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Beelzebub gently ran his fingers over the book spines lined in the shelf, casually sucking on a lollipop in his mouth. The library was fairly quiet this evening...

Until he heard a strange sound coming from the huge door not far from him. "What the? Is that a siren?" he wondered aloud.

The doors suddenly thrashed open and Mammon walks in with a familiar little bundle in his arms.

"Damn it, stay still!" he complained, trying to hold the struggling and wailing Rin in his arms. Mammon felt like laughing out loud, but he knew better to keep his mouth shut.

Rin was obviously throwing a tantrum of some kind. His face was wet with tears and snot, drool rolled off his mouth with his hardly paused crying. His hair was disheveled. He looked like a real mess.

"What did you do this time, brother?" Mammon asked. "I didn't do anything! He- Ow!" Mammon whined as Rin accidentally threw a punch onto his face- not too strong to bruise it though.

"Argh! I was just minding my own business in the lounge room, and I heard him crying in the hall. I came out, tried to comfort him but he wouldn't stop! And I was getting weird stares from the maids and father's guests, I just had to take him away!" Mammon explained with much exhaustion. Rin is still crying uncontrollably and reaching out to nothing.

"What in Gehenna is this bloody racket?" a voice boomed behind the brothers. Lucifer strutted in with annoyance, a book in his hands seemed ready to for throwing. "Can't a demon enjoy a quiet evening of reading?" He huffed.

Beelzebub opened his mouth to say something, but Rin cut off with his much louder wailing. Their little brother made a sharp turn towards Lucifer, almost causing Mammon to drop him.

"Lucifer! Lucifer!" Rin cried, his hands a few inches away from the oldest brother's suit.

Lucifer hesitantly picked Rin up from Mammon's hands and the little demon cried into his suit. "Now it's your turn to get snot all over you, brother," Mammon snorted.

"Rin, listen to me. Look at me, Rin!" Lucifer shook the boy and he ceased his crying. He looked up to Lucifer with his reddened wet eyes. "Why are you crying like this? It's very unlike you," Lucifer asked gently, wiping the boy's face with a silk handkerchief he pulled out of his pocket.

Rin sniffed and sniffed, and tried to say something but the words came out in a mess of childish gibberish and mumbles. "It's okay, calm down. Try to breathe, little brother," Lucifer said, lightly rubbing the boy's back.

In a few seconds, Rin finally calmed and his breathing regulated from hitching. Lucifer placed him on a sofa nearby, Mammon and Beelzebub stood close. "Now, you want to tell me what happened?" Lucifer asked again as he kneel in front of the boy.

Rin nodded, rubbing his nose. "I- I was just playing with Yukio. We were playing hide and seek... And I couldn't find him. I panicked and tried to find him, but lost him. I dunno where he went. I got so scared!" he explained. Rin fought back his tears badly.

"Maybe he's till hiding?" Beelzebub suggested. Rin shook his head, "I looked everywhere on that floor! Besides, he's a scaredy-cat to go hide far away," Rin sniffed. "Look who's talking for a kid who cried a river just now- ow!" Mammon snorted, until Lucifer burned a flick of his hair with just a glare.

"Rin, can you tell us exactly which floor were you playing on?" Lucifer turned to the little boy. "Um... it's two floors above the scary one dad told us to keep off..." Rin trailed off.

"Two floors above the dungeons?" Beelzebub exclaimed. Rin nodded slowly with a hint of guilt.

"Of all places, why there! You know you shouldn't be at least five floors close to the dungeon or father will be furious!" Lucifer shouted with much anger. "And two floors is dangerous enough!"

"We were gonna go up again, but that was when Yukio went missing! We didn't even think of getting close to the dungeons!" Rin shouted back defensively, tears pooling his eyes again. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his palms, his breath starting to hitch again.

Beelzebub sighed and picked Rin up. "Now that we know Yukio might have gotten lost in either the rooms or floors, shouldn't we best be heading there now before a goblin eats him? The demons lurking there are dangerous for naughty little demon princes," he said. Rin gave a small gasp with his half-brother's comment in the end there.

"You're right, brother. Let's go now," Lucifer nodded and ran his hair back his head with a hand. "Mammon, you're coming too," he snapped, dragging an escaping Mammon along with them.

