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Chapter 20: Epilogue

Only six months has passed since the initiation.

During the time, my friendship with Toon Link, Red, and Pit grew greater. I even made new friends—Popo and Nana, the Ice Climbers, Pikachu, whose thoughts I could hear, and Kirby, who I could never understand most of the time. Whenever we were playing, we always looked like we were a bundle of kids having fun together. I was always with someone, whether it was my newcomer friends or the veterans. Whenever I was alone, I tried to look for someone desperately. But that never happened, because I still had Ness. He was always by my side. Or rather, I was always by his side.

We eventually became known as the psychic duo—a bond that could never be broken.

Every day he would always watch over me. Every day we always played with each other. Every day I always woke to his cheerful smile, or his whining wanting me to get up. And every other day we sparred with only each other.

I was so happy. Not only we shared every activity we did together, he protected me as he had promised. Whenever we fought someone like Wolf or Bowser, Ness would defend me from getting hurt. He took the hits and allowed me to act as back-up. And after the match, they would attempt to bully us. Usually Ness would make them back off, but if Ness did get hurt by their physical actions, I had to care for him, ending with a statement that put the blame on me. But he wanted to take the blame instead, and he didn't mind. He liked protecting me.

I was so grateful to have Ness. Everything about him was perfect for me. And it seemed like I was perfect for him.

Life with Ness was great. Though I was still… sad.

I tried to lock the agony away in my heart, but I still couldn't get over the fact that the one I loved just disappeared. And he was almost always in my sight, so how could I just forget about him? How could I forget the past kindness he showed me? How could I forget our first meeting? Our accidental kiss? Our help for each other? And our inter…course…

I couldn't forget all that. Even though I loved those memories, they haunted my mind. Every piece of each scene could never break even if I wanted them to. Ness was always in my mind.

I lied on my bed, staring at the ceiling. I was still amazed by the fact that this room was vast, and this was just an upgrade as I was promised. It had a large TV, all gaming consoles, two PCs on two desks next to each other, two closets, two comfortable beds, two closets, two whatever else. All of it belonged to me and Ness.

I looked over to my side. Ness was taking a nap, being tired from our practice sparring an hour ago. I had just woken up, only to be reminiscing thoughts.

I could not forget the day I came here. It was the day my soul almost died. I had gotten the news that Ness no longer loved me.

It may had just been love, but it was a love that I didn't want to let go. I couldn't ever let it go. I clutched my chest every time the thought of the test came up. Even I was doing it right now, gripping my shirt and skin so hard to try and erase agony with pain.

When Ness saw me doing this alternative for curing depression, he wanted me to stop. I couldn't tell him why I was doing it at all. I wouldn't know how he would take it. I had promised him to stop hurting myself, but I eventually broke it.

I softly sighed, continuing thoughts of the past.

Wario, my assaulter, seemed to try to get away from me anytime he saw me with Ness. I didn't know what he was afraid of. By now he should have known Ness doesn't remember what he's done, but I was still glad he was my protection.

And because of Wario, I got three requests of anything I wanted to ask of Master Hand or Crazy Hand. I already used two of them.

One was to ask to change Ness back to normal. But Master Hand couldn't do that, as it would just make the punishment useless. So instead, I asked to visit my home world with Ness, so he could see the world I came from. He was excited by the new world that I created, remembering the quest I was on. It was like a new place. We stayed there for a couple of days, swimming in a private ocean area, and camping out in the forest. We weren't allowed to make contact with anyone. It saddened me; I wanted to see my friends, and my dog. But rules were rules.

The second request was because of Red. I had never expected someone like him to actually have a crush on me. When I tried to nicely reject him, he begged for me to be his boyfriend. He said that he would take care of me, do whatever I want for him to do for me, and such and such. But Ness was already doing that, and I told him that. A few days later, I began hearing from Ness that Red seemed to hate him. Soon after that, he began throwing insults at him during brawls. He even threw a few at me. I was getting frustrated by the new him, so the second wish was to change Red's memories. After that, Red just became a usual friend again.

