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Authors note: I saw this short film a while ago about how homosexuality was the norm in the world and heterosexuality was frowned upon in society. It popped into my head randomly when I was half thinking about writing something. I thought it was oddly applicable to the Supernatural fandom, so ta-da! Please tell me what you think.

Summary: In a world where heterosexuality is abnormal and illegal, two brothers seem to have a good life in College. Sam has a boyfriend and top grades in law and his older brother Dean is being chased by one of the most lusted after guys on campus but Dean is hiding something from his best friend, Jo and Sam both.

Even with all the flowers and trees and with such a bright day where it seemed almost possible to smell the sun, all Dean could smell was coffee. It seemed to him that every student here at Stanford seemed to run on the stuff. He wasn't being judgemental to coffee-drinkers. He lived on the stuff too but on days it was impossible will all the smell of every students half-caf double vanilla latte floating in the air to truly enjoy the day the way he wanted. Dean desired above all else to sit under a tree in the shade with the sun making the grass shine around him and blow off the study he'd already been putting on for some time.

Dean tried though, doubly so at neglecting his work, but with every intake of breath through his nose, the coffee smells increased. In fact, it increased so much that Dean felt it was under his nose. Dean grumbled inside his mind and decided that maybe he could go find Sam in the library. They didn't allow over potent smelling drinks or drinks of any kind in the library. He opened his eyes and almost jumped at the sight in front of him.

Cas Novak was bent over in front of him, holding a cup of coffee under Dean's nose. Cas's hair had the same ruffled, just-out-of-bed look that it usually did and the dark shade of it really bought out his deep blue eyes that made every guy on campus flutter when Cas looked at them. Every guy except Dean and maybe, Dean thought, his monogamous and happily-relationship brother.

Dean looked at Cas sternly. "Cas, we've talked about this. Personal space."

"My apologies," said Cas in his low, husky voice that still had no effect on Dean.

He removed the lidded coffee cup from under the blonde's nose and away from the face. The blonde was very thankful.

"I got you some coffee," stated the supposedly endearing History student.

"Yeah, I see that," Dean said but didn't reach for the drink or make any motion that he was accepting it.

Cas held the cup out towards Dean and more than just a few awkward moments passed without anyone moving or saying anything. Dean was getting fidgety in the silence, the campus' most wanted didn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. Dean finally grabbed the drink with a grumbled thanks somewhere in his throat. It was barely audible and obviously not sincere yet the socially awkward and somehow lusted after guy in front of Dean seemed to take it positively and almost smiled when he told Dean that he was welcome.

A few more moments passed in which Dean finally stood up from his position on the ground against the tree to stand a little taller than Cas. He cleared his throat but Cas didn't say anything, just watched Dean.


"Yeah, Cas?"

"Are you free tonight?"

"Sorry, dude, plans already," Dean lied.

Cas looked somewhat taken aback and just said a little, "oh, okay."

Cas still stood there looking like a little puppy. Dean spotted his brother walking towards them for a nearby building, he waved when Dean looked over. "Hey, Cas?"

"Yes, Dean?"

"You can go anytime now, man."

"Oh, yes. Yes, of course," Cas again looked like a little puppy and took a few awkward steps back as if he was learning to walk before walking away.

Dean watched the man as he left, trench coat barely moving as he walked away. He looked out of place in the school with his suit and trench coat amongst all the people wearing t-shirts and jeans and the occasional student in the morning who just rolled out of the dorm and into the University in their sleeping gear. Sam gave the man a little puzzled look before he turned it towards his older brother. To Sam's side was Andy, his boyfriend, looking tiny compared to his 6'4 partner.

"Your half-caf double vanilla latte is getting cold over here, Francis," Dean held the cup of coffee out to Sam who bulked a little at the name calling but took the cup nonetheless.

Sam looked at the coffee. "Why'd you buy me coffee?"

"Technically, that weird sonuvabitch did," Dean turned away from Cas to look at Sam and threw his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of so called sonuvabitch.

"He got you coffee again? How many days in a row is that now?" Sam asking, taking a drink of the coffee.

"Six," Andy answered, pulling his jumped down his sleeves. The kid always seemed to have a hooded jumped on, Dean thought, even on nice, sunny days like this.

Sam laughed. "He's a History student, right? I didn't know they even had classes on Fridays."

"They don't," answered Andy. "They get Fridays off but have Saturdays on for some prac thing they do."

"You'd know," Dean said. Andy had changed his major at least six times this year. From History to International Policy Studies to even Korean General, he was studying Philosophy at the moment – a subject he seemed to flip back to repeatedly. Dean looked back to where Cas had walked off finding the man gone. "Weird sonuvabitch came in on his day off to buy me coffee and ask me out again?"

Dean couldn't quite remember exactly but he trusted Andy's count of six days straight of the man buying him coffee and asking him out on a date. Everyday Dean had gotten less and less friendly at saying no.

"I don't get in, Dean," Sam began, "why won't you go on a date with the guy? He's attractive, adorable, educated and I heard he comes from a rich family. I haven't seen you date someone since high school. You're 24, you should really start dating. I mean, you finish school here next year."

"I dunno about that one, Sammy. I could do what your boyfriend's doing and start a new course. Maybe engineering isn't for me after all, you know?"

Sam looked confused for a second until he realized his brother was kidding. "You should go on a date with Cas."

"I don't need love life advice for my twerp brother who's about ready to pop the question at 20."

Andy, who had the stolen the now almost empty cup of coffee from Sam, began to choke on his mouthful. Sam went red and stared at his brother in disbelief before patting his boyfriend on the back.

Dean laughed and walked off. From behind him he could hear Andy ask in a high pitched, nervous voice if Dean was kidding. Sam was repeating that his older brother was joking; it made Dean smile to himself more as he tried to blow the smell of coffee out of his nose.

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