Okay anyways, this is a new story that came up in my dreams. I'm sure you'll all love it. I'm not exactly an expert in romance in the environment of nature (just read the story if you question it) but because I just love this idea, expect some frequent updates (then slows down so I can have game breaks or derphomework and whatever)

So right now, all I can say is, GTFO if you hate yaoi, ages of everyone are normal as usual, a lemon chapter will be stated before you read when there is one, concept of Smash Mansion is used here (derp), feed Kirby some strawberry cake, frogs go moo,

and enjoy!

Chapter 1: Everyone Gathered

Everything felt strange in this box of silver metal. There was nothing in this room but seats stuck to the walls, an air conditioner flowing enough air, and wandering people, from tall and heroic like to a short helmeted spaceman. There was even a robot who was sitting there, eyes closed, as if he was charging on energy. Another was some kind of penguin figure with a hammer trying to chat with a small rounded man with a mask. I didn't know anyone here.

I sat here in a cold, lonely seat, looking at the people who were trying to talk to each other or just standing or sitting, waiting for some event to happen. I could tell everyone was pretty bored, since it has been about thirty minutes since all of us were somehow summoned here. There was a blonde haired woman in a tight light blue suit who was kicking at the wall.

"Urgh!" she grunted as her foot stamped the metal. "I shouldn't even be here; I'm already a part of the team!" She released her anger by a few more kicks and blasted the ground with a sort of gun, but the blast merely dissolved into the metal and caused a small ripple. "Just where the hell is Master Hand already?"

"Hey, we're all bored too," said a blue-haired swordsman. He let his radiant sword pierce the metal ground and let it sit.

"Well, since we're waiting," said a man with a thin headband. "How about you and me chat about our future?"

The woman showed the man's face her palm. "Forget it, not interested."

I could tell there were already a lot of interesting people here. Some who scared me were one that had a big, pink nose. And his mouth was so large it looked like he could eat anything. He saw me glance at him but I instantly moved my eyes away, hoping he didn't think I was being suspicious or anything. I looked down at my hand, buzzing a small sparkle from my PSI powers. Soon, a boy in green clothes came up to my right side. His cat eyes and grin felt friendly to me.

"Hi there, I'm Toon Link. You can call me T-L."

"I-I'm Lucas," I replied, shyly.

"Nice to meet you, Lucas." He held his hand out to shake with mine. I responded back with my hand, and then noticed a handle on his back. To carry on a conversation and not let any question come after an awkward silence, I had to ask.

"Is that a sword on your back?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah." He drew it and showed it to me. "Cool, huh?"

"It's…shiny." The sunny light from the only one light bulb at the top of this room reflected on his sword.

As I continued to look at it, I could hear footsteps gradually increasing in sound. I looked in front of me and saw a capped boy in red clothes and blue jeans, wearing a backpack. Toon Link noticed as well and waved his free right hand. The taller boy stopped and waved his hand, and also spoke.

"Hi guys, I'm the Pokémon Trainer. You can call me Red, though."

Toon Link sheathed his sword. "I'm Toon Link, T-L for short." They both shook hands, and then Red looked at me.


"I'm Lucas."

His smile said "nice to meet you". He then spoke to the both of us. "Any of you two know why we're all here?"

"I heard it's because we're invited to some tournament," Toon Link responded. "But we have to wait here for a bit, for who knows what."

"I overheard that lady over there that it's for some kind of test of knowledge," said Red.

"What? I hate having to take tests involving writing," retorted the green clothed boy.

"I don't think it's a writing test," I said. "Maybe for…a combat test or something, since all of us have weapons."

A different voice responded to my statement. "You're right." A boy with angel wings in clothes I don't know the name of walked up to us. "We're going to be taking a survival test, to see if we're fit for the tournament."

"And who are you?" asked Toon Link, in a half-friendly and half-rude tone.

"I'm Pit, nice to meet ya."

"I'm Red. And this is Toon Link, and Lucas." Both of us raised our hands at him.

"So what kind of survival test are we taking?" asked Toon Link.

Pit looked at the large space within the room. Then he looked back at us. "We're just going to be sent to some large area where we have to live on out for a certain amount of time, so I heard. If we live long enough, we pass."

