Okay first off I wanna say 3x03 was AWESOME! I do now ship Stefan and Rebekah but I have not stopped shipping Steroline, I have faith in them still, but Rebekah is so freakin awesome. Also I do like Forwood but im not a hardcore shipper. Enjoy!

After Tyler left I stayed laying in my bed. My mom left to check on some things at work and get me some coffee, I may need blood to survive but coffee helps me cope with whatever has me down.

My dad hates me. Everything he did to me replays over and over in my mind I don't forget a thing, but I can't help but still love him. He tortured me thats for sure but hes my dad and I can't hate him, hes the one I went to when me and my mom disagreed, I talked to him about everything.

I was daddy's little girl anybody could tell you that, he was my hero, but after what happened tonight who knew where we stood now.

Thinking about how my dad tortured me or ask he liked to say 'help me', it reminded me of when I was captured by Jules and her band of werewolve weridos. Tyler was the one I expected to save me not be part of taking me hostage. Just like my dad, I expected him to keep me from danger, not be the one putting me in it.

I was saved by one man and just like he promised, he didn't let anything happen to me. Elena had told me that Jules called Stefan of all people to say I was being held captive. He freaked out so quick that Elena didn't have time to reason with him.

Stefan was always there when I needed him. When I killed the guy at the Carnival, when I needed to learn how to hunt, when I needed to control my bloodlust, and when I thought I had lost Matt forever, but now hes the one who needs helping.

When Damon and Elena told me Stefan left to save Damon's life, I cried. I cried so hard when I went home realizing the man with the beautiful green eyes who helped me through my transition and who I had fallen for over the months, who became one of my closest friends was gone.

He promised to never let anything happen to me, but how can you keep a promise like that when you leave? You can't because your gone and because hes gone he couldn't save me from my dad. It took Tyler a day pretty much to save me, Stefan and Damon would have come up with a quick plan and saved me within hours.

Not that I don't appreciate my mom and Tyler's rescue but they aren't exactly the go to hero's in the story. Stefan was supposed to be my saviour because he promised, Tyler did it because he cared.

I have alot of people who care for me but I rarely get a promise from anybody that they would stick to, thats why I was dissappointed to see Tyler. I was expecting Damon showing up to fight my dad, me and Stefan trying to talk him out of killing him, Damon making a smart ass comment, then Stefan unchaining me giving me my ring, and then carrying me in his arms because I was to weak to move.

I was expecting to see Stefan Salvatore show up from his rendezvous with Klaus and save me, because he promised. Then the realization that Stefan left and wasn't coming back sunk in and I wanted to cry right there in front of my mom and Tyler because they weren't the ones I wanted to save me, I wanted a brown hair green-eyed vampire to save me.

The longer I thought about this the sadder I became because just like I expected but didn't want to believe, Stefan broke his promise. He left with Klaus and couldn't save me from my dad's resistance techniques, he did let something happen to me. I know he did it to save his brother and I'm happy he finally did something to show he cared for Damon, but the pain of a broken promise hurts.

Slowly tears began to fall down my face and I didn't wipe them away. I had to come to the fact that Stefan wouldn't be returning soon, he had an obligation to his brother and it wasn't something I could stop. Stefan has guilt and this what hes doing to pay for it.

I looked at my phone to see it was ten thirty, my mom wouldn't be back till eleven. I unlocked my phone and stood up, I scrolled through my contacts until I found the one I wanted. I hit the green button.

I waited, nervous to see if Stefan would pick up, it was unlikely but who knows. I couldn't tell if he answered or it went to his voicemail but either way I was going to say what I had to.

"I hate you," I began.

"I hate that you left and aren't coming back anytime soon. I hate that you promised to not let anything happen to me and you weren't here to protect me from my father's torture. He chained me up Stefan, in a room that had Vervain in the vehnalation system and took off my ring and let the sun burn down on me. He was trying to get me to change. To put the the pain of what I was feeling with the urge of blood so I'll despise blood when I see it.

"My own father torutured me, his little girl and you weren't here to protect me!" I yelled into his voicemail, tears starting to form in my eyes.

"You promised me Stefan and you broke it. I know you did it for Damon and I'm proud of you but you didn't leave anything for me. Elena has hope, Damon has respect but what do I have? Nothing. You left me without protetction, without having someone to rely on when I was danger. You broke your promise and I hate you.

"I hate that it wasn't your face I saw when I was rescued, I hate that you weren't the one to carry me home, I hate that it wasn't your arms I was in being comforted in, I hate that I didn't hear your soft voice in my ear telling me it was okay. I hate that it wasn't your chest I was laying on to tell you how much I care about you.

"I hate you but I can't help but keep loving you. I hate that your gone but I love the way you were there when I needed you. I hate that your killing innocent humans but I love the bunny jokes we used to make. I hate that your probably having fun without me but I love all the good times we had together in the woods. I hate that I hate you but I love how much Im in love with you.

"I love you Stefan and I want you to come back to me. Let me be in your arms one more time, hear you say its going to be okay, be there when I need you and to fix the promise you made me but I know thats never going to happen. Goodbye Stefan," I ended the call.

I went back to my bed and curled up in my blankets. Wanting the man who made me a promise to be here to hold me and tell me he loved me.