A/N: This is a prompt from pnai_87. "Bella catches Jake in women's clothing". I went a little over 500 words on this one. Whoops!

A Transgendered Tale / 564 Words

She heard him whistling. She tip-toed into the garage and found him. Well, his feet, at least. Sticking out from underneath the Rabbit.

He was on that little coaster-board he used sometimes to roll his body underneath the car.

Just his bare size 13 feet and his naked ankles were visible.

She stood and watched for a few minutes, as he tapped his toes to his own whistling.

Should she scare him? Would serve him right. He snuck up on her all the time.

But his bouncing toes caught her attention and she couldn't help herself.

She knelt down quietly, and swiped her index finger up the length of the bottom of Jacob's large foot. She burst into giggles as he yelped in a rather undignified manner.

His body flew out from under the car, and the giggles froze on Bella's lips when Jake sat up and glared at her.

Was he wearing a bra?

A black lace push-up bra?

Jacob's glare was quickly replaced with a look of horror – or was it embarrassment – as he folded his arms over his chest, trying to cover up the largest brassiere Bella had ever seen.

And wait a minute. Were Jacob's lips always so pink? Or was he wearing lipstick as well?

Bella drew back in shock and horror.

"Bella!" He sputtered. "It's not what you're thinking!"

"Wh-what is it then?" She stared, open-mouthed.

"They made me do it!"

Who made him do it? The devil? His sick, twisted hormones?

She reached her hand out tentatively to his hair. Was that a… ? A bobby-pin with a small dark bow had slipped and was stuck in the ends of his hair. She pulled it out and held it in front of her, dazed.

"I can explain!" Jacob snatched the bow from her fingers and threw it across the garage.

Before he could say another word, Quil and Embry's laughter filled the now silent garage.

"Oh Jakelina?" Quil falsettoed.

"Jake-queline?" Embry peeked around the corner.

"He's still got his get-up on," Embry nudged Quil's ribs.

Their grins widened when they saw Bella.

"Are you here to paint Jake's nails forhim, Bella?"

"Shut the hell up!" Jacob swore.

"What are you gonna do, Black? Beat us with your hair-bow? Take your bra off and make us motorboat you?"

Jake started to get up and Quil and Embry took a few quick steps back.

"What is going on?" Bella asked.

"Tell her, Jakie. Tell her who rules! Tell her who owns you!"

"I lost a bet," Jacob ignored them, wiping his lipstick away with the back of his hand.

"Black thought he could beat us at basketball. Free-throws. But you couldn't, could you Jakelina?"

"Two against one?" Bella asked. "That doesn't seem fair.

"Whatever," Quil said, miffed. "We won, fair and square."

"Maybe Bella will help you stuff your bra later," Embry teased.

Bella gave him a hard stare. "Maybe I'll help him take it off, later."

Three heads swiveled in her direction at once.

Bella took Jake's hand and he grinned back at Quil and Embry as he followed her out of the garage, toward the house.

"How the hell did he do that?"

"Chicks must dig that."

Embry and Quil looked at each other for a second as an idea knocked each other down as they both scrambled to grab the discarded hair-bow on the ground.