"Sounds easy," said Red.

Pit chuckled. "Yeah, sounds easy. Doing it, depends."

"Surviving will be a piece of cake. Heck, I had to live on potions and soup where I'm from," Toon Link bragged.

"Really?" questioned Red. "Where are you from?"

"Outcast Island."

"Never…heard of it," responded Red.

"Me neither," I also said.

"That's because we're all from different worlds," Pit stated. "Not many of us know each other or where they're from. We're all just strangers to one another."

"Well, right now, I don't feel like a stranger to you guys," I stated with a smile.

"Same here. You guys are my first friends," said Toon Link proudly.

As we looked at each other, I glanced past Red at a quick moving ball of blue running on the wall, on the ceiling, back to the other wall, and onto the ground repeatedly. I never saw anyone so fast, and when the others looked at it too, they probably didn't either. A wolf-like man growled at him for a bit.

"Hey, blue runt, you're annoying me!" he roared.

"Well, what'cha gonna do about it werewolf?" I heard.

"WEREWOLF?" he pulled a gun from his pouch and fired it, but the blur of the blue square pattern made it hard to tell if the person was hit or not.

"You're too slow!" he said. He kept annoying the wolf, making him howl from anger. He put away his gun and went closer to the square at nearly the same swift speed, and put his leg out, tripping the guy to what seemed like a blue hedgehog figure. He planted his front face on the ground. The wolf grabbed his back and picked him up, gripping his chest so their faces were equal.

"Who's too slow now?" He was about to punch him until his arm was pulled back by a black and blue fox-like creature with a paw. He shook his head.

"What, you want some too?" refuted the wolf.

"Fighting is not good here." They stared at each other until the wolf man gave a "tch" and let the hedgehog go.

"Sheesh, people can have some anger issues…" whispered Toon Link.

"Hey, I heard that!" yelled the wolf. T-L must have forgotten wolves had high hearing. The three of us chuckled at Toon Link's flinch.

Suddenly, a light began to emit from the other side of the room. A square part of the wall slid down into the ground, revealing white fingers. It slowly approached into the room, and to everyone, was now a giant floating white glove. The metal wall closed back once the ghostly glove was in the room.

"Hello, everyone," said the deep voice. I was surprised at the talking glove, then again, I met other creatures before.

"Master Hand!" yelled the blue suited woman. "Did you make a mistake putting me in here?"

"Ah, Samus. I apologize if you are frustrated, but all newcomers in the list must be tested. I believe you will pass with flying colors, so please be calm."

"…Well, whatever." she said in a calmer voice.

"Everyone please gather, it is time to announce the reason of your arrival to this room." All of us walked away from the walls and went closer to the astonishing floating hand. All of us grouped closer together, standing in feet away from each other, except for Red, Pit, Toon Link and myself, who were close like friends were.

"So tell us the deal, hand," said the wolf.

The hand ignored the rude tone and began his announcement.

"You are all newcomers to the Brawl tournament. All of you will be introduced, to this…" He snapped fingers and blue computer screens appeared to his side, revealing a very large mansion sitting in an enclosed area, next to other astonishing environments.

"This is known as the Smash Mansion," said the hand. "All of you, including already veteran fighters, will live here with full luxury as fighters of the Brawl tournament. You can call this whole area, the world of Brawl." It showed pieces of the land around the house; green grasses at first, but beyond the grass was a beach area, glacial mountains, a volcano, and other environments.

"There is no need to go walk beyond the mansion, rather, you can simply teleport to any desired location within a special place in the mansion. Now, as for regarding the home, this is what you will be given…"

It began showing pictures of the house. It was first the outside, but then inside were huge halls, labels on doors with different names, like "swimming pool area 2" or "game room 2", an auditorium, likely for announcements, the well-kept cafeteria and food choices, and a courtyard in the middle of the house, along with different kinds of decorated bedrooms, probably of other fighters who lived in there, I assumed.

Some of us whispered in amazement, and how incredible living in the house would be. The hand continued talking.

"You all will be welcome to this, free of charge, that is, if you pass the initiation test."

"And just what is the initiation?" asked the penguin figure.

