Daddy Moony Chapter 6

Pottere Lufe was the ancestral home of the Potter family for centuries, it had been added to by each head of family. Alric Potter had been the most prolific in adding to the estate, he lived in the thirteenth century and had been a master breeder of horses. While the Potter's no longer provided for entire armies, their horses were still very much in demand. One fourth of the 100 acre estate had been dedicated to the majestic beasts, house elves as it would happen were great at breaking and training horses. The other parts were dedicated to sheep, a small herd of cattle and growing grains, vegetables, and fruits. Pottere Lufe in short was an entirely self-sufficient estate. The actual home itself was built in the style of Highclere Castle, it was on the side of the eastern facing mountain and it overlooked everything, running from a spring to the left was a freely flowing river that cut through the property. If they did not want to leave; the Lupin's and the Granger's never would have to and would live happily and would never go hungry. Finally the property was enclosed by stone walls, the only entrance was a wrought iron gate at the entrance of the valley in which the estate was located. The gate house was where the ten house elves lived.

It was the morning after the Lupin's day at court and both families were breakfasting in the dining area that gave a fantastic view of the property. Hermione for her part was being forced to eat the large breakfast that the house elves had provided before she was going to be allowed to run off to the library. In the distance they could see a small army of goblins scaling the walls, carving runes and setting jewels to add to the protection. In the center of the property was a minor dam to create a small pond for swimming the goblins had magically dried it out and were digging to set a giant rune stone that would act as a charging point ensuring that even a death eater found the home and shot down the wards, they would be back up to full strength within a few seconds, it drew on the ambient magic and would store it for any such occasion.

"Dad we've eaten can we please go?" Hermione pleaded giving her the pleading look that causes fathers the world around to cave in.

"Sure pumpkin"

"YAY!" Hermione shot from her chair and snatched Harry's hand and half dragged him down the hall to the massive Potter library.

Jack stood up from the table with his tea and looked out at the goblins working. "You really are taking this protection thing seriously aren't you?"

"We've no choice." Remus said standing with the other man at the window, "Those men that attacked us at the book shop, oh gosh was it only yesterday?" He sighed, so much had happened since then, he was still just barely hanging on. "Anyways, they would have killed your family out of hand and felt no remorse. I'm sure Minerva explained to you what they're like." He said turning back to the table, Shyla nodded.

"We can't take any risks," Tonks continued, "There are many Death Eaters who bought their way out of prison and are currently in the government. If they were to discover that we've moved to the Potter Mansion they would be all over themselves to find out where it is. They may already be searching, these wards will protect us against all but the most experienced person trying to take down the wards, unless of course they go for brute strength."

"Brute strength?" Shyla asked.

"The siege engine spell, works like a freight train, there are other powerful destructive magicks that can drive through a ward, but they require the caster to be nearly ranked as an Amber Mage for them to break through these ones, as there are very few Amber Mages around we're safe."

"Sorry, Amber Mage? You really must be sick of all these questions."

Remus waved his hand dismissively "Not at all, you've been forced into this world, and it's understandable that you've a lot of questions. An Amber Mage is the highest ranked in power a wizard or witch can be, most recently Lily was ranked as one, so too is Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort was also ranked one before his death, the most common is a Ruby Wizard, above that is the Sapphire Wizard, and above that is the Golden Mage, which most Hogwarts professors are."

"Our kids are too young to do the test, their magical cores are still in constant flux, they are generally tested in fifth or sixth year." Tonks concluded.


Later in the afternoon, Hermione was showing her parents around the Library and Remus had decided to take Harry for a walk around the grounds while Tonks was at work. "Harry this is where your mum and dad would have wanted you to grow up, and I am so happy we can have you here."

"You mean my mum and dad before you and mum became my mum and dad?"

"Yes Pronglet."

"What about Hermione? I don't want her to go to school without me! There's bullies!"

"Don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Granger have decided they would move here. It wasn't easy for them, but they think it's for the best. Now that the Death Eaters know about our old home, they aren't safe, they just want Hermione to be safe."

