did obidiently put the shoes on. He was a little shakey but he didn't look like he was going to fall on his ass or anything.


"You're being less of a pain in the ass than I expected, Tai," Katrina offered in the way of a compliment as she took him to their next destination - the hairdresser. She had already made him change back to his shorts and t-shirt - it would have been good to have him practice walking around in those heels but she needed the dress to look crisp and new for when Matt came to pick him up. "You'll just have to practice later," she told him. Really, the boy had done everything that could be hoped for - his protests were few and far between. And even though he looked rather sullen, atleast he was properly dressed for the evening.

"Hello Ivone," Katrina said as she exchanged air-kisses with the pretty young red-head at the salon's welcome desk. "I need your help in making him," she pointed at Tai, "look like a her."

Ivone turned her large blue eyes on the boy. "Oh my! Him...?" She asked, her face contorting into a mask of confusion. "But... but why? He doesn't look anything like a cross-dresser."

"Long story," Katrina said. "Just please - help me out here. I'll need you to sign a confidentiality agreement. You can't go around spreading this story, Ivone." She handed the redhead a long paper.

"Yea - sure... Transvestites aren't that interesting as stories anymore anyway," Ivone said, walking around from behind her desk and leading Tai to the back of the room. She had him sit down at one of the work-stations; another woman came up behind him and immediately started washing his hair.

Ivone studied the boy's face carefully as she grabbed a pair of tweezers to thin out his eye-brows. "You know... up close, you're not all that bad. Nice bone structure atleast - great cheekbones. Big eyes. Small nose," she started working on his eyebrows, cleaning up the edges, but leaving the shape in it's original full-state. "We might conceivably be able to pass you off as a girl," she said with a smile, as if offering him a huge complement.

Any and everything Tai said was perfunctorily ignored. The salon attendants hardly had any time to even listen to what the brunette had to say, given the herculean task they had undertaken.

Two hours and three exhausted hair-dressers later, the nest on Tai's head had been tamed into something resembling hair. It was still very wavy and curled delicately around Tai's cheekbones and jaw-line. Ivone had applied a coat of mascara and a bit of eye-liner, making Tai's already big eyes appear even larger. A light blusher had been applied to his cheeks along with a thin coat of deep mauve lipstick to his lips.

The salon employees and Katrina stood back, staring at him in awe.

"Well... I never would have guessed you could look so pretty, Tai," Katrina murmured. She deserved a raise - a big one - for pulling this off.

"Heh... careful there kiddo - or this Yamato Ishida might actually fall for you," Ivone chimed in, her tone jovial and proud as she stared at the brunette.


So far every compliment Katrina had given him had been back handed. Did she know how to compliment some one with out being a little insulting? Maybe not. Tai was kind of hoping he wouldn't have to spend time with her on a regular basis. She was a determined person but she didn't seem to be very happy.

He watched as Katrina air kissed the red head woman. He didn't like that look of suprise on her face when Katrina told her that he needed to look like a girl. Why was it so suprising? Matt hadn't thought it was that crazy.

Tai tried to tell them that he had already washed his hair but no one listened to him. Aparently he hadn't done it right and wasn't using the right products on his hair. What on earth were products?

When Ivone came to examin him he was so busy listening to her he didn't notice the two assitants come up to hold him down. He certainly did after that first pluck which caused him to yelp and try and jerk away. Where the hell were these women getting all this freakish upper body strength from?

Two hours late he was looking at himself in the mirror. He was just as shocked as everyone else. He was going to find the most expensive chocolate in the world...and then make Matt buy it by the pound for him!

He was a little worried about Ivonne's comment. He really did look like a pretty girl. What if Matt got drunk and thought he really was a girl or something. "I am never going to forgive him for this." he muttered darkly. "Uh...I mean thanks ladies." He knew they had put in a lot of hard work. And while he didn't like what they had done didn't mean he didn't appriciate hard work.


Katrina wanted to pull her hair out. It was 8:30 in the evening and she was terrified about getting fired from her job because there was no way she would be able to pass off Tai as a female. Oh sure... Tai looked like a really pretty girl. But that's as far as it went. The behavior was completely off.

She tried to coach him as best as she could. "Keep your eyes down and keep a tight hold on Matt's arm with both hands," she said. "It'll make you look shy. What are you going to say to the reporters if they ask you any questions?" she quizzed.


To be honest Tai was plenty scared that he wouldn't be able to pull off acting like a girl. Tai didn't know much about girls except for his mother,his little sister, and Sora. Well he remembered some stuff from Mimi too. But it wasn't enough to make him feel calm about this.

He listened to everything Katrina had to say. How ever he blanched when asked what he would say to reporters. "What? Matt said all I had to do was smile and giggle!"


Katrina tried to picture Tai giggling ... She supposed it would look cute enough. But she wasn't entirely certain the boy could pull off sounding appropriately girlish. Tai's voice was rather masculine - just slightly higher pitched than Matt's but no where near as high as a woman's.

"That answer is only half right," she said, rubbing the space between her eyes with two fingers. The strongest headache had just come out of nowhere... "Smiling is good - lots of smiling. Look up at them from under your hair - that'll help with the 'shy' look we're going for here. But if you do get cornered, just try to pitch your voice up a little when you answer."

She decided it was best if they went through specifics. "What do you say when they ask you how long you've known Matt? They'll also ask what's your relationship - what do you say to that?"



Tai bit down on his bottom lip at Katrina rubbed the spot between her eyes. She was doing that a lot lately. He got the feeling it was all his fault but for the life of him he didn't know how to make it better for her.

It seemed like this shy thing was going to be his best best on how to act. And he didn't really plan to leave Matt's side all night. He didn't care if the blonde had to pee he wasn't getting away from him and leaving him to the wolves!

"Uh...can't we say that I'm Matt's child hood sweet heart or something?" he asked. "I moved away when we were kids and now that I've moved back to the city Matt hasn't wanted to waste any more time spending it apart."

Katrina wasn't sure she loved his answer. It raised a lot of questions about his background connected with Matt's. But at the moment, she didn't have a better solution for him. And even more importantly, the doorbell rang - interrupting them from the little make-shift coaching session they were having.

"Just... just try not to speak too much, ok?" She asked, giving up and getting up to get the door. She had done the best she could. Hopefully the fact that Tai made a very convincing girl would be enough to stump his obviously masculine behavior.