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Miyumi's POV

Of all my luck! I've been here for over two hours, being held captive by King Fury, who, ironically, is also my deceased grandfather, Sugawara. I'm sitting in a red, see-through orb-like prison with Kagu beside me. King Fury wants to use us as an unlimited power source. I swear, he's gone insane.

Oh wait, all demons are insane! We're floating above some robot that looks like a giant rabbit. King Fury left moments ago to deal with something, leaving us to sit here in our prison cell. Below us, the platform started moving us upward towards the surface. I have a feeling that this robot is what he's been looking for all along.

I heard some gasping noises and some yips. I looked down to see Chibi and Kurow on top of the robot's head. "Finally! We made it!" he cried. He began typing quickly, not seeming to notice us. I growled low in my throat and pounded on my cell.

"BOYS!" I screamed. Kagu was unconscious beside me. It was surprising that she wasn't woken up by my scream. My brothers looked up in shock, horror and pure surprise.

"Sissy!?" Chibi shouted.

"Sis!?" Kurow called.

Just then King Fury appeared in a blast of smoke and boy was he mad. "You meddling brat!" he screamed, striking the ground with his lightning dagger. Kurow almost got hit, but dodged just in time. "Oogh. . ." he groaned.

"Kurow. . ." I breathed. King Fury began charging his dagger again. Chibi lowered his body to the ground, growling madly. "Oh no ya don't!" he barked, jumping at him. The demon jabbed the knife at Chibi, electrocuting my poor little brother and knocking him away.

I watched in horror while my brothers tried to catch their breath. Chibi got up quickly, lowered in an attack crouch like before. King Fury glared down at him, at least I think he did.

"Child of the Sun! Why!? Why do you and your sister help these humans!? They. . .They are despicable. They steal! They murder! They betray each other! They're a loathsome species! Their only virtue is that they die so easily!" he shouted.

He makes it sound like humans ruined his life! What happened to him while he was alive? What did those people in the government do to him? Whatever happened to him, caused him to die with anger, pain, and betrayal locked within his mind.

Chibi shook his head. "No! You've got it all wrong!" he yipped. Kurow struggled to stand. When he managed to do so, he started talking. ". . .Mr. Sugawara? Look, I don't have enough friends to have ever been betrayed, but I kinda get where you're coming from, dude. And I do know this: Humans ain't half as bad as you make 'em out to be. I know you had some rough times, and I feel for ya, dude. But, not all humans are bad, once you give them a chance. Mr. Sugawara. . .You are so wrong on this" he said, pulling out his whip.

Even before we sent him down here, I've never heard Kurow give such a heart-filled and understanding speech. So lovely, but I don't think King Fury cares the least.

"Silence!" he screams.

And I'm right.

"Enough! Enough of your lies! You understand NOTHING!" he roared, demonic energy shooting out everywhere. It's clear he's had enough. I've had enough of all this nonsense, too! I'd love to fight him, but I know he has no intention of releasing me.

Kurow scrambles to the controls for Daidarabotchi and begins typing frantically. He tells Chibi to hold off King Fury while he works on shutting the robot down. King Fury growls and backs off, electricity surrounding him. Then he flies up high with his dagger crackling. Before he can make a move, though, Chibi uses Galestorm.

It sends my grandfather spiraling downward headfirst. He remains unconscious for a few moments, allowing Chibi to tear at him furiously. "That's for kidnapping my sister!" he screams, "And this is for all the trouble you've caused!" King Fury gets up suddenly, smacking my brother away.

"You are weak! You know nothing of the art of combat! How do you expect to be a god if you are not strong enough?" he hissed, gathering dark energy into his body. He charges headfirst into Chibi, almost sending him over the edge.

He continues to dive bomb my brother with electric attacks and strike him with dark matter. I'd give anything to kick King Fury's butt, however I cannot escape my prison cell. Chibi seems to be doing okay without me, though. He's bale to dodge some of the attacks and fight back with Galestorm and some cuts from Tsumugari.

King Fury shoves Chibi away and flies up high, dark matter covering him like a cloak. "Now you will learn the true meaning of pain!" he screamed. Kurow immediately asked Chibi to guide him up to King Fury. I'm sure why he would ask that, then I remember.

I know what Kurow can do.

Once Kurow is near King Fury, the demon laughs. "You don't have the power to lay even one finger on me!" he cackles. Kurow explains that placing a hand on the demon is not necessary. He can suck out King Fury's power with his pendant. Somehow, I think I may be able to do that as well.

