FIRST PART The return

High heels move in a hurry through a busy office and, stops just outside an office

'Jane, someone wants to see you'

'Sure, who is it?'

'I don't know if your want to see HIM?'

At that, Jane looks up, eyes questioning and looking confused 'Terri, who is it?'

Terri, starts looking at Jane with curiosity and wondering if this flame should be revived or not for the sake of Jane's heart, Terri is her friend and don't want to see her hurt anymore.

'Terri!' She was starting to get exasperated with all the mystery and more with Terri's attitude which it wasn't normal and that was scaring her

'Alright, I think it's best If I just let him…' but she was interrupted by, a man who was betting all in a woman that he can't stop thinking of 'Hi Jane' he said it like usual but a little insecure of what to expect, Jane was over herself not knowing what to think.

It was unusual for this smart, beautiful woman, to be left speechless but, at the moment the mixture of emotions inside her didn't let her speak and, for a couple of seconds she got lost in those blue eyes she didn't know until now...she missed. With that realization she closed her mouth, changed her expression to something sober and painful because those were the eyes that made her for the first time after she got to be Jane that she hoped to fall for someone, that she hoped to have a future where there were no pain for Grayson or yearning for the what nots. Right now, Jane Bingum was mad at this handsome man that moved out of her life and left her again with just the old Jane and not the Jane, Tony made her.

Head high 'I don't know why you came but there is no reason I mind, so please, I can't do this again Tony I'm sorry and since you are not here to stay then is better if you just leave' She started to raise her voice and everyone started to pay attention to them 'My answer is still the same and even if it weren't you have dreams and golds were I'm...not making any sense at all because of you' Terri could only smile since Jane was nervous and it was so cute, Tony thought it was enough she was the cutest, he just invaded her space pulled her to him from behind her back and kissed her.

Jane, couldn't react at first, then she responded, finally she came to her senses and pulled back 'you can't just come here' he pulled her again this time more imposing smiling while kissing her, it was just what he wanted. He started to move them into her office for a more private settlement...