Bonjour everyone! Here is the final part for my Trilogy! I hope you enjoy it! Mere warning! This fanfiction contains much French. And my OC, Okami Miyumiterasu, is in this. Before reading this, you are advised to learn more about. Just go on my homepage and scroll down til you see her name. That is all! Adieu!

(P.S. I will be adding a French glossary so you know what Miyumi's saying!)

Yuki's Quick Trivia-Did you know that Miyumiterasu translates into "beautiful crescent moon shining over heaven"?

This is a chance for all the lovers.
Taking a chance for one another.
Finally it's our time now!

-Our Time Now by the Plain White Ts.

Miyumi's age-14

Chibi's age-5

Kurow's age-10

It had been 16 years since Yami was slain and the mortal world was saved. Amaterasu, Susano, Tsukiyomi, and Waka had all returned to the Celestial and had begun to repair the remaining damage. After everything was set right and the beauty restored, the gods went about their daily business as they always did, watching for signs of evil and keeping the world beautiful. As things slowed down, life got boring.

After a month or so, Waka proposed to Amaterasu and they were married the next month. Amaterasu's brothers were wed as well. Tsukiyomi married Kaguya and Susano married Princess Riko. One or two years later, Amaterasu had a little girl named Okami Miyumiterasu. By the time Miyumi was nine, Amaterasu birthed another child, this time a boy, and named him Okami Chibiterasu. The two were incredibly sweet, brave, noble, and talented. Miyumi learned French and how to play the flute.

Later, Chibi learned the same things. Now that that's settled, let's start from the beginning, shall we?

The sun shone brightly in the sky as the afternoon rolled on. The gods went about their daily work as usual. Susano, Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu, and Waka sat in a little group underneath a sakura tree, quietly chatting away. The children of the brush, their nieces and nephews rolled around and played with one another while their parents worked.

Not too far away from Amaterasu and Waka, sat their two children. A girl and a boy. The girl was 14 years of age. She had long snow white hair the tumbled down her back, pale peach skin, sky blue eyes, sharp claws and ivory fangs. She wore a white kimono dress with red embroidery with a red obi around her waist and tied in the back with an enormous red bow. She had two adorable white wolf ears and a long fluffy white wolf tail with a black tip. She was Okami Miyumiterasu, or Miyumi for short.

She held a light brown flute to her lips and played a peaceful lullaby as the sakura petals blew in the breeze. The flute was also a sword, a beam sword to be exact!

It concealed a long bright pink blade that glowed faintly. This sword was dubbed Sakura Strike, to honor the beautiful trees. Resting in Miyumi's lap, was small boy to the age of 5. His hair covered only the top of his head and was spiky on the bangs. (A/N: Chibi has hair like Sota from Inuyasha does) It was cloud white and soft. He had pale peach skin, sunshine amber eyes, and pointy claws and stainless white fangs.

He wore a white kimono shirt and white hakama, both having red embroidery. On his head sat two cute wolf ears and he had a small white wolf tail tipped black at the end. He was Okami Chibiterasu, or Chibi for short.

Anyways, Miyumi, the big sister, and Chibi, the little brother, sat watching the clouds roll by. Miyumi hit the last note of her song, before lowering her flute into her lap. She sighed happily and then looked at her brother.

"It's a lovely day, isn't it, mon frère?" she asked, a French accent tinting her voice. Chibi turned around and smiled at her, showing his ivory fangs.

"Oui! It sure is, Sissy!" he replied and Miyumi giggled. The two went back to lazing around, until Young Nuregami walked up to them up to them.

"Hey Mimi! Chibi! Will you play with us?" she begged, trying to do the puppy eyes routine. Miyumi narrowed her eyes and sighed. She was still tired from the last game. Chibi nodded and hopped out of her lap. "Sure!" he said happily. The two looked at Miyumi, who was staring off into space. "Um. . .Mimi?" Young Nuregami asked again. Miyumi looked at her.

"Oui?" she paused before correcting herself, "I mean. . .Hai?" she asked. No one, expect Chibi, her father Waka, and her mother Amaterasu, could understand her when she spoke French. Young Nuregami smiled. "Will you play with us?" she asked. Miyumi's answer took time.

"Uh, sure, I guess"

Young Nuregami brightly. "Yea! C'mon Mimi. We're gonna play Tag!" she shouted. Miyumi looked at her again, smiled, and got up. She followed her brother and snake cousin over to her other cousins, the children of the brush, and everyone began to dash around.

"Mimi's it! Mimi's it!" Young Moegami chirped. Miyumi giggled as she watched the children run from her. She scanned the area a bit before her eyes rested on Young Gekigami. She smirked and quietly tip-toed up behind him. Just as she was reaching out to touch his back, he looked behind him and dashed away. The young wolf goddess growled playfully and hurried after him.

The little tiger boy ran far ahead of his cousin and stopped to catch his breath behind a boulder. Miyumi leaped up, jumping from tree to tree, landing and clinging to the trunks. She stopped at one to look at the area below her. She gazed around before seeing Young Gekigami's small striped poking out from behind a massive rock. She smirked wickedly before jumping down from her perch. She quietly made her way over and placed a hand on his tail. The tiger boy whirled around in shock. Miyumi smiled at him.

"Tag! You're it!" she shouted happily before dashing away.

She was sure Young Gekigami was following her. She laughed and shouted, "Young Gekigami's it!" and all her cousins scrambled away from the tiger child. Miyumi hopped up onto a boulder and sat there, resting. Her cousins always wore her out and she needed frequent breaks from their games. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Chibi make his way over to her, crawl onto the boulder, and ease his way into her lap. He would have stayed there, if it wasn't for his stomach growling.