It took them a few minutes to go down to the said floor when you have a mansion for a house.

As the brothers arrive to the second floor, the whole hall shook. Like, shook like an earthquake.

Rin let out a squeak as the floor shook again. "Ah," Beelzebub gasped. "This doesn't sound good at all," Mammon said.

"What? What's going on?" Rin asked. "Do you remember how father said he'd be busy today with guests? Well, I don't think it's a merry meeting going on," Mammon explained.

Lucifer silently nodded. He and his brothers knew that the mansion would shake and rattle whenever father is very, very displeased. He guessed that father's probably handling the guests near the dungeons, since the shaking feels stronger on this floor.

As they continued their trek down another flight of stairs, they bumped into a familiar family friend.

"Ah, good evening my lords," Val bowed. "May I ask what are you all doing here? You know very well that this is not a good time to explore the dungeons at this hour," he said as the floor shook again.

"Well, apparently we have a lost little brother down there, and we need to find him," Lucifer mentioned, nodding his head towards Rin who's comfortably sitting in Beelzebub's arms. "But Val, you've been in the basement just now, haven't you? Didn't you see Yukio anywhere?"

"Unfortunately not, sir. I was in one of the containment rooms, doing monthly check ups on the poison ivies your father planted. Shall I help you search for Yukio then? I know the rooms and halls better next to Lord Satan," Val explained and ended his sentence with humble pride.

"Uh- sure thing. Knock your self out. You can carry little cry baby here though," Mammon said. "Seriously though, how can you guys carry the kids so easily? All they do is struggle and run away," he asked, watching Val pick Rin up off his brother's arms.

"Oh, you didn't know? They don't particularly fancy you, Mammon," Beelzebub said with much sarcasm. Mammon merely gave a light elbow punch in his brother's stomach and rolled his eyes.

As the odd group descended, beautiful halls became black stones and dark halls. The torches hung off walls glowed in soft blue light, doing little effort to warm up the cold air. Rin shivered with the menacing atmosphere and almost started to cry again, but Val held him closer, hushing sweet promises to him.

"He's scared, Val. Yukio's scared, I can feel it," Rin whispered. He saw moving shadows in the corner of his eyes, but when he turned to look it disappeared. He tried to think of happy thoughts.

"I never liked it in here," Beelzebub commented, his voice echoed in the dark stone hall. "Me neither. Remember that one time when we had our cousins and brothers over, and the one with the green spiked hair's pet goblin got lost in here? The poor thing wouldn't open its eyes even after father found it and brought it up back to the gardens," Mammon chuckled. "That was because Behemoth was still a baby hobgoblin,"

"Baby? But it was huge! And fat!"

"That's a normal size for growing hobgoblins, Mammon! Why do you think father kept his goblins in the woods?"

"Hey, I never liked studying about goblins, professor,"

"Will you two be quiet already," Lucifer snapped, giving his younger brothers a glare.

"Val!" Rin suddenly shouted.

The group stopped in front of a big, heavy wooden door. The skeletons piled in holes beside it gave it a very uncomfortable feeling. "What's wrong Rin?" Val asked.

"In there... Yukio's in there!" Rin mumbled. All the sudden, Rin's familiar two flame balls fired up on his head. His eyes shone with red and blue pupils.

"Yukio's in the dungeon? How did he get in there!" Mammon exclaimed. Beelzebub bravely stepped in front to open the door but he was stopped by Lucifer's hand. "No, wait. Father's in there. Can't you see the light?" he said, mentioning a soft light of blue flames illuminated under the heavy door.

"Augh! What is that stench?" Mammon choked. The others quickly picked up the scent, instantly covering their noses and mouths.

"Burning corpse," Val said.

"Seems that father's really pissed off this time, huh?" Mammon said. Rin coughed with the awful stench flooding his nostrils even though he's covered his mouth and nose with his shirt.

Suddenly, the group heard some clanking and footsteps noises coming from the other side of the door. They backed up as the huge wood opened in a painful creaking sound.

Two servants walked out in quiet haste, carrying what it seems to be a stretcher with a black and smoking figure lying dead on it. Val immediately covered Rin's eyes.

