Right, so, believe it or not, the inspiration for this, came from a doodle I did on a math paper. Actually, many doodles, two of the TARDIS, one of a Dalek (which I think turned out the best) a weeping angel, and a failed attempt at a cyberman. My mind works in strange ways...needless, to say, I didn't get that paper done...

chapter 1

Andrew Smyth sat across from the headmaster's desk. His daughter Claudia sat next to him, tugging on a string on her uniform. The headmaster, Mr. Barnes, pulled a stack of papers from a drawer and set them in front of Mr. Smyth. They were Claudia's past assignments. All over the papers were doodles. Most of them were of a phonebox. Sometimes the phoneboxes were colored bright blue. Other times, they'd just be outlined on the paper. One of them had a little man waving hello from inside.

"This has been going on long enough," Barnes growled. "It wouldn't be a problem, but for the fact that she constantly disrupts the class."

Mr. Smyth was quiet for a second. "How so?"

"If she's asked a question, she won't answer, too busy drawing-well, this!" He waved an angry hand at the papers, that Andrew was going through. The marks started out well, but as he shuffled through them, they got worse. Every paper had at least one drawing of the phonebox. Mr. Smyth shot a glance to his daughter who sank down into her chair, her face turning red underneath dark brown hair.

"Mr. Barnes, I assure you, I will make sure this doesn't become a habit."

Claudia was so far down in her chair that Barnes almost couldn't see her behind the desk. Barnes cleared his throat.

"Miss Smyth, could you please wait outside for a moment while I talk to your father?"

"Yessir.." Claudia mumbled, practically jumping out of her chair. Once the door shut, Mr. Smyth turned back to Barnes.

"I apologize, sir. She hasn't been quite the same since her mother died. I'm not sure where she got the box from. I don't know if she created it, or if she saw it somewhere, but I will make her stop."

Barnes nodded and Andrew left the office. He pulled Claudia up from her chair by the shirt and held on all the way to the car. They were silent the whole drive back through London and as soon as they got out of the car, Andrew grabbed Claudia's shirt again and dragged her into the apartment, abandoning her bag in the car. He slammed the door behind them and threw her ahead of him. She stumbled slightly, then tried to make a run toward the back door. Her father ran ahead of her, then held his arm out making her run into it. Claudia fell backward, holding her now bleeding nose. Andrew grabbed the front of Claudia's shirt and hauled her up, her feet leaving the ground. His free hand wrapped around her throat and he let go her her shirt.

"No more drawings. No more bad marks. No more trips to the office. If I hear anything about this again," he jerked her in his hand for good measure, then pulled back his free hand and punched her in the stomach, dropping her at the same time.

"Yes sir," Claudia choked out, rubbing her throat and gasping for air. He walked away, fuming to his bedroom. Claudia didn't stand up until she heard his door slam, then snuck over to the front door. Cringing when it squeaked, she slipped out and started sprinting down the street. People stared as she passed (it must've looked strange, a girl in a school uniform and bloody nose running down the sidewalk) but she didn't care. She didn't stop until she ran into something hard.

Rubbing her head, Claudia looked up and saw-a phonebox. The one she had been drawing.

"H-how?" she stammered. A man in a brown trenchcoat stepped out with a blonde girl following close behind him.

"Hello!" the man said brightly. "I'm The Doctor. What's your name? And what happened to your nose?"

Claudia just jumped to her feet and ran around the box. The Doctor watched her go and Rose peeked around the TARDIS.

"What was that about?" she asked. The Doctor shrugged and a man with messy brown hair ran by them, yelling at the top of his voice.


"Umm.." was the only thing Rose could think to say. The Doctor looked suddenly serious.

"C'mon," he said, taking off after the man.

"Wait! Doctor!" Rose shouted, running after him.

They caught up with the man, only to find him holding the girl from earlier up against a wall on a vacant street. He hadn't noticed them yet and was punching her repeatedly with his free hand. She didn't seem to be moving.

"Running-away-will-only-make-it-WORSE!" he said punctuating each word with a blow. On the word 'worse' she let out a loud yell. He let her go and she slumped to the ground. The man kicked her in the stomach and pulled his foot back to kick her in the face when the Doctor shouted, "OI!"

The man turned around, foot still in the air behind him. The girl tried to push herself up onto shaking arms, then fell to the ground, unmoving.

"What do you think you're doing?" Rose shouted, looking shocked. The man sniffed, running a hand through his hair.

"Just settling a problem. It's none of your business. Get lost."

"Nah, I think I'll stick around," said the Doctor, hands in his pocket, one of them wrapping around his sonic screwdriver. "Rose?"

"I'm staying too. Who is she?" Rose asked the man.

"My ungrateful excuse for a daughter, who needs to learn-her-place!" He kicked her in the chest three times and the Doctor could've sworn he heard a crack. Without thinking, Rose ran up and grabbed him from behind before he could kick the girl again.

"Get off me!" he said, spinning around and trying to fling Rose off. She clung on. "I said, GET OFF!" He gave one last spin, grabbing Rose's arm as he did so and she was flung against one of the walls, then the man ran as fast as his legs would carry him.

"Rose!" the Doctor yelled. She clambered back to her feet.

"I'm ok! Just go after him!"

The Doctor nodded and sprinted after the man, his long coat flowing out behind him. Rose stumbled over to the girl, sore from her impact with the wall, and knelt down. She checked for a pulse and didn't feel one. But something was off. The girl was glowing. Rose blinked a couple of times and shook her head.

I must've hit my head. It looks like she's-but, no-she couldn't be!

But when Rose looked at the girl again, the glow was brighter this time, and orange. It looked almost exactly like when Rose had seen the Doctor regenerating...but this girl couldn't be...


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