WARNING!: I've been dared to write 'Mills and Boon style romance'. If you don't like cheesy sex scenes then this is not your kind of read XD!

I wasn't sure whether to post this or not, but its an idea that I've playing around with in my head for a while (well at least for as long as I've been given the dare). Its based off two episodes of the first season of Pokémon - namely 'The Battle of the Badge' (the one where Ash defeats Team Rocket and earns his Earth Badge) and 'The Evolution Solution' (where Ash, Delia and Giovanni all wind up vacating on the same island). It's not going to be nearly as long as my regular volumes. Just short, shameless, diamondshippy fun. XD!

Seafoam Isl.

Delia carefully stepped from a stuffy, packed bus. A salty, sea breeze whipped her in the face and the crashing of waves beckoned her down to the seashore with promise of escape from the thick humidity that surrounded her here on Seafoam Island.

She and the remainder of the crew who had taken the shuttle bus from the ferry port now faced a small, somewhat shabby budget hotel which would prove to be their home front for this Pallet Town Vacation... well for everyone except Delia that was.

"I feel bad that we had to leave Ash back home. He looked really upset that he couldn't come," Misty; one of Ash's travelling companions gave a deflated sigh. The redhead was a slender pre-teen dressed in somewhat tomboyish attire, though she had the fiery instinct of a protective mother as evident in the Togepi she carried in her arms.

"Cheer up Misty! Ash has a lot of training to do if he wants to make it to the Indigo League. It's only two months away," re-affirmed Brock; a darker skinned teenager with a much calmer disposition (except when in the presence of pretty girls). "Besides we could always bring him back something to cheer him up."

Misty seemed to perk up at this idea, a reassured smile spreading across her soft features. "Yes! I'll bring him back something special."

Delia had to smile at Ash's two best friends. They'd cared for him on his journey and it was obvious the bond they shared was deep. In all honesty, she couldn't have hoped for better travelling companions for her beloved Ash. But she also knew in the back of her mind that, not unlike his father, he would somehow find a way of joining them here on the island. When he wanted something bad enough, he stopped at nothing to obtain it.

"Mrs. Ketchum, would you like me to take your bag?" Brock's focused gaze snapped Delia from her thoughts and that was when he realised the fact that Delia really didn't have much luggage at all.

"Oh no," Delia smiled sweetly in reply. "I travel light. I can take care of this. You two go ahead and check in, I want to make a quick phone call to Ash and let him know we made it safely."

The two teens nodded and ever eager to hit the beach, took off through the lobby to dump their belongings in their hotel room.

Delia waited until they'd vanished out of sight before she turned to face a tall figure standing behind her. Stiff faced and silent, her husband's driver looked to be over a hundred years old though in reality he couldn't have been older than forty. Wearing a black suit with a hat and gloves to match, he gave her a silent bow before opening the door to a limousine parked outside the hotel.

Considering it was only a mid-range hotel, it looked incredibly out of place; as though it had found itself lost on the wrong side of town.

Ever the lady, she thanked the driver for his gesture and hopped into crisp leather seats. The limo door closed behind her and the driver went to work on loading what limited luggage Delia had into the trunk. Then hopping into the driver's seat, he started the engine and they were on their way.

In front of Delia on a small table sat a bubbling glass of champagne and an envelope. Carefully taking the glass, Delia sipped just enough to quench her dry mouth before carefully she let slip a set of house keys and a letter written in her husband's best handwriting. It simply read: 'Happy Anniversary. These are the keys to my new purchase on Seafoam Island. Make yourself comfortable and I will join you this afternoon.'

A slight grin formed in the corners of her mouth and she took another sip of her drink. Then leaning her head on the rest, Delia sat back to enjoy the rest of the drive.

Quickly journeying through town, they eventually made it to a coastal road that led them to a part of the island reserved for the rich and famous. Tiny beach shacks became larger houses. They passed through a small, coastal shopping village all pristine and as white as the beach sand. Fancy cars lined the streets and people sat in high end restaurants dressed in the latest, designer beach outfits. Occasionally Delia caught the intrigued stares of high society wives, ever keen to see who this new arrival to their holiday island happened to be. Delia, however, made sure to keep her tinted window shut and her gaze averted, feeling all the more self conscious in her plain, middle class attire and messy, windblown hair. Playing desperate housewife to a multi-millionaire had never been her thing.

