Epilogue (Ten months later)

Rukia sits on the roof looking down as members of Squad Nine train happily. She jumps as arms wrap around her from behind and a pair of legs slide either side of her. He kisses her neck gently and then laughs slightly as he rubs her big tummy.

"Only three days now right?" He asks and Rukia nods smiling.

"Any day now we could be parents." She agrees tipping her head back to look at Ichigo. He grins and kisses her forehead gently before they both grin at each other.

Ichigo had decided to stay as Squad Nine's Captain and live in the Soul Society with Rukia. Over the past ten months they have visited the world of the living four times. When they went they visited Ichigo's family and also visited Orihime and Uryuu. The last time they saw them was two months ago and they explained to everyone that they wouldn't be visiting as much anymore. Everyone understood but it was hard to say goodbye again.

Orihime and Uryuu got on with their lives when their friends went back to the Soul Society. Yoshino still went to stay with Yuzu sometimes and their daughter was growing more beautiful every day. Her hair now fell to her chin in wavy black locks and her smile is as bright as her mummy's. Her first word was Mummy followed by Daddy and then developing into Yuzu, Karin, Rukia and Ichigo as well as other basic words. The last time they left Orihime could barely deal with them leaving again but like herself Rukia was going to have a family and she needed to take care of them now and Orihime was strong enough to deal with that.

Yuzu started working in a restaurant as one of the chefs a few months ago and Karin was offered a job with a company in Tokyo which she was going to start next year. Toushiro visited her just like Rukia said a month after the incident and before he left she finally told him how much she loved him. She was shocked when he kissed her in front of Yuzu and her dad and promised her he'd visit soon and he did. He visited once a month now and stayed for a few days each time. He also plans to visit her in Tokyo.

Rangiku and Gin got engaged six months ago. He also promised her that after their wedding in a few days' time they could start a family of their own. Gin recovered fully rather quickly after the incident and took up his role of Captain again quickly. His Squad accepted him straight away and Rangiku told everyone what he did by betraying Aizen. The two of them tend to meet up every day and spend a few hours together as well as they have visited Orihime and Uryuu three times and Rangiku asked Orihime to be her maid of honour. She was going to ask Rukia but she knew she might go into labour and have to leave the wedding.

Ichigo and Rukia became closer and Ichigo became more confident in his feelings for her. He wasn't scared the hollow would mess things up now because he knew that every side of him loved her and always would. He takes her hand and flash steps to the cherry blossom tree and she smiles confused as he kisses her hand gently and kneels down with a smile.

"What are you doing you numpty?" She laughs and Ichigo reaches into his Captains coat with his other hand and pulls out a small box and puts it in the hand holding onto hers. She blinks and then he smiles at her happily.

"Marry me Rukia." He whispers.

Her face lights up as he opens the box to reveal a silver ring with a small diamond on the front and the words every part of me loves you. She blinks tears as she nods and he slides the ring onto her finger slowly. He stands up grinning and she looks up at him blushing deep red.

"I love you so much." He tells her leaning down and pressing his lips to her gently. She grips onto the shirt of his uniform and deepens the kiss with a smile on her face. He cups her face in his hands and then pulls away and grins down at her.

"I love you so much Ichigo Kurosaki." She laughs and looks down at the ring. He laughs too and smiles.

"I love you too. I would do anything for you." Ichigo smiles before they both laugh and then sigh.

"Now we have to tell Byakuya." They say at the same time but they both shrug knowing after hearing she'd pregnant Byakuya couldn't get much more shocked. All that matter was the two of them were together and everything finally made sense.

"He may kill me." Ichigo warns and Rukia laughs pulling him closer to her again with a teasing grin.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you Captain." She whispers and then presses her lips to his again.

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