King Fury tries to escape, but the suction force is so strong that it pulls him right back towards Kurow.

"Gyaaargh! No! My power. . .You've taken my power!" he screams. Once all the energy has left his body, the force pushes King Fury away, and almost sends him off the edge. He staggers and spins, falling to the ground, completely dizzy. Chibi and I snicker.

Then, he moves in for the kill. He starts tearing, scratching, and biting King Fury everywhere, I can see teeth and claw marks on his neck. Blood oozes from his hands and back. Some cloth for his robe is either on the floor or caught in my brother's teeth.

Then, King Fury explodes with demon energy, sending my brother flying.

"CHIBI!" I scream. King Fury laughs and flies up high. He twirls around a couple of times and some exorcism slips with purple writing appear. Upon looking at them further, I notice that they are not exorcism slips.

They are Curse Slips.

He throws them at Chibi, who has Kurow mounted on his back. One slip hits my brother and blood spills out of his left hind leg. He whimpers in pain. Just when we thought things couldn't get worse, Daidarabotchi starts moving. It sends its hand towards the boys, who manage to avoid, thank goodness!

Chibi guides Kurow back to the controls and then the battle resumes. King Fury keeps striking Chibi and Kurow with the Curse Slips and his electric attacks while Chibi fights back with Galestorm and his little tackles.

However, after Chibi attacks King Fury while he's without his demon powers, King Fury is able to do something I never thought of.

He can duplicate himself.

Now, flying over the boys' heads were TWO King Furies. Two against two, huh? I suppose that's fair. But wait! Are they not just fighting Chibi? Kurow's helping too, right? Before I can put my thoughts in order, the King furies fly up to my eye level.

"Hmm. . .I wonder how strong this little miko is? Let's see how powerful you are, my dear! I. . .I mean we. . .are just dying to fight you" the two said in perfect unison. Suddenly, my orb-like prison vanished and I crashed onto the platform.

"Sissy!" I heard Chibi scream. I sat up as he ran to me. "Are you alright?" he asked, his amber eyes filled with concern.

I smiled and pushed a few strand of golden hair out of my face. "Oui" I said. The laughter of the King Furies gets our attention. "You little brats don't stand a chance! You die here and these ruins shall be your graves!" They shouted, crashing into us.

I skidded backward, almost going over the side. Chibi almost fell too, if I hadn't grabbed him and hauled him up. I pulled out my flute, twirled it, and carefully pulled out the bright pink blade.

"Now. . .Sakura Strike. . .Unsheathe!" I shouted, calling forth my beam sword. Chibi dealt with one King Fury, I dealt with the other. They flew around us, making it almost impossible to deal a blow. One of them grabbed me by my hair and prepared to cut me with his dagger. Thankfully, Chibi slammed into him from behind, making him release me.

I heard a cutting sound and realized that the dagger had taken maybe 8 inches of my hair off. It was a clean cut and a stumbled away. Regaining my balance, I saw the chopped hair on the floor. Oh heck, I could worry about my appearance later!

Right now, I had to defeat a demon and turn off a doomsday weapon. We clashed for a little while longer, spilling blood every now and then. When King Fury melded back into one, Kurow was able to suck away his demon powers.

Chibi and I tore at him like crazy, unleashing our fury unto him. When he got up, he flew into the air and we prepared for the worst, but then something strange happened.

He was engulfed in white lightning. He struggled a little, doubling over in pain. A moment later, he fell to the floor and a prison orb appeared behind him. It was surrounded with demonic energy with poor Kagu inside. The orb vanished without warning and Kagu fell downward.

Chibi and I rushed forward, my little brother catching her on his back.

"Kagu, are you alright?" I asked, rubbing her back.

"Uh. . .Ughhn. . ." was all she was able to mutter. I saw Kurow smile. "Good. She's still alive and kickin'. Now I just gotta stop the big guy here" he said, looking over at the controls.

I dashed to his side. "Let me help, Kurow" I said. He didn't object and we began typing as fast as we could go. After pressing a few buttons, the rumbling stopped. ". . .This should do it! Time ot shut down, dude!" he shouted.

"Alright Daidarabotchi, it's naptime!" I said. We hit the shutdown key at the same time. After a moment, the rumbling started up again. The magnitude go so powerful that it knocked us around for a minute, then it ceased altogether.

Looking up, I noticed that Daidarabotchi had indeed stopped, however. . .

Both his ears and the platform of which we were standing on had gone through the ceiling.