"I'm glad you asked, King Dedede." The penguin jumped at the mentioning of his name. "You all will be put into this area," and the blue screen changed into a new place. It was a normal forest area under the bright sun, with a long flowing river in two of the pictures, and a small sized waterfall in one other one. There was nothing else but clear areas of the white and gray rocks gathered near the river, and clear dirt areas within the forest.

"This is where you are put to the test of survival," said the hand. "You will be given two weeks. If you all manage to survive after two weeks, you are welcome to the Brawl world. If you die, or are close to dying, you are immediately sent back to your worlds, having no memories of your time here."

"So we have to survive on fruits and river water?" asked a monkey with a red hat.

"Not essentially. All of you will be given necessary supplies, such as a campfire kit, a tent making kit, rope, and such. Food items will be included, but only a limited number. The rest you must find for yourselves."

Everyone chattered for a bit again. When it reduced for a slight bit, the floating hand continued.

"This is overall, a fairly easy task. However, I understand that likely some of you will not survive so easily. I prefer you all survive and enjoy the Brawl world. To ensure that, you all will be assigned a veteran fighter to assist you in survival."

"I hope I'm getting Zelda or Peach…" said Samus.

"Ha-ha, maybe, Samus. Anyways, you will all begin tomorrow. Soon, you will be sent to temporary bedrooms with food to rest up for tomorrow, where I will discuss the rules and answer any other questions that may appear in your head unexpectedly. Right now, I will introduce you to your veteran partner." He snapped once again, and the wall behind it slid down at a slower speed than his entrance. Even more and different people stood in the light of the entrance, and they all walked in so that the door could close behind them and block the radiance.

"You may not know who your partners will be, but they will know who you are." The hand floated upwards and viewed down on us.

The veteran fighters walked closer to us, trying to find their assigned partner. We all spread around, those who had their partners, as well as those who weren't and trying to be distinguished from the crowd. I stood close to my three friends, and eventually they had their partners. Red had a man in trousers with a red cap labeled "M" named Mario, Pit met a taller version of Toon Link, named Link coincidentally, and Toon Link met a tall, seemingly nice lady named Zelda. As I looked around, I saw the King Dedede figure meet a heavily black clothed man who Toon Link had a disgusted sight for, while that rounded masked man met with a pink rounded ball with a happy, blithe face. They both seemed to have known each other by the way they exchanged handshakes. I saw Samus contented, knowing she received a blonde-haired woman in a pink dress as her partner, which must have been the "Peach" character she mentioned. The blue haired swordsman met with a darker blue haired swordsman, who seemed slimmer and swifter with a thinner sword. The little monkey met his bigger monkey, and they both danced on the ground in joy. The blue animal…thing that stopped the wolf character from fighting earlier was next to a pair of hammer-wielding fighters, probably brother and sister. The wolf character met with a fox character, who looked more cool and collected. The robot met with a black 2D figure, and somehow I knew they were going to be a good duo. The blue hedgehog met with a green drago…or maybe it was a dinosaur, and the short spaceman had a tall, red-helmeted man as a partner who stood proud with his dark blue suit. The man with the same colored suit as his headband met with a blue bird, who looked cool and collected just like the fox I saw. And lastly, the creepy man with the fat pink nose…and some kind of large turtle with a spiked shell that looked very scary.

Everyone had a partner already, but I looked around the room for mine. Zelda saw my anxiety and bent down to my level.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" she said lightly.

"I don't know where my partner is…" I replied. The taller Link popped a thought.

"Hey Zelda, where's Ness?"

She stood back straight. "Ah, right…where is…oh." She looked at me, but when I took a second or two, I figured she looked behind me.

"Excuse me," I heard an unknown voice. The voice sounded calm, and young, like mine. I turned around, and met a boy in a red cap covering his black hair, wearing the same fashion shirt like mine except in blue and yellow, the same denim pants like mine, and with red shoes without the yellow bottom. He was in similar height as mine, but he was probably a year older since he was slightly taller than me.

"You're Lucas, right?"

"Y-Yes," I stuttered. "What's your name?"

His smile made me feel safe. "I'm Ness, your veteran partner for tomorrow." His hand reached out. I gave him a small grin, accepting to shake his hand.

With that, I knew we were going to be great friends.