I saved the third request because the last one was always important. But it just came to my attention that being with Ness hurt me. I always loved him, but he never showed the same feelings to me. I wanted to tell him I loved him, or even give hints, but I could never. I felt like I would freeze up in front of him, or faint from being very nervous. In fact, I was always flustered when we were with each other. At times, he even held my hand, but that was because I let him, and we both agreed it was an act of a very close friendship. But I always thought of it that he may have liked me too, but I didn't want to get my hopes up.

Life with Ness was…stressful.

I didn't want the stress. I didn't want the memory of Ness' lost love with me. Either I had to confess to him, and hope that he'd feel the same again…

…or use my third request to have my memories manipulated.

Days later, I decided for the latter. I decided to see Master Hand immediately after my match with Toon Link.

I exited the bathroom after washing myself of sweat. I took a few minutes to let myself rest from the fight, and then I decided to head out. Right before I touched the door, there was a knock.

"Lucas?" it said. "Are you in there?"

It was obviously Ness. Feeling elated that it was him, I opened it.


He smiled at me. "I was wondering if you could go with me somewhere. If you're not busy that is."

"Where to?"

"It's a secret."

I got curious. I could see Master Hand later. I decided to go with him. We immediately left as soon as I agreed.

Where Ness had led me to was outside the mansion. It was surprising for me, because other than the courtyard, I had never been outside the mansion. We walked for a while, and we arrived at a large tree. It just stood here, giving off a large amount of shade.

"Is this it?" I asked.

"Come here," he replied. He walked around the tree and I followed. I soon began to see what he wanted me to see.

Behind the large tree was a field of flowers below us. It was such an amazing sight. I had never seen so many colors before. To think that this was here the whole time…the Brawl world was amazing.

"This is my relaxing spot," Ness said. "I always come here when I want to be alone. Seeing the flowers makes me feel calm." He sat down and took a look at a spot of a blue circle of flowers. "No one really comes here but me."

I sat down beside him. "So, why'd you bring me?"

"I wanted you to see this too. I remember you like flowers. Sunflowers, too, right?" He pointed at a spot away from us. Right over there was a small patch of yellow and brown that stood proud. Finding the spot, I stood up and rushed to the flower field.

I sat down and caressed the petal of the flower. I could feel every memory of my home world in the sunflowers. It was like they wanted to talk to me.

Soon, Ness came by and sat down with me. He picked up a flower and stared at it, giving off his pleased smile. Then, he turned to me and brought the flower to my head. I was a bit shocked at what he was doing, but all he did was place the sunflower in the little gap between my head and my ear. Ness looked at me, and all I did was blush.

"It kind of fits you."


"Yeah." I wanted to hug him for his compliment, but I remembered we weren't that close. I only smiled as a response.

"You look cute," he mentioned.

…Did he just call me cute? No way. He must be joking.

"You're lying," I responded.

"No, really."

My face grew darker in red, if it could. Is he really serious?

It was awkward between us for the moment. We only sat near each other. I was sure Ness was thinking, "Why did I make things awkward for us? Why did I even say that to him?" All I thought of was if I should confess to him. I should, actually. If it doesn't work out as I want, then I could have the third request manipulate both of our minds.

But nervousness struck me as powerful as I thought it would. I wanted to speak, let a stutter out, or just lick my lips, but my body couldn't move. I wanted to hurry up and tell Ness, but at the same time, I wanted to run away. I was stuck.

"Hey, Luke," I heard. My body regained its movement when I responded.


He scooted closer. Our legs were almost touching.

"I've been wondering…do you like me? More than just a friend?"

A bomb just destroyed part of my soul.

"W-Why would y-you ask that...?"

"Well, I heard from Red that you had a crush on me. I thought it was just a joke, but I've beginning to notice that you get nervous around me."

Why, Red, why!


"Yeah, like now."

This was just torture. I wanted to die. I buried my face in my knees.

"And well," Ness continued, "I'm trying to remember something important. I don't get it, but it feels like I liked you a long time ago."

"…because you did," I whispered.