Harry crossed his arms "Good!" and Remus could only laugh at his son.

They crossed a stone bridge and walked up the path, passing a few workout stations. A Potter in the seventeenth century had believed firmly in keeping healthy to promote a healthy magical core and had instilled a health regimen for his household. He was far ahead of his time, even still many purebloods could not be bothered to 'degrade' themselves in such a muggle fashion. He patted the small paunch of his belly that had started growing shortly after being married and decided he would be using such stations. He was sure Dora would approve he thought with a wry grin.

A small group of sheep crossed their path and moved through piles of staked wood on the other side of the road and in the distance they heard a horse neigh.

"Do you want to learn to ride a horse Harry?"


"Alright, alright, we'll talk to stable master elf and he should be able to teach you."

"And Hermione?" Harry asked in a tone that clearly said 'If she can't I won't'

"We'll be sure to ask her parents don't you worry."


The father and son walked up and saw the gate house, there was a collection of goblin security guards posted, apparently all the extra Remus had paid earned them a security contingent until the warding was completed tomorrow. One of them that was on the inside of the gate saw them approach and walked over to them.

"Sir, while the wards are being installed we are collected all post, this letter arrived a short while ago."

"Thank you...?"


"Thank you Steelclaw, how is everything coming along?"

"Very well sir, your gold had quite the voice, we have our best warders out there and will be done on schedule."

"Thank you!" Harry said loudly and stuck out his hand, after a flash of surprise over the old goblins face he stuck his hand out as well and shook Harry's hand. Remus proudly patted Harry's shoulder and guided him away after giving his own thanks.

"That was good of you Harry, there are wizards out there who will tell you we cannot trust goblins and to treat them badly, but they are wrong, always remember that, they are our friend so long as we are theirs."

"Yes Daddy."


Remus turned over the letter and broke the seal, it was from Dora.


Sirius has been declared innocent in a private trial, the evening Prophet will have the story. I am bringing him with me tonight. He's my cousin after all and saved our lives. See you in a few hours.

All my love,



Remus slumped against the tree. Innocent? He knew that based on his testimony he would be declared so, but to see it so official? It knocked the wind out of him. His brother in all but blood was coming to him.


"Harry," Remus patted the spot next to him and put his arm around him, "there's something I need to tell you." Lily's eyes stared up at him questioningly. "Remember all the stories I told you about school? And the night your parents were betrayed? Well it would seem that not all we thought was true. We once thought that Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper, but your old dad and Uncle Sirius were too clever for us. Sirius was not the secret keeper. And, he is coming tonight."

Harry was silent for a minute and looked thoughtful. "Will he stay with us? Will he be my uncle?"

"If you want him to."

"I think I do, but I get to meet him tonight?"

"Yes, your mum is bringing him."


"Alright Pronglet, let's get back up the house I'm sure the Granger's are wondering when we'll be back."

Father and son stood up and Remus waved his wand and cleaned the mud off their behinds.


Severus Snape was sitting against the wall in a ministry holding cell awaiting trial. It would be a long while yet. For a few hours he had been subject to the taunts of Sirius Black. That was before the damnable man had been taken away for further questioning. The Ministry was moving fast to keep face, after all they had wrongly imprisoned a pureblood in Hell on Earth for a few years. They wanted their asses covered.

Snape would receive a very public trial and would probably be crucified by the prosecution. He had wormed his way out of a trial, and now he was going to face it, the only question was whether he was going to get the veil or life in Azkaban, he prayed to the Deity that it would be the former.


For the thirtieth time Dora Lupin was hit by a balled up piece of paper.

"Dammit Sirius, can't you control yourself?"

"I'm booooorrrrreeed!" Sirius moaned, collapsing over the side of his chair.

"Didn't you learn any sort of patience in prison?"

"Now I have something to look forward to!" He flicked his wand and hit Dora in the face again.

She slowly looked up and slowly grew out her hair to Rapunzel length with a flick of her wand her hair shot out and tied Sirius up to the chair, another flick of her wand and she multiplied all the balled up papers and sent them flying at her erstwhile cousin.

