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Once upon a time in the faraway land of Mystic Falls lived two princes. Prince Damon Salvatore was the elder of the two. He had deep brown colored hair and light blue eyes that shone with mischief. At twenty one years of age, Prince Damon took advantage of all the independence he could get. He constantly snuck out of the castle to drink in pubs with his friends. As much as his father tried to stop him, Prince Damon would not listen. This concerned King Giuseppe quite greatly.

The younger prince was named Stefan Salvatore. Prince Stefan had light brown hair and bright green eyes. Unlike his older brother, eighteen year old Prince Stefan was very reserved. He never spoke out of line and often kept to himself. He was more often found in the library reading.

As different as his two sons were one thing was for certain, King Giuseppe knew that both needed to be married before they could be considered to rule the kingdom after him.

King Giuseppe stood in one of the many rooms in the castle. He was staring out the window, looking out at the kingdom. His kingdom. He had sent his right-hand man, Lord Benjamin Forbes, to fetch his two sons. He knew he had to talk about marriage now, as he knew he would soon be under pressure for not preparing his sons to take over.

"Your majesty," King Giuseppe turned around to see Lord Forbes and his two sons.

"Thank you Lord Forbes," King Giuseppe said. Lord Forbes nodded before leaving the room. "Have a seat my sons." Prince Damon glanced at his brother, who sat down. Damon rolled his eyes before sitting down next to Stefan.

"What is it Father?" Stefan asked.

"You are both getting older," King Giuseppe began. "And there is going to come a day soon where I will not be fit to rule anymore."

"Father what are you trying to say?" Damon asked.

"In three days we will be holding a ball," King Giuseppe said. "It will be expected of you both to find a lady whom you would find a suitable wife."

"Wife?" Damon exclaimed. "You are making us get married?"

"Son there is no need to overreact," King Giuseppe said. "This has to happen. I was married before I could be considered suitable for the throne."

"I refuse to go through with this," Damon said.

"It's what your mother would have wanted," King Giuseppe said. Damon's eyes widened and a scowl formed on his face.

"How dare you bring her into this?" Damon shouted. "She would never have forced us into something like this."

"We will never know that, now will we?" King Giuseppe said, quietly. Damon glared at his father before storming out of the room. King Giuseppe sighed before looking at his younger son.

"I will talk to him Father," Stefan said, standing up slowly.

"Thank you Stefan," King Giuseppe said. Stefan nodded before exiting the room. King Giuseppe sighed before staring out the window again. The door opened and Lord Forbes walked in.

"Your majesty?"

"You have a daughter correct?" King Giuseppe asked.

"Yes your majesty," Lord Forbes said.

"Do make sure she attends the ball," King Giuseppe said. Then he exited the room, leaving a slightly baffled Lord Forbes.

Damon angrily stormed into his room. He grabbed the first thing he saw, a book, and chucked it across the room. He didn't hear Stefan walk into the room. Damon began pacing angrily and after a few minutes of that, he noticed Stefan standing quietly at the door.

"How could he bring mother into this?" Damon asked.

"He was not thinking Damon," Stefan said. Damon huffed angrily.

"It's like he doesn't give a damn that she's gone," Damon said. He sat on his bed and put his head in his hands. "If she were here, she'd tell me how great it would be for me to get married. How I could find a lady that I thought would be perfect. That all the rules of the kingdom should not apply if I truly love someone." He punched a pillow violently, Stefan flinched slightly. "But father has to make it so formal and cold."

"He has to think of what is right for the kingdom," Stefan said. "Someday, one of us will be King."

"For both our sake," Damon said. "I hope it is you." Stefan shook his head.

"You are the oldest," Stefan said.

"Why should that matter?" Damon asked. He stood up and approached his brother. "Stefan, you always accept the rules. You never try to break them. Brother, you are downright boring."

"Think what you will," Stefan said. "Now are you going to attend the ball?" Damon rolled his eyes. "Damon, it would mean a lot to father." Damon glared at him, still against the idea. "And it would have meant a lot to mother." Damon's expression softened and he sighed.

"Fine," Damon said. "But I will be in protest of it the whole time."

"Thank you Damon," Stefan said. Damon rolled his eyes and started to leave his room. "Where are you going?"

"Where do you think Stefan?" Damon asked. Stefan sighed. "I agreed to go to the stupid ball. Now I am going to drink." Damon smirked before leaving. Stefan sighed before leaving Damon's room.

Eighteen year old Elena Gilbert walked through town square, a small basket on her arm. She had long brown hair, that was gently pulled back, to keep her hair out of her face. She had light brown eyes and a pale face. She dressed moderately well, although her family was not the best off.

"Elena! She turned to see her friend Annabelle running to her.

"Hello Anna," Elena said, smiling. Anna was two years younger than her. She had black hair that always fell in front of her face. Her clothes were a little dirtier than Elena's but their family's monetary situation was the same.

"Did you hear the news?" Anna asked.

"About the ball?" Elena asked and Anna nodded vigorously. "I did. It sounds very exciting."

"Are you going to go?" Anna asked. "The scribe said all ladies of the ages eighteen to twenty one should attend."

"I don't know," Elena said.

"Why not?" Anna asked.

"I don't have anything appropriate to wear to a ball at the palace," Elena said. Anna bit her lip, before smiling. "What?"

"I have an idea," Anna said. She grabbed Elena's wrist and began pulling her through the streets.

"Anna, where are we going?" Elena asked. Finally, they stopped in front of Anna's house. Anna smiled and pulled her inside. Anna's mother, Pearl, was sitting in the main room, sewing.

"Mama," Anna said. Pearl looked up and smiled. She stood and walked to the two girls.

"Elena so nice to see you," Pearl said. Elena nodded and smiled. "What is it girls?"

"There's a ball at the palace in three days," Anna said. "And Elena says she cannot go because she has nothing to wear." Pearl looked at Elena, before smirking.

"Nothing to wear, huh?" Pearl asked. "Elena dear, do you forget what I do for a living?" Anna smiled widely.

"I do not wish to be a bother," Elena said, before glancing at Anna. Anna smiled cheekily at Elena.

"A bother?" Pearl asked. "Elena dear, you and your family have always been nice to Anna and I. It is the least that I can do." Elena sighed, before smiling.

"Oh alright," Elena said. Pearl smiled and Anna jumped up and down in happiness.

"Elena's going to the ball!" Elena smiled, a little nervous at the thought of going to the palace.

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