So, this is just a bit of a drabble I'd been wanting to write for a bit. I might make another chapter, but then again I might not XP

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"Shit! Fucking hell..." the sound of a person falling onto the floor was heard.

Kakuzu glanced at the door, hearing the familiar voice he had been waiting to her for the past four hours. It was currently two o'clock in the morning, and the the zealot had finally gotten home.

"Kaku~ku~" Hidan moaned, stumbling into the room that the two shared.

Even from where the tanned man was laying on the bed, her could smell the alocohol the man had drunk, smelling also a light smell of sex. Kakuzu hid his sadness and anger under the usual expression of annoyance that always became presant whenever the albino got home after a night of partying. and drinking. and sex.

"Were you fucking waiting for me~?" Hidan asked, obviously beginning to sober up as he yawned and walked over to the bed.

"Of course not, I was finishing this book" Kakuzu responded, closing the book that had been opened to the first page for the past three hours. He set it down on the night stand next to him before leaning back against the pillow which was between him and the headboard. Watching as the sobering man began stripping and pulling on some sweatpants, the miser felt a small bit of amusment at how the only time the zealot would ever wear anything other then boxers to bed was on the first day of winter. The feeling was quickly replaced with the familiar surg of anger and hurt he would feel whenever Hidan came home so late as he saw the dis-colored blotches showing on the pale skin.

Hidan fell onto the bed, flipping off the switch on the opposite side of the bed as he fell. Kakuzu felt the others cool body snuggle into his in the dark as he stared at the ceiling. "You're always so warm" a muffled voice muttered as Kakuzu began to run his fingers through the silver locks, his eyes still staring into the darkness as he thought. The relationship him and the man next to him shared was an odd one. In the beginning, Kakuzu had been content just to have Hidan come to him for sex, the zealot teasingly kissing him during the day. He would just ignore the marks obviously not from him that he would see on the other that he saw after a long night of partying; pretend as if he didn't notice a thing out of the ordinary. After all; they weren't lovers or anything.

Now though... Kakuzu wasn't sure if he could ignore them anymore. Oh well, he'd just take care of it in the morning. And with that, Kakuzu let himself drift off into a troubled sleep.