They both let out huge belly laughs and Tonks shrunk her hair back to its usual length, this time with blue highlights.

"Alright cousin let's just go, I can see you won't allow the responsible family member to be productive."

"I'm wounded Dora, I've had many chances to be responsible, I like to wave at them as they pass by."

Tonks waved her wand and all the proper papers went to filing cabinets and cast a security ward on her cubicle. The cousins walked out to the atrium, both were surprised at the ease of which they fell into the roles of playful cousins. They had been a few years apart at Hogwarts and in different houses, but they still had made time to hang out, he was the white sheep of the Black family, just like her mother had been, sadly Regulus never joined during those times, even though he was in the same year as Dora.

But as they got closer to the Ministry exit Sirius grew apprehensive, how would he be welcomed. Dora must have picked up on his apprehension and she jabbed his ribs with her elbow. "Hey! Would Remus have keyed you into the wards if he didn't intend on being OK with you there? You saw the letter, Harry even wants to see you!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right, just worried, you know."

"I know cousin," she wrapped an arm around him. "But my little Harry was raised right, he's sweet and forgiving. How could he be anything else? Remus says he's truly Lily and James' son, we also did our part. So stop worrying a bone and just look forward to tonight. Minerva will even be there."

"Alright, alright."


The house elves had worked themselves into a tizzy. The house was filled with the smell of greasy food. Sirius had a huge appetite before Azkaban, Remus could only guess how much Sirius was looking forward to eating all he could from his favorite foods. Shepard's Pie, Fish and Chips, Cornish Pasties, Fish Fingers and Custard. There were also frosty tankards of Guinness. Jack looked at the table and laughed. "Think this Sirius bloke will be able to eat all this?"

"Of that my friend I have no doubt!"

"It is going to be so good seeing master Sirius again!" Squeaked Euan, the head kitchen elf, ever since the house had been inhabited again he had taken to the kitchen like a possessing demon, it may have only been a day, but he was eager to cook on anyone's whim.


Walden Macnair sat at the head of the table in his dining hall surrounded by fifteen other death eaters who had escaped Azkaban. "We've discovered the location of the Potter home. The boy has been taken there by his mongrel father. As it is the goblins are currently putting up wards to protect the place, we must attack today if we are to have any hope of breaking past them."

"What of the goblins?" Lucius Malfoy asked.

"Surely you don't think that a few goblins can stand up to the might of the Dark Lord's trusted followers. We shall also be bringing a few dark creatures as well, that have been…officially executed… according to the Ministry."

The surrounding Death Eater's laughed wickedly and went to collect their favorite dark objects before leaving to cause havoc the magical world had not seen since the fall of Voldemort.


The door to Pottere Lufe opened and Sirius who was feeling much more confident than he had when he was at the Ministry conjured a megaphone and bellowed out. "MOONEY I'M HOME!" His voice echoed through the halls. Dora responded by flicking her wand and streaking his hair with vibrant fluorescent colors. He passed a mirror and shrieked. He may have spent several years in Azkaban but he never grew out of his vanity. Unfortunately for the household he was still holding the megaphone.

"Change it back, change it back."

But it was too late the household had come running at the first yell and were currently clutching their sides laughing as Sirius cast spell after spell on his hair, all of which seemed only to make it worse. Remus finally took mercy and walked up and waved his wand, turning Sirius's hair back to its previous color. The two men embraced. A lot was put into the hug and the two men couldn't help but cry. They cried for the loss of their friend's. For the betrayal. For Sirius's ravaged life. For Remus not coming to his rescue or believing in his innocence. The family gave them their space for a short while, yet before long little Harry walked up and gave Sirius a hug. This was nearly too much for the former prisoner of Azkaban he knelt down and hugged Harry tightly.

"Hi Uncle Paddy."

