The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: 4 – Messy Bed (Photo)
Pen Name: Minnakoda
Pairing/Main Character(s): Bella/Emmett
Rating: T

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"What have you been doing in here, love?" He sneered at me as I backed myself into the corner.

I cast my gaze across the mussed up sheets of the bed and turned red as I realised what he must be able to smell, then I turned white as I thought about who he might be able to smell and how he would react.

"You little whore, how could you fuck that neanderthal!"


A sharp slap cut off my response and I screamed for Emmett as Edward began dragging me back toward the bed.

"Get. Off. My. Mate. Edward."

Ehh. I think this is T for language, it's more implied sex than actual sex, right? Also – I recently discovered that Bella/Emmett fics are kinda hot. I definitely did not think they would be. Have you read Time Will Tell by December Jinx yet? It's awesome! There's time travel!