I turned my head to him. "I really like you. No, I'm in love with you. And you fell in love with me during the initiation. But you don't remember because Master Hand changed your memories. So now all you think of me is as a friend. And I…"

I couldn't hold back the tears. "I wanted you to love me back, but I was so scared that we would never be friends again." I raised my voice a bit, now in anger. "I hated Master Hand for taking you away! I've been so sad ever since! I wanted you back! That's why I…"

I stopped ranting, and threw my head at my legs. The river in my eyes grew stronger. Each sniff grew louder. But I calmed down when a finger brushed against my chin. I lifted my head up, and found Ness just smiling. He leaned towards me and pressed his lips against my cheek.


My face froze as he pulled away, gazing at me with his sweet purple eyes. My flow of tears had suddenly stopped from his kiss. I still couldn't believe what he just did. He shouldn't have done that. He wasn't supposed to be in love with me.


"Don't be sad. I like you too. Or rather…" he scooted even closer and wrapped me in his arm. "…I love you too."

Just how? How was this possible? Did he regain his memories?

"W-When?" I asked.

"Since we first met."

Impossible. His memories must have been changed.

"No way, Master Hand should have changed your memories."

"Honestly…I wasn't so sure of it myself. After we settled in our room, I got a weird headache when I saw you asleep. It was like something in my mind was trying to burst open. I eventually just forgot about it, but a week ago, I found a letter in your room from Master Hand. And I saw the message. That was when I remembered. I remembered I fell in love with you."

No wonder Ness noticed I've been acting so weird around him. It wasn't something a best friend would notice immediately. And maybe Ness remembered he would show me this secret place.

And like the letter said, maybe he always loved me since then.

"So, you remember everything?" I asked.


"Ev-ery-thing?" I repeated.

"Yeah. I remember we bathed in the river. I remember Wario tried to rape the both of us. And I remember we had…sex." We both blushed at that fact. "And I do remember doing this."

He leaned in and pressed against my lips. My face grew even redder as another few tears began to flow from my eyes out of joy. He pulled away, leaving the both of us smiling. I threw myself at his shoulder and held him tight.

"I missed you so much," I whispered. My tears dropped onto his shirt. Ness held me tight, rubbing his hand on my back. We sat still in the cool breeze, enjoying each other's embrace as we had a long time ago.

All the agony resting in my heart faded away. There was no longer a place for sadness now that Ness was back. It was like a miracle.

We sat next to each other under the tree. I rested my head on his shoulder, gazing at the vast beauty of the flowers. Both of us were silent, but words were not needed at all. Now that we were both together again, all we needed was our minds. I could already read from him that he wanted to stay like this with me forever. I wanted the same as well.

But I grew too tired that I fell asleep, and he woke me up after he noticed. Both of us stood up and we began walking back to the mansion.

Midway before reaching home, Ness adjusted the sunflower in my ear, making sure I looked as cute as ever. I couldn't help giving a stupid smile, but it was a stupid smile that Ness always loved.

"So Luke," he said. "The letter said you have three requests for Master Hand because of what Wario did. Have you used them yet?"

"All but the last one."

"Think of anything yet?"

I wrapped my arms around him under his arms, and he held me as I wanted him to. "Yeah. Can you guess what it is?"

He smiled at me. "I think I know." He kissed me one more time.

And, he did know. He was definitely my lover.

Immediately after our reunion, Ness pushed our single beds together. But shortly after, the two beds were switched to one single double bed, all thanks to Ness. Because of him, I was snuggling up to his neck every night.

...And it was perfect for us to have lots of intercourse...

Ness and I grew closer than ever if possible. I always held his hand everywhere we walked, or held his arm close to me and laid my head on his shoulder when we sat together. Eventually, we came out to our friends, and somehow the word spread to everyone. But, no one minded at all, of course, except for Wario, who had given death glares at me. But Ness gave a better death glare that returned fear to him, and he always made me laugh with it.

Despite all that, Ness and I truly were an unstoppable psychic duo.

Nothing could ever break our bond. Not even Master Hand. As long as we were together, our love would conquer anything.

For my third request, I wanted Master Hand grant that we would be happily together forever.

And, we did, even though I never even had to ask for it.