Miyumi put her fingers to her mouth and giggled. "Are you hungry, Chibi?" she asked. Chibi nodded.

"Oui! Yeah! Pretty hungry!"

"What do you want? A Cherry Cake? An apple? A riceball?"

"Oooh! Oooh! A riceball! I want a riceball! Uh, please?" Chibi said, a bit of a French accent in his voice.

Miyumi placed her brother outside her lap and went inside the Celestial Palace to the kitchen. She found the remaining riceballs from last night's dinner and pulled out four, two for her, and two for Chibi. When she returned, Chibi was bouncing up and down. Riceballs were his favorite snack and he went crazy when he even heard the word 'riceball'.

Miyumi giggled and handed two of them to him, which disappeared from existence within seconds. Miyumi ate hers quickly as well. So Chibi wouldn't try to them from her. He'd done that before, when she wasn't looking. After they finished their snack, the two sat back down and watched the clouds.

After a moment or so, their father came over to them. "Bonjour, ma fille and mon fils!" Waka said in a fatherly tone. The two smiled. "Hi Papa!" they replied. They didn't always speak in French, they didn't need to. Waka smiled t them and his fingers through their snowy locks. Then, Miyumi's instincts kicked in and she realized something was bothering her father.



"Is something wrong?" she asked. Waka sighed and stood up. His daughter could read him like a book. "Miyumi, I need your help with something. Come with inside the Ark. Chibi go play with your cousins" he ordered softly. The little wolf boy nodded, climbed out of his sister's lap, and ran off to find his cousins. Waka helped his daughter up.

"Miyumi, would you take your Moon Tribe form? I need your help with something"

"Of course, Papa!" she replied. She clasped her hands together, closed her eyes, and began to focus. It wasn't long before a white light consumed her. After a moment, it faded and there, before Waka, stood Miyumi, dressed exactly like him. She wore a pink over kimono, purple hakama pants, white tabis, red geta, and a green hawk helmet with white banners tipped pink.

From her helmet, blonde locks could be seen. "Ready!" she confirmed and followed her father into the Ark. She watched the banners of her father's helmet flow out behind, as they always did. Finally, they reached the control room where all the Ark's functions could be accessed. Miyumi held the rim of her helmet with one hand and looked around.

Waka went over to a small table. He looked at his somewhat confused daughter. "Miyumi, come here. . ." he whispered. Miyumi nodded and went over to kneel beside him. On the table, was a small boy. He looked to be 10. He had short blonde that went a little ways past his ears, pale cream skin, and, as Miyumi was sure of, sky blue eyes. He wore a pink, sleeveless kimono top, a dark pink scarf, purple hakama pants, and red geta.

His eyes were closed, as if he were sleeping. Waka spoke to, but did not look over at, his daughter.

"Miyumi, tu connais le garçon?"

"Oui, il s'appelle Kurow"

"Très bien! Do you know what his purpose is?"


"Très bien! See that rocket over there? Pick him up and put him inside" Waka ordered gently. Miyumi nodded and picked up the child, bridal style. She supported his head with her shoulder and held him to her chest, as if he were a baby. She punched in the code for the rocket's door to open and, when the hatch opened, carefully slipped the boy inside. She placed a few things in with him and closed the hatch back up.

She typed in the command for the rocket to start up and, once it was all ready to go, hit the launch button. The rocket soared upwards and went through an open hatch in the side of the ship. No one on the Plain saw it leave. Miyumi sighed heavily and turned to her father. Waka smiled and hugged his daughter.

"Merci Miyumi" he whispered in her ear.

"De rien père" she replied and hugged him back before leaving.

An Hour Later. . .

Miyumi and Chibi sat beneath their favorite tree. Miyumi had reverted back to her Celestial form and allowed Chibi to sit in her lap, like he always does, and started to play her beautiful music on the flute. Chibi was slowly drifting to sleep, when the presence of a dark aura rushed through his body, making him shiver. Miyumi felt it too and rubbed her arms to warm up her body.

She placed Chibi outside her lap and to the edge of the Plain. Chibi sprinted behind her and stopped before he fell off the side.

"What's wrong, Sissy?" he asked. Miyumi glanced at him.

"There's something evil down there Chibi. And whatever it is, it's downright nasty!" she exclaimed. Chibi nodded.

"Yeah! We better go get Mama" he said, turning to leave. What he didn't count on was his sister jumping over the edge. Chibi's eyes widened and he dashed back over to the edge. "Sissy! SISSY!" he screamed. Miyumi fell through the clouds and disappeared. The little wolf god didn't want to be without his beloved sister. He felt safe around her, like nothing could touch him.

Knowing his sister couldn't return, he take a deep breath, closed his eyes, ran, and jumped over the side. He fell, and fell, and fell, plummeting to the mortal world below.

'Well. . .Mama, Papa, Uncle Susano, and Uncle Tsukiyomi have had their turn, but now, it's mine and Sissy's turn! Time to prove that we have what it takes to be great Sun Gods!' he thought happily.

The gods have had their turn, but now, it's time for their children to shine. . .

Wow! What a way to start a story, eh? I liked it! I also lol'd when I wrote that Miyumi picked up Kurow bridal style! I mean. . .how often does a girl do that to a boy? I mean really! Aha ha ha ha ha! I crack myself up! Ok, it's time for Yuki's Guide to French terms:




Fille-daughter (also means "girl")

Tu connais-Do you know. . .?


S'appelle- name is. . .

Merci-Thank you

De rien-You're welcome


Wow! I used a lot! Some you might already know, but I thought it would be good just to put it. Before I go, I would like to tell you NOT to put questions about the meaning of French words in your reviews. I f you leave a question, I will NOT answer it, understand? Okay, review and adieu! Byebye!