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"What is it? I won't tell anyone."

"I'm L."

The air tensed. The scene was serious and full of importance.

Light slowly looked at L. Then, just as slowly, he raised his hands and grabbed his cheeks, stretching them out.

They both burst into laughter.

"Cut! Cut!"

'L' and 'Light' continued laughing like crazed hyenas. The director scowled.

"Hey! Stop!" He demanded, shaking his fist. "We need to finish this! Do you know how long the fans have been waiting for the anime to come out?"

"Sorry," Light said, wiping tears. "It's so hard to concentrate when L looks like that. I mean, have you seen his makeup?"

"At least I'm not a conceited teenager with a god complex," L sneered.

"Conceited?" Light shrieked, standing up. "I am Kira! I have a right to be conceited!"

"Shut up!" The director shouted, chucking the script at Light's head. "You are not Kira! You simply play the character Kira!"

Light pouted and sat down, crossing his arms. "Am I not a good Kira?"

L opened his mouth to speak, but the door slammed open. Mello ran towards the director, looking furious.

"What's wrong, M-Mello?" The director cowered in fear.


"But you aren't working! L hasn't died yet, and you come in after that!"

Light's eyes widened. "L dies?"


"Of course not! You are a very important-"

"What the fuck!" Light grabbed L by his shoulders, shaking him. "You die? Why? Who kills you?"

L smiled. "Kira."

Tears formed in Light's eyes. Then he ran out of the room, wailing.

"Light, wait!" L sprung out of his seat and ran after him.

The director sighed. "Uh, I guess we can take a break."

Light ran past Near, who gave him a WTF look. He kept running until he reached his dressing room. He stopped in front of the door, admiring the golden star with his name on it before he went inside.

"I killed L …damn, I'm good!"

"What's it like playing Light Yagami?"

"Well," Light started thoughtfully. "I think it's FUCKING AWESOME!"

"Near," Matt said, looking serious for once. "Do you like Mello?"

"As much as I like your mom."

"Wait, what?"

"Just do what was rehearsed, please."

Ryuk shrugged and raised his arms over his head, holding up the bright, red apple. He then began his famous dance, shaking the apple while rocking back and forth. The director smiled, pleased that someone was actually listening to him for once, and the cameraman had to bite his lip to keep himself from laughing.

"L, I know you want to celebrate the first 13 episodes being recorded, but I don't know how to make a cake." Light frowned at the cookbook.

L thought for a moment, then smiled, lifting up a huge bag of assorted candies. "I'll pile on the candy; it's such a pretty sight. It makes the food taste dandy but my tummy hurts all night."


"I'll put in some ingredients, but keep the rest for me." L opened the can of icing, grabbing a spoon. "I'm not just disobedient, I'm careful, can't you see?"

Light, finally realizing what L was singing, smiled. "It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake."

"If the way is hazy, you gotta do the cooking by the book. You know you can't be lazy!" L exclaimed, shaking his head.

"Never use a messy recipe," Light pointed to the not-so-helpful cookbook. "The cake will end up crazy. If you do the cooking by the cook, then you'll have a-"

"Cake!" L cut in. "We gotta have it made! You know that I love cake. Finally, it's time to make a cake!"

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