By Fliff

I'd feared this day would come. It was early November, the air was cold and most of the leaves had fallen. We were all dressed in black and surrounded by so many sad faces. Ludwig had one hand covering his face and the other was griping Feli's so hard his knuckles were turning white. Fali lend his head on Ludwig's shoulder tears streaming down his face. Frances's face was in his hands. Antonio looked almost stunned and in uncharacteristic silence. Their down cast expressions made the pang in my chest hurt even worse. I approached the casket and looked down at him.

His skin was pale and lifeless like that of a ceramic doll. Everything about him was to perfect and out of place. His usually messy white hair was combed back. He was dressed in a German military dress uniform, it was smooth and wrinkles like it had never been worn. His eyes were shut and his lips were set in a peaceful smile. The scene made me sick to my stomach.

I could feel the tears prickle at my eyes, my breath got shorter, and my hands shook. "Gil," I called his name, my voice was weak and raw. I leaned over him bracing myself on the edge of the casket. The tears fell from my eyes on to the white skin of his face. I gently pressed my lips to his. As I pulled away I whispered "I love you," I paused, the words stuck in my throat. "Goodbye, Gil"

They closed the casket, said prayers, and began to slowly lower the casket in to the ground. It was then that my strength faltered. My knees gave way and I fall to the ground. I could not stop the sobs. I cried and begged to whatever god there was out there to give him back.

I felt a hand pat me on my back. I looked up to meet a pair of ice blue eyes that were just as bloodshot and puffy as mine. "Hang in there," Ludwig told me. "Bruder would be sad to see you cry so much." He smiled a sad smile at me. He was right, Gilbert would be sad. I nodded and stood up on still shaking lags. I'm not going to be weak. I will be strong, strong in Gilbert place.