A/N: Since the first drabble didn't really fit lilabut's sliver prompt request, I did a second one. This is it.

Rated: G / 490 Words

All Better

"For the third time, you're in my light, honey."

It was cold in the garage and she used the excuse that she wanted to see what he was doing under the hood to press up against his warmth.

A few moments later, she'd snuck her way back. She stood on her tiptoes, her head peering around his shoulder, her chest pressed against his back as he worked on the carburetor.

He swiveled around suddenly, a wicked grin on his face.

"Okay Bells, if you won't stay out of my light, you're gonna get tickled." He lifted his hands and wiggled his fingers menacingly.

"You wouldn't!" She squealed, backing up, giggling.

Being the klutz she was, she tripped over a pile of tools behind her. Jake tried to grab her, but she flung her hands out to stop her fall, brushing her fingers over some lumber that was stacked and leaning against the wall.

He pulled her up quickly before she hit the ground, her body pounding against his chest instead. They both froze, like deer in headlights at the sudden close proximity.

"Look what you did!" She yelled, trying to compose herself, taking a step backward. She held up her finger for him to inspect the sliver embedded there.

"What I did?"

The callused pads of his fingers slid down her arm and over her outstretched palm. He held her finger up to his face and for a minute, she thought he was going to kiss it. And for just a second, she wanted him to.

"It's your fault." She whispered breathlessly.

"I'll get it out for you, honey."

She watched his face as his fingers nimbly pushed ever so gently, prodding the sliver out far enough so he could pull the whole length free.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked softly, concentrating.

She shook her head. He pursed his lips as he wriggled the sliver three-fourths of the way out. She'd never realized how full and pink his lips were before. She couldn't take her eyes off of them. She bet they were soft.

Jake tried several times to grip the end of the sliver to pull it free, but his fingers were just too big to grasp the tiny end. She held her breath and felt her stomach clench as he raised her finger to his mouth. She let out an embarrassing squeak as he placed it between those pink lips and pulled the sliver out with his teeth.

His eyes stared back into hers as he pulled it free.

He wiped the small piece of wood from his mouth.

"All better," he whispered, still holding her gaze. He lifted Bella's finger to his mouth and kissed the tip.

"All better." She murmured, dazed. She surprised them both and brushed her lips quickly against his.

Knowing better than to push his luck, Jacob merely smiled, lighting up the whole garage, before turning back to the carburetor.