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Couple: James and Lily - because, face it, they're ment to be :)

Okay- I admit it, I have indeed fallen in love with James Potter. Or mabye I'm just caught up in the moment. It's hard not to be, when we're holding hands, and he has on his goofy smile. I feel like I'm about to explode with happiness. Even through our gloves I can feel the heat radiating from his hand.

Get a grip Evans!

But, it's even snowing, how am I supposed to fight this off?

It's Potter.

In the past, that would've stopped this right in it's tracks. Now it just spurs it on.

By 'it' I mean me, and James, and love.

"Lily, why are you smiling at me like that?" James was looking at me like I grew a second head, and like I was going to eat him.

I wouldn't mind that.

"Oh... uh... no reason, I just love... snow." Well, that wasn't lame AT ALL.

James shot me a confused look, but thankfully dropped it.

"Uh, James, I have to tell you something."

James looked at me confused, his expression turned into one of horror.

"Are you pregnant?"

I snorted. "James, I'd have to have sex for that to happen."

"Oh... well... sorry, it was just the first thing that popped into my min, and..."

"Are you saying I'm a skank James?" it's horrible to play with him this way, but it's so much fun. A stuttering James, is a vunrable James. A vunrable James, is a cute James.

"WHAT? NO! NO! I wouldn't say that Lily! I wouldn't call you anyting like that, I love you!"

My breath caught in my throat, James eyes went wide with panic.

"Well... Shit, I didn't mean to tell you so early, or like this... I understand if you don't feel the same..."

James looked nothing like his usual cocky self, he looked... nervous.

"Well, this is ebrassing... I'll just go crawl under a rock and I'm so sorry-"

I crased my lips to his, his body went rigid from the attack but eventually relaxed, as he snaked his arms around my waist. Our kiss turned into a not so child friendly display when I tugged on James' hair. Note to self: James likes hair tugging.

James pulled back and I let out a growl, tugging him back for more.

He put his hands on my shoulders restraining me.

"Not that I didn't enjoy that... display of effection, but does it mean that this isn't a one sided love?"

I rolled my eyes, for an intellgiant person, James was really an idiot.

"Yes, James Potter, I, Lily Evans, love you!"

James let out a cheer and pulled me in for another kiss. I don't mind this side of cocky James, at all!

Did I ever mention that I love James Potter?


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