My first none drabble AkuRoku. I hope you enjoy. And I hope that you shed a tear at at least one point in the fic.

There he was, looking down on me. Looming over me like a shadow. He brought his hand to my cheek and I flinched away. He stroked it, then smashed his lips into mine, not caring if I wanted it or not. He then pulled down his trousers, stepping out of them, then his underwear...

I sat up in bed, panting and dripping with sweat. That nightmare plagued me every time I slept. I couldn't escape it. I reached under my bed. The memories were too terrible. I grabbed my knife, pulled off my wristbands, and started to cut.

It's a drabble prologue because I couldn't think of anything extra to add in. Chapter 1 will be up soon.