Eventually the sights and sounds of the fancy beachfront disappeared only to be replaced by the greens and browns of the island's flora. The car approached a private cove and a huge electronic gate that kept hidden the secrets of a tropical paradise.

It came open and the limousine pulled onto a driveway lined with tall standing palm threes and expensive ferns imported from famous tropical jungles. A perfectly manicured lawn lay spread out across what had once been a mile of sand dunes which where tended to by tanned, leathery skinned gardeners and their grass type Pokémon.

They passed an empty heli-pad awaiting the arrival of the Master, and then onward to the house with an ocean backdrop that started to appear over a hill.

Delia found herself having to gasp. It was immaculate! Three stories high, it resembled an Italian Villa with creamy plastered walls and great roman pillars and archways. Huge windows and walkways rounded the house so that nothing hampered the pristine, ocean view. Delia didn't even want to think how much all of this cost him. But then again, he hadn't been labelled the most powerful man in not only the business world but the underworld too for nothing.

The limousine pulled up in front of a series of archways that proved to be the house's entrance. There she was greeted by a small staff of perhaps twenty or so; all assigned to ensure her stay here was as comfortable and as effortless as possible.

"Madame," the head of the servant body; a man named Simon, greeted her with gentle, smiling eyes. His perfectly pressed grey and black suit and white gloves specifically designed for his profession made Delia wonder how he wasn't dying from heat exhaustion by now.

If he was, he sure didn't reveal that fact.

"Hello Simon," Delia beamed at him regardless. The man was a gentle old soul, a veteran in the household and only the best in the industry. "It's so good to see you again!" Without thinking twice on the matter, she broke every social rule in the book and pulled him into a tight hug.

His body immediately tensed at the invasion of personal space, though he didn't seem to mind the gesture. It was his job not to mind it after all.

"It's good to see you too, Madame," he almost choked, patting Delia's back with a careful glove.

Delia let him go with a smile upon her face and he bowed in response. "Would you like me to take you on a brief tour of the household before you get settled in?"

"I would love it," replied Delia, allowing him to lead the way.

Everything was marble; the floors, the pillars, the winding staircase with great, thick banisters. The villa was somewhat smaller than her husband's regular residence, though Delia was sure this would be more than adequate for their weekend stay.

Delia's tour ended at a master bedroom that could have easily fit her entire house. The bed alone was the size of Ash's room. Maids had already started the task of unpacking her belongings, though she didn't have a lot as an entire walk-in wardrobe of expensive designer clothing had already been provided.

Towels, luxury lotions and shampoos waited for her in the marble ensuite that contained a glass shower and a marble bath with views of the ocean. A private office adjoining the main bedroom was already being prepared for the Master's arrival.

Delia watched the servants finish unpacking and dismissed them with a friendly thank you. Then once the door closed behind them, she let herself flop back onto the giant bed that felt as though it was made from clouds. What a wonderful anniversary this would prove to be!

Glimpsing the time, Delia soon came to realise it was still morning. Her husband wasn't due to arrive until the afternoon. A late lunch was already being prepared in anticipation for his arrival, thus giving Delia some time to kill. She briefly found herself wondering what she would do first.

She sat up, letting her eyes trail across the room and the lovely, ocean views. They fell upon a private pool, its blue, glittering waters calling her to come in and take a dip. Yes! It was decided, she would go for a swim.

Going on a brief search for adequate swimwear, Delia soon stumbled across a hanger with a bikini set so tiny it made her blush just looking at it. It had to have been picked out by a man! She scowled at the idea of squeezing her breasts and child-bearing hips into pieces of expensive fabric so tiny they would barely cover her important parts in the first place.

Taking a brief glimpse of herself in the full length mirror she couldn't decide whether to blush or burst out laughing. Oh Legendaries, she looked ridiculous! So finding a towel in the bathroom she covered herself up and headed down stairs.