Sirius choked back a sob and wiped his eyes clean. No words were needed yet again, Remus had obviously told Harry about what had happened and the boy had forgiven him. That would be good enough for now. Now however his nose caught scent of the smells wafting from the Dining room, he stood up holding his godson. "Dinnertime?"

The assembled laughed and lead the way to the veritable feast that had been prepared. Jack and Shyla had been watching silently, holding Hermione back, there was a lot of emotion in the scene and they had to let it play out before introducing themselves to Sirius. The doors opened wide Sirius nearly dropped Harry in his shock at all the food presented before him. As it was he set him down and rushed forward to the side table set up as a buffet serving style and piled his plate high. He popped the top off a frosty bottle of Guinness and took a long pull. "Ahhhh that's the best stout I've ever tasted." He closed his eyes in satisfaction and inhaled deeply from his plate before opening them and chowing down on Shepard's pie. The rest of the inhabitants served themselves much more manageable servings and sat at the table. Conversation around the table was light as all were aware of the giant pink elephant in the room, they wanted to stay away from the heavier subjects of conversation. Jack and Shyla didn't think they could bear up to much more information of this world that they had been thrown into. Sirius had been regaling all with tales of the marauders exploits, with many interjections from Remus. Everyone was gutting themselves laughing. The two marauders had not laughed like this since James had been alive. Sure Remus and Dora had many laughs and hilarious exploits together, but nowhere near the level that the marauders had done.

They gathered hadn't heard the floo roaring nor the clacking of heels, but before they knew it Minerva McGonagall was staring at the gathered. "Sirius Black and Remus Lupin! Don't you dare think that I won't retroactively deduct points from Gryffindor house nor put you both in detention! I'm sure Filch has some dungeons that need cleaning." But the aged Transfiguration professor couldn't keep the act up that much longer, her face broke into a wide smile as she rushed to the table and Sirius met her half way. She hugged one of her most favorite students with all her might. "It's so good to see you again Sirius." She managed to choke out her voice thick with emotion. "And you too Minnie." She broke off and fixed him with a faux glare before marching off and serving herself dinner.

"So have these boys told you about the time they forced me to give them detention for-"

"You'll have to be more specific than that Professor." Sirius called out.

"Fine it went a little like this"


The four Marauder's slowed their run and walked briskly to the transfiguration classroom. They caught their breath and opened the door.

"You're late,"

"A wizard is never late Minerva McGonagall, neither is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to!" James called out, as the three behind him voiced their agreement. The class stared at them in shock, a few fits of giggles broke out but were subsided by the Professors glare.


Minerva could not finish her story as the entire gathered were laughing.

"My dad quoted Gandalf?" Harry blurted out once he had caught his breath.

Sirius cocked an eyebrow. "He's read Tolkien? He surely is Lily's son…" Which caused Remus and Minerva to laugh.

"Hey I've read Tolkien too!" Hermione called out "I'm not Lily's!"

All the adults laughed now. "Whoo boy! Little Harrikins has himself a worthy girlfriend already."

This choked up Jack Granger. "No, no dating EVER! My little girl is going to stay the way she is."

"Sorry Jack, we grow up." Dora told him across the din.

"Never" he whispered in a theatrical horrified voice.

Their laughter was cut off by a giant flare of fire at the entry gate followed by war cries of goblins.

"No, it can't be!" Remus whispered

"You told us we would be safe here." Shyla wailed.

"There must be an informant at the ministry, also the wards aren't fully up, they must be taking their chance now, which means they won't be very well organized." Dora surmised, "I'll stay here with the kids and Granger's, all of you go now!"

Minerva, Remus and Sirius were on their feet and running out. Along the path Minerva transfigured several logs of wood into Bear's, Dire Wolves, and Tiger's among other dangerous creatures. With a jab of her wand they were directed to the pitched battle taking place at the gates.

