The word- just doesn't cut it. It just.. can't compare to the overwhelming emotions brimming in my heart, filling my chest with warmth. Sending my stomach to fluttering and my thoughts to tangling.


Who made the word so short? Four letters- to describe this emotion? The emotion of floating, of breathless need. That madness that can change everything about someone.


The name, just that name, gives me chills. Makes my heart skip a beat- my mind will lose all thought process until it is satisfied with seeing his face. And those eyes, my weakness..


Such a pretty hazel. Gold mystified in the depths of the prettiest green and richest brown. I would stare into those eyes for hours, days- years... and it would still not be enough. I could peek into that passage to his soul.. it was always alight with his passion yet I still would never understand him fully. I could never completely drink in all that was him- all those little wonders he possessed. But he was oh so...


Like the taste of a drop of honey, slowly spanning across your taste buds. The smell of the forest- after the first misting rain of the spring. Flowers blooming, each of their intoxicating scents leaving a sweetness in you lungs. He would sacrifice anything for others, for the chance at...


That word! That word made up his entire existence. It came upon me too, it devoured my whole life in the end. Both of us were consumed with this want- the word, just that one word made us crave things that were far, far beyond our reach. And all we wanted was to be..


That's all. Just once, just to know what it felt like. I would have given anything to see him free- to know I was no longer a slave of evil. And together, to be free together- would have been the most merciful dream in all of the universe. We fought so hard for it, we plotted, we went against all odds only to receive...


Nothing more, nothing less. Not matter how desperately, no matter how passionately- there was only that sliver of freedom we got to glimpse upon that last gasping breath. There was only that one moment when our eyes met and we were together. I saw that hazel, I felt that warmth fall across my body like a weight. I heard his sweet voice, I murmured that name- the one that sent me into a fit of unfailing love.. in the end we went out as friends, as lovers, and with one last fleeting taste of him- his lips brushing across mine. That's when I realized it.. when I knew it so surely... we had always been..


A/N: A glimpse into the story 'Hopeless'. Keera's finally moments (disincluding Hope). Hope you liked it, it was just random. Thanks for reading.. review? -Taryn(: