Saturday Part 1

Previously in Derek's POV

"I'm so sorry Derek we didn't think anything would happen,"

"What?" I asked voice cracking,

"We went demon hunting," she whispered and that's when I noticed Jace behind her glaring,

"You weren't ever supposed to go out without me, Simon or Isabelle!" Jace yelled at Clary but the red headed female ignored him and glared at Chloe,

"She wanted to go out and she picked the place and she was to one to jump in front of a vampire when it was attacking me she was the one who got-" her voice wavered and she continued, "bit." I looked over at Chloe and she looked at her feet,

"I'm sorry," she finally whispered and Clary let a tear fall from her eyes,

"We decided on this old broken down building and entered it little did we know it was full of vampires the bad kind of vamps," Clary took a breath, "one attacked me and another went for my neck but Chloe stepped in front and" -Chloe glared at her and shook her head but Clary ignored her- "she spoke to the vampire and it hissed but it obeyed they all did but the command was breaking down Chloe's forces and one escaped and jumped for me Chloe stepped in front and took the bite and then we ran out of their like no tomorrow." Chloe glared before looking at me,

"Will I become a vampire now?" she asked and I looked at Jace,

"You have to have vampire blood in your system give it awhile and the venom should leave your body but you will seem like a vampire for awhile." He told her and she let out a breath of air,

"Good thats good right?" she asked and I frowned,

"No it's not good Chloe it is horrible you never should have even gone out!" I yelled and Chloe flinched away from me causing me to feel even worse for yelling at her,

"Derek's right." Jace agreed jerking his head in a way that us guys communicate and we left the girls in the forest walking back together in comfortable silence.

Chloe's POV

I woke up to Clary standing over me, "They're probably going to ignore us so we-" a knock on the door stopped out conversation and I stepped out of bed to answer the door where on the ground was a small piece of paper.

Here is the plan every room gets someone to prank the pairs are

Chloe and Clary

Derek and Jace

Simon and Simon

Maia and Tori

Each of you have one person to prank and you can only talk to your pair to ask for ideas:


Jace and Derek!

(This was a random draw so they randomly got chosen together!)

"Well this will be fun!" I exclaimed.

Derek's POV

We woke up to Alec and Magnus knocking on everyones door and they finally came to our I opened it and found a note on the floor,

Here is the plan every room gets someone to pranks the pairs are

Chloe and Clary

Derek and Jace

Simon and Simon

Maia and Tori

Each of you have on person to prank and you can only talk to your pair to ask for ideas:


Chloe and Simon!

"Dude wake up apparently today is prank day and we have Chloe and Simon," Jace stood and read the note,

"Let's just surround Chloe's bed with blood tada were done!" I glared at him and he sighed, "are we angry at them?" He asked and I shrugged heading down the hall to there room I knocked Chloe opened the door and her eyes widened to see us,

"D-d-derek," she stuttered out and I smiled,

"Hey babe," I greeted kissing her lips quickly,

"Move aside let me see my girlfriend!" Jace hissed,

"Sorry," Chloe blushed, "we thought you guys would be mad at us." I shook my head,

"Just don't do it again!" I told her sternly and she nodded eagerly I smiled and she opened the door farther to let Jace in to see Clary.

"Jace?" Clary asked questioningly and he walked over and kissed her,

"I can't have a moment away from you Clary I'm already making up from lost time," she beamed and kissed him this time,

"Aren't they cute," Chloe commented and I smiled pulling into me so her back was against my chest,

"Not as cute as you," she blushed and looked away,

"What if I bite someone again?" she asked and I frowned,

"I won't let you." She turned around and hugged me sighing,

"Who'd you get for the prank?" she asked and I smirked,

"Can't tell you," I whispered back,

"What's your worst fear? she asked and I raised a questioning eyebrow,

"Relax we have Simon and Tori," I laughed,

"Then why are you asking about me?"

"Because I want to know what it is so I can lie to others," I smirked,

"Well I hate spiders but I really really hate bad music and contained spaces" She frowned and kissed me,

"Okay so then your scared of heights and don't like Justin Beiber," she made up and I laughed again, "Derek what if I do turn into a vampire?" She asked quietly,

"You won't," I reassured her,

"But what if I do will you hate me?" She asked and I sucked in a breath of air,

"No of course not never Chloe never," I whispered back,

"But aren't vampires and werewolves like enemies?" she asked and I shrugged,

"Not in my world babe," I kissed her and she complied,

"I love you."

"I love you too Chloebear." She smiled kissing me again.