First of all, I apologize to those who thought this was going to be a real chapter. I hate author's note chapters as much as the next person, but I just couldn't not post this here.

I was reading a rather intelligent guide to writing fanfiction called "Avoiding Mistakes in Fanfiction Writing: A Beginner's Guide" by Valis2, and got to the bit about Mary Sues and self insertation. I didn't even finish reading that chapter when I realised how horribly blind I'd been about my OC in this fic. I knew she was bit of a Mary Sue, but I never realised how much so.

I always knew Susan was a self insert, heck, she's even from Finland like me. But I tried to create a character with flaws and a real personality, and despite my eagerness, I did a really poor job. Maybe to some people Susan doesn't seem that bad of a Mary Sue, but believe me, when the story gets to the end of season 4, she definitely is one.

I see more clearly now, and I cannot in good conscience continue this fic as it is, so it's getting discontinued. Again.

Those who find this announcement sad: I will try to rewrite this fic as soon as I can, possibly over the summer. I haven't received any word from any summer jobs I applied for, so if I don't get a job I'll probably work on my writing.

When (and if) I start publishing the re-write, I shall post the link here.

Thank you to all those who stuck with me so far! I love you all.

~ Jiwa