A/N Before you read this, there are a few things to warn you about. This is going to be an UCHIHACEST! If I DO decide to go along with it, it will be both ItaSasu and MadaIzu.

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"Good morning, boys." Madara greeted his two beloved nephews as they entered the kitchen, yawning and rubbing at their eyes. "How did you sleep?"

Sasuke yawned again and smiled happily at his uncle. "Good, oji-san. You?"

"Fine, Sasuke-kun." Madara smiled back, reaching out and ruffling Sasuke's spiky hair affectionately. "Thank you for asking. How about you, Itachi-kun? How was your sleep?"

Itachi just stared blankly at Madara with exhausted eyes.

Madara frowned - his oldest nephew had had another restless night and he hadn't even realised. The oldest Uchiha felt terrible, but he knew that there was nothing he could do now.

"Itachi-kun, if you are still tired, please go back to bed." Madara said softly, concern in his voice. "I am sorry for waking you up so early again."

"…" Itachi didn't answer – he just slumped over the dining table and closed his eyes with a soft sigh.

Sasuke looked up at his uncle with hurt eyes, not knowing who else to turn to.

Madara knew that Sasuke didn't understand what had happened to his brother, and he probably never would – neither Madara nor his younger brother, Izuna, could understand very much themselves. All they knew was that Itachi had changed.

Itachi had changed from a loving, happy child to a depressed young man on suicide watch. Madara had taken him to countless doctors but nothing they did for him had worked. Madara was terrified for the twenty-one-year-old - said man had tried to commit suicide many times before and Itachi had wound up in the hospital with doctors fighting to save his life.

"Itachi-kun?" Madara gently shook Itachi's shoulder, trying to wake him up. "Itachi-kun, you'll hurt your back sleeping like that…"

"Hn…" Itachi just grunted at the concern in his uncle's voice – it was clear that right now was one of those times where he just couldn't bring himself to care about anything at all.

Madara sighed, placing his arms underneath the young man's belly and chest. He lifted Itachi up and carried him into the living room, laying him down on the couch. He knelt down and stroked Itachi's hair a few times before placing a loving kiss on the younger Uchiha's forehead. When Itachi only closed his eyes once again, Madara sighed and stood back up.

Once Madara had returned to the kitchen to continue fixing breakfast for the three of them, he was just in time to see Sasuke hurriedly wipe away tears. He frowned – he hated seeing Sasuke so upset because of Itachi. He had tried everything he could to help both Sasuke and Itachi, but it was all in vain.

Madara leant down to hug Sasuke tightly, trying to soothe his youngest nephew.

It's going to be okay…" Madara whispered, allowing Sasuke to cry into him.

"What happened to my aniki!" Sasuke sobbed, returning the embrace. "Madara-oji-san…"

"Hush, Sasuke-kun…" Madara pulled the closest chair out and sat down, pulling his nephew onto his lap and holding him.

There had to be something that could help Itachi! There just had to be!

Madara refused to let Itachi fall further into his depression, and if the cure for Itachi was out there somewhere, he would go through hell and back, even if it meant getting battered and bruised along the way – he just wanted Itachi to be happy once again.

Madara loved his family far too much to allow them to suffer as much as Itachi was suffering – and one way or another, Madara was going to fix it.