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Selfish 70

Gossip spreads like fire and herpes.

Especially in a place that has so many phone lines like the hospital.

It wasn't long before Carlisle knew of our engagement... or Tanya.

Where one was happy for us... the other didn't stop to let us know what a big mistake we were making.

Can't say I was a little hurt Carlisle turned out to be such an asshole... since you know, he was the first to move on with the blond slut nurse.

Tanya on the other hand, was a complete doll.

Well, I thought she was a doll... after she profusely apologized.

Apparently she found God... or so she says.

Edward hasn't exactly began to trust her... and neither have I.

Doesn't mean I can't be friendly either.

If I can forgive Alice for fucking my technically still husband, then I can forgive Tanya for kissing my boyfriend.

I sound like slut.

As for the rest of staff, can't say I care for them.

Good thing is, Lauren was moved to another department and now Edward's assistant is a lovely old nurse by the name of Angela.

Good riddance: Renee, Alice, Carlisle, Lauren. Good year...

Our wedding will not be a big production, since it's obviously going to be our close friends and family.

I will have my friends, and Edward will have his family present.

As for my professional life... all I can say is that I didn't exactly plan for it to turn out the way it did.

I had planned to be a successful author, or business person... or even a librarian.

What I didn't expect, was to open a business where all we did was spy on people.

With Jasper's awesome skills at zoning in the cameras, my awesome patient skills at staring at people and observing the details... and Peter's excellent marketing skills... we opened a very successful business.

Eyes On You... has its eyes on everything and everyone... from cheating spouses... to dirty politicians.

We've even done some silent work for cops and government.

Very hush, hush.

Jasper still keeps an eye on Alice, although not as often.

But he also keeps checking on Renee and Carlisle, too.

I guess you can say he's the keeper of our sanity, making sure non of those crazies invade our lives again.

As love continues to bloom between us and between Rosem...

It has also begun to spread with my two male friends.

Can't say that I am that surprised...

Jasper did show amazing sucking skills...and Peter is very persuasive... his voice alone...

I digress.

So Jasper and Peter have done something... don't know... they won't confirm.

But their closeness and familiarity... and the fact that Grandma Station has been slowly transforming into Throw-up Disco might be a big clue.

I never would have thought that porcelain kittens next to a lava lamp on a fireplace mantel would match up at all.

But it works in a very them kind of way.

All I can say now is that... I'm happy. It is okay to be selfish now and then. Had I not been, I would still be cooking, cleaning, and waiting for a husband that I didn't love anymore to come home and play house. Where I once was living by the day, I am now breathing... so fucking (sorry baby Jesus) happy. I have the man I love in my life holding my hand and guiding me. I have the best friends one can hope for to call my bullshit ( I'm still sorry) and give me that shove when I push back. I have learned to let go of all that is poison to my soul. I will mess up one day, I am only human. I want to learn from them to better myself and essentially keep moving forward... because that is all one can do.

Keep moving forward... keep being happy... keep breathing...

All because one day... I decided to be just a little Selfish.

The End...