Blood, both goblin and human soaked the soil. The air thick with screams and incantations. The creatures jumped over the fighting goblins and began to grapple with death eaters, three were killed before the creatures were blasted into bits of bark. Sirius got up close with Lucius Malfoy and jabbed his fore and middle finger through his ribs into his heart starting a song from the Black family grimoire. He yanked his fingers out thick with blood and as he sung the blood turned an electric blue wreathed in blue flame, he swung his hand around like a whip, melting flesh off of the attackers and vaporizing the dark creatures that Macnair had brought along. The sounds of battle ceased and Sirius stopped his song. The gathered warriors were staring at him.

"What? I wasn't about to let them hurt Harry now that I've finally gotten to see him. They had gorram chimeras! It was the only way I knew how to quickly kill them! It may have looked dark, but it wasn't, only blood magick."

Remus walked up and hugged him. "If there were any doubt that I made the right decision welcoming you into Harry's life you just wiped them away."

Minerva walked over and kicked some bits of bark, "I need to up my game, it's been a while since I did such transfigurations."

Steelclaw marched up to the wizard warriors and saluted them in the secret fashion of the Goblin horde, it was an honor that had not been given to a wizard in centuries. "You have fought bravely and honorably alongside goblins where other wizards might have run away. The goblin horde will always be at your service for that which you gave."

"As our, our services Steelclaw, the goblins have but to ask and the House of Black will come."

"As will the House of Potter."

"And McGonagall"

"I only wish we could have helped before the Death Eaters had killed your brethren."

"They fought bravely and died a warriors death, they will be remembered in the songs of their tribes."

"What has been said will not be forgotten." Steelclaw intoned, we will clean up and finish our wards as quick as possible, we will call other goblins here to take the dead."

"Thank you for your service, if there is anything the house of Potter can do to ease the hordes suffering you have but to ask."

Steelclaw bowed his head in acknowledgement and set off to work. Sirius, Minerva, and Remus walked up back the path to the main house as each vanished the blood off of themselves. Before they reached the gravel surrounding the immediate area around the home the door burst open and Harry bolted out and flung himself into his father's arms before squirming out and giving the other two their own powerful hugs.

"You did it! You saved me again!" Remus swung him around the air. "You bet I did sonny!"


1 September, 1991

The Lupin's, Blacks, and Grangers were walking en masse along the platforms of Kings Cross Station and pushed through the portal to the Hogwarts express. Sirius and Cersei Black were holding the hand of their little Lily , she wouldn't be going to Hogwarts of course but the family wanted to see Harry and Hermione off. Charles Lupin was pitching a fit to beat the band, crying that he couldn't go with his big brother. Dora placed her hand over her very pregnant belly and looked down at her son "Charles! Stop making a scene! You'll see Harry on the mirror tonight and then at Christmas!" The boy silenced himself and clutched on to his mother's legs.

Remus on the other hand was kneeling down in front of Harry. "I'm going to miss you son. You be sure to call us whenever you want on the mirror. And be sure to find the Marauder's map. Your father would never forgive me if you didn't inherit it properly. Stealing from Filch is proper enough." The father and son shared a short laugh. "We'll send you pictures of your little sister when she's born."

"Dad, does it matter what house I'll be in?"

"Harry, you know it doesn't, you also know that I'll be proud of you no matter what! Just try to get in the same house as your girlfriend over there." Harry blushed a deep red but cast a look over to the girl in question who was hugging her parents but was red enough to look like they were having the very same conversation.

Harry said his goodbyes to the rest of the family but finished off with a final hug to his daddy.

As the red steam engine pulled out of the station Remus watched it disappear around the corner and tried to stifle tears.

He passed through the barrier in a daze and passed a familiar looking beefy man with his very skinny wife. He shivered at the thought of what would have happened if he had not taken action and taken the little Pronglet to be his son.


Author's Notes:

I don't own it, don't take me to court please

Pottere Lufe means: Potter Home in Anglo-Saxon, I just picture the Potter's that way (mainly cause I love the Anglo-Saxon culture).

Yes the Gandalf quote comes from the movie not the books, I've taken enough Tolkien studies courses to know about THAT, I just couldn't resist.

Well that's it! Thanks for reading! I'm working on two other stories currently both are vastly different!