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Rain was falling, sliding down his skin like whispers of a cold and distant goodbye. He winced as they fell on him- was it the rain, or his own bittersweet tears that blurred his vision?

"I always loved the rain," it was so soft, that he had strain his ears to hear it, yet it was unmistakably hers.
He couldn't bring himself to reply, only fixing his gaze on the marble tombstone that was barely visible through the sheet of pouring rain.

"Don't ignore me Gibbs!" he heard a pout in her voice, and smiled wryly, however he did not turn, did not want to face the empty graveyard and fall prey to these foolish delusions of the heart.

"You know, for this you're gonna owe me another Caf Pow," she warned mischievously, and he couldn't help himself, he chuckled, and empty, hollow sound that chilled him to the bone. He heard her giggles too, which brought on a slight ringing in his ears. Whose gravestone was he standing in front of? He couldn't quite remember. All he knew was the goth's slight hand was pressed on his shoulder, a familiar touch, her laughter shaking her frame as she leaned on him.

"Boss?" he was startled, and turned. It was just Tony. "Are you alright?" His face was wary, as though almost afraid, yet wrinkles of time that Gibbs did not remember being there last graced his features.

What an odd question to ask. "Dinozzo, Abby was just-" where was Abby anyway? It seemed she had just disappeared into thin air, taking the warmth and laughter with her.

A horrible, gut wrenching feeling washed over him as His eyes widened. Suddenly the world was all too clear, the tears and rain vanishing before him and he saw those words carved into that pale tombstone, and they hurt so deeply, that he staggered, reaching for his heart as though someone had carved those words in his flesh instead.

Flashes seeped into his mind- Her chalky skin covered with vibrant red as she coughed up more blood in his arms, the color dimming in her emerald eyes...

The volume of rain was increasing rapidly, roaring in his ears and he swayed, losing his balance, the single black rose in his hand slipping and falling onto the sodden grass, where it looked dismal and forlorn. Funny, he thought Grimly, he thought it would shatter like his heart did

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