Author note: I've never written a sex scene or smut before so I apologize for the following chapter. I was going to leave out a few paragraphs but I thought might be cheating those who like reading smut (I do, I just can't write it). So warning, this story is now M for hetero down and dirty. I was thinking of adding a Destiel scene later if the reviews are positive to my smuttiness, so let me know what you think.

Dean was no stranger to seedy joints but as Lisa led him further and further down the dark and dismal street, he couldn't help but look over his shoulder. Lisa worn a black dress with the same heels from last night, her hair was loose, falling down her back. She tried to hide herself as she walked and Dean hated it. He thought it would be much for fitting for something so beautiful to be walking upright and proud; walking happy.

The walk wasn't long but the area made the time feel much worse than it was but every time Dean thought to say something about heading back, Lisa would smile or touch his hand. He couldn't figure out if the small touches of the hand, or the shoulder, or the way she greeted him with a lingering hug were purposeful or not. With the smile Lisa gave him, he knew they were. They finally came to the club, or what Lisa said was the club.

Painted black, the door was as seedy and disambiguatous as the rest of the street except for one small difference. A small gold eyehole sat high on the door and when Lisa knocked, a light flickered behind it. An unseen eye surveyed the odd couple for a few moments before the door opened. A large and bald bouncer stood in the entrance. The scarily muscled man dressed in plain black looked upon Lisa and Dean – Dean in particular – with suspicion.

"Password?" he asked Dean leaning forward to inspect Dean's face, Dean leaned back away from the man trying to keep a smile on his face. The resulting smile didn't quite work.

"I like babies," Lisa said abruptly, earning her the same look from Dean. "All natural babies."

The bouncer relaxed and surveyed them with a smug look. "Correct. Will you fine patrons require a balloon tonight? It's $300 for one, or three for $500"

"Just for a balloon?" Dean's eyes widened.

"It's not just any balloon, if you get my drift," the bouncer replied, Dean didn't get his drift.

"No thanks. I'd rather steal from a kids birthday party if I need a balloon that drastically," said Dean, squeezing past the bouncer into the club, holding Lisa's hand to drag her in.

The inside of the club was nothing like Dean had ever seen. Women and men danced together and drank together at the bar. The club was small and loud on the inside but packed full of couples but not regular couples. Women rubbed against men and men moved their hands over the thighs and asses of their female dance partners. Dean had never seen something like it. Women sat at the bar as men approached them to buy the women drinks, and not lets-be-friends-drinks.

Lisa tugged at his hand and yelled something Dean couldn't hear over the music. It wasn't his kind of music, some pop style love song but in this place the lyrics had a whole new context to them. Lisa yelled something again and indicated to the bar, Dean got the drift and ordered them their first round. He smiled as Lisa took the first sip of her vodka and lemonade; he'd never paid for a drink for a woman before and he realized he liked it. He held Lisa's hand and rubbed her thigh as he drank down his first drink.

And his second, and third, and fourth. He'd just paid for their fifth round when Lisa indicated to the dance floor. Drinks in hand, they danced and moved together and rubbed together and finished off God knows how many rounds together. Lisa's hair was stinking to her face with sweat and it took a lot of restraint for Dean not to lose the shirt he was wearing. His restraint broke though when sweat rolled down Lisa's neck, he couldn't stand how far apart they seemed to be in that moment and dived in for a kiss. Their drunken kissing was hard and heavy and even with the loud music, Dean could hear the lips beneath his panting for air.

Lisa groped at his back as they swayed to the music and his hands found their way up her body and down and up repeatedly in time with their kissing and the music. Lisa whispered in his ear but he heard these words loud and clear. She walked off with a smile on her face meant just for him. Dean walked to the bar and stood for a few seconds before rushing to the bathroom as unnoticeably as he could manage. In the unisex bathroom, Lisa leaned against a sink waiting for Dean. Dean rushed into another heated kiss that led into so much more.

Dean pulled her with him, he didn't pay attention to where he was going, he was just trying to get somewhere less in the eyesight of all the people that could walk through the door. He felt a toilet door fall open behind his back and he pulled Lisa in with him. They broke apart momentarily and she slammed the door shut. Dean hoisted her up and onto his hips, she was light unlike anyone he'd ever been with. His hips rolled in the heat of the moment and she scratched at the zipper of his pants between their bodies. Dean gasped into her mouth when her hand first made contact with the inside of his cotton boxers.

He'd never done this with a woman before and if it weren't for sex education in high school and girl on girl porn, he wouldn't have known what was underneath her dress. He pushed the black fabric up her thigh, caressing the skin as he moved his hands higher to pull down her underwear. She broke the kiss as he pulled off her black almost see through thong to gasp into his ear how much she wanted him right now. Dean didn't need any more invitation than that, he positioned himself between her legs and thrust inside as he moaned.

It was definitely not like any of the others time he'd been with a person and it felt so good and right for him. Everything about it from Lisa's soft and warm self to quiet little moans and pants she made as he rolled his hips into her was exactly what he wanted. The bathroom walls muffled the music from the club. They could hear people coming in and going out, and the laughter that followed them but neither Dean nor Lisa noticed more than superficially. They were too caught up in the heat and passion to notice anything but each other.

In the last stall, furthest away from the door, Dean panted and fell against Lisa. He kissed her long neck and murmured how beautiful she was against her skin. She gently pushed Dean back, her hair was messy, her cheeks were flushed, and if Dean weren't so tired, he would have leaned forward to kiss her again. She pushed him again, further this time until Dean wasn't touching her at all. Lisa looked Dean up and down, her face no longer smiling as he usually saw it. Instead she looked sad, unbelievably sad.

"You're … You are my girlfriend's best friend," Lisa looked horrified voicing the statement aloud.

Dean didn't know how to answer, so he didn't. Lisa pushed past him and out of the toilet stall. "Lisa! Wait!"

Dean chased after her calling her name but she didn't turn around until they were back at the car park a few blocks from the club where they met. For someone who was running away, she turned around with anger and force in her eyes. "What the hell are you doing, Dean?"

"I – What? What am I doing?"

"Yes. What are you doing? Why are you following me? Do you know how illegal what we just did is!"

"Who cares if it's illegal, you enjoyed it. I saw that," smirked Dean, trying to play cocky.

Lisa just became more angry at the statement. "Fine, who cares if it's illegal! Oh wait, Jo would! I'm dating Jo and you have a boyfriend, like normal people should. Normal people – normal people don't do that. You should think about what we're doing and what it could really mean," she said, not sounding angry or yelling exactly but stern.

"It means I like you and I enjoyed being with you tonight, is that so bad?"

Lisa stared at Dean pitifully. "Yes, Dean, it really is."

And just like that, Lisa turned and left Dean standing alone in a car park.

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