The servants' footsteps faded up the stairs, and a group of father's 'guests' scurried passed them by quickly, not even brave to glance the demon princes that stood before them.

Val felt Rin tugging onto his coat lapels. "Be patient, boy. We'll find your brother soon enough," he said, and he lead the brothers through the ominous doors and into the dungeon hall.

As they passed by a few dark and empty cells, they came upon one with a glowing blue light shining through. The group carefully approached it, to see Satan crouching over a stack of hay in a corner of the cell room.

Val saw a few burnt marks on the walls- and guessed that the master probably did his 'job' in here.

Rin struggled in his arms, and Val carefully placed him down.

As the master turned around, he bared his fangs. "What are the lot of you doing here? You know better to not meddle with my business!"

The cell had a small vibration with Satan's angry words. The three Demon Princes squirmed in their stands.

"Yukio!" Rin suddenly shouted.

Unexpectedly, the haystack shook and Yukio came running out of it. He ran straight towards his brother, face wet with tears and bruised eyes.

Satan's expression suddenly changed. He frowned in guilt watching his son Yukio hugging and whimpering. "Yukio, I'm sorry," he said gently, and reached out to the shivering boy, but stopped as Rin bared his fangs and his flames surrounded the twins.

Mammon and Beelzebub couldn't believe their eyes. Their little brother actually had the guts to bare his fangs and flames towards their fearsome father, Satan, lord of Gehenna!

Satan stopped, and stood straight up again. He ran a hand over his hair, face still frowning. "Val, take them away," he said, turning around.

"Yes, my lord," Val replied, and placed his hands over the boys' backs. "That's enough, master Rin," he whispered into Rin's ear. The boy growled, but stopped and his flames slowly died out. Val picked up the boys into his arms, and escorted the Demon brothers away from the dungeon.

Satan heard their steps fading away in a few moments. He sighed and walked out of the cell. Turning back, he studied the scorch marks on the walls and floor, the result of his dealing with a petty peasant. His eyes traveled to the now flat haystack.

Why didn't he notice Yukio was in there? When he was finished with the peasant, he heard a child's crying. He tried to coax the boy out of his hiding, trying to calm him down but it didn't work. But he knew that no man would be the same if they saw his demonic wrath...

He took his time making his way out of the dungeons.

"A trapdoor?"

Yukio nodded. Val with the twins in his arms, were making their way into Val's laboratory chambers in one side of the mansion. Yukio was telling them how he fell into the dungeon. When they were playing hide-and-seek, Yukio accidentally pressed himself against a small opening in the wall behind a desk, and all he remembered was falling down into the darkness.

"It was scary," he said in his small voice. The boy wrapped his small arms around Val's neck and nuzzled into it. "I never want to go there again," he added.

"I'm sorry..."

Val stopped in his tracks and turned to the older of the two. "What was that, Rin?"

"I'm sorry for freaking out. I'm sorry for playing near the dungeons. I'm sorry for losing you, Yukio... I'm sorry," Rin sobbed, holding his tears back. He felt so guilty as if everything was his fault. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, slowly breaking into sobs.

"But Nii-san, it's not your fault!" Yukio cried. He reached over to hug his brother, almost causing Val to topple over with his sudden movement.

Rin sobbed and his brother hugged him. "You kids... are so silly, you know that?" Val gave an apologetic smile, and continued walking.

Far from the laboratory floor, Lucifer was hastily making his way towards his father's study. He knocked on the door, and waited for his father's reply with impatience.

"Come in," a voice loomed from the other side.

Lucifer opened and closed the door behind him and walked up to his father who was on the armchair near the fireplace, lazily stirring the wine in his glass.

"Father, I have something to report to you," Lucifer said, standing in a respectable distance from the chair.

"What is it then?"

"The servants... They found the body of the gardener hidden in a bush, half eaten," Lucifer reported darkly.

"What? Don't tell me the goblins got out of their cages again!" Satan growled.

"But sir, it's not the goblins this time," Lucifer quickly said. "Because the family doctor said that he found bite marks on the arm and they were demon child's size," he pressed.

Satan finally turned to face his eldest son.

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