Kurow, Chibi and I looked at each other.

"Let's never do that again" I said in a sweet, but menacing undertone. Kurow nodded and took deep breaths. He glanced over at Chibi, who looked ready to do a Victory Howl. I transformed back into a wolf and took my place opposite of him.

Throwing our heads up, we howled:

"Let peace reign throughout the land!"

A couple of minutes later. . .

Normal POV

Kagu with them, the trio scampered over the now destroyed ruins and stopped to rest. Miyumi collapsed to the ground and was just about to go to sleep, when Gen's voice was heard.

"Ohh! You did it!" he cried. The group looked their left to see Gen and the young scholar woman coming towards them. "Kurow!" the young woman cried happily. She seemed relieved to see them.

"Did I deliver on my promise or what?" he asked, striking a heroic pose. Miyumi rolled her eyes.

"Oh brother. . ." she groaned, resting her head on her paws. Gen gave a light chuckle. The small group turned to see Daidarabotchi's ears, which were sticking out of the ground. Gen stared at it in awe, impressed by its height.

"Look at the size of that thing" he murmured.

"What is that. . .thing?" the scholar woman asked, turning to Kurow. The blonde boy smiled.

"Oh, this? It's the Daidarabotchi. It was made on the moon. It was encased in this stone ark and buried in the earth. . .That way it wouldn't be used for evil when the moon's society fell" he explained.

Miyumi sighed sadly, the remembered the information she'd collected. She would need to share that with Kurow and Chibi, but as of right now, she was too tired to move. Meanwhile, the scholar lady found herself amazed at what she just heard

"That sounds like quite a tale. . .Wait, did you say the moon?! And how do you know so much about it anyway?" she asked curiously. Kurow smirked at her. "Oh, you wanna know? You'll just have to wait for our date for that!" he replied, winking at her.

Miyumi sighed and padded over and plopped down beside her brother. She growled in his ear, "Stop that! You're embarrassing me!" she hissed. Kurow sweat dropped and scratched his head. Gen sighed, then something got his attention.

"Look! Over there!" he exclaimed. Dark smoke was gathering on the destroyed platform and a rotten odor drifted into Miyumi and Chibi's noses. Kurow didn't like the looks of the smoke. ". . .Oh, man. . .I'll check it out. You guys wait here" he murmured, "Dude, let the lady take care of Kagu" he said to Chibi.

"Okay!" Chibi yipped. After easing Kagu into the woman's arms and rousing his sister, Chibi and the other two bounded over to the platform. The smoke continued to come and King Fury appeared from it. He looked sick and weak. He seemed to be gasping for breath. As he breathed, the dark aura went in and out of him.

Kurow knew that the aura had not left the possessed man's body just yet. "The evil spirit's still inside his body. Sis, Dude, can you two, like, cut the evil out of him?" he asked, turning to his sister and partner. Miyumi tilted her head and looked at the suffering King Fury.

"We can try, but no promises. 'Kay Chibi, let's give it a shot!" she barked.

"Sure Sissy!" the little pup yipped.

Readying their Celestial Brushes and Holy Ink, the two young gods aimed carefully. The aura moving in and out of the man's body did make the situation difficult, so they would have to be fast. Being quick and careful, the two used Power Slash, slicing the aura in two.

The smoke dissolved away, leaving King Fury in its wake. The man grew still and Miyumi wondered if they had killed him. But when he transformed into a young Moon Tribesman, she sighed in relief. So, this was Sugawara, her paternal grandfather? She studied him carefully.

He was very much like her father. He had long golden hair, sky blue eyes, and pale skin. He wore a dark red kimono with purple trim and gold embroidery. His hat was maybe a dark greenish color and resembled a bird and it had a purple feather sticking upward.

He smiled down at them. "Ah, Children of the Sun. I am grateful to you both. You two have restored my spirit and given me peace" he said, his voice gentle and kind. Miyumi smiled up at him.

"Excuse-moi Sugawara. I need to show you something!" she yipped. Sugawara turned to her.

"Yes?" he asked.

Miyumi smiled and did a backflip. When she landed, she was in her Moon Tribe form. She giggled when Sugawara looked surprised. "Are you one of us?" he asked. Miyumi tilted her head and shrugged.

"Yes and no. I'm half Celestial, half Moon Tribe. I am Okami Miyumiterasu, Miyumi for short. My mother is Okami Amaterasu. My father is Ushiwaka, who I believe is your son. Chibiterasu over there is my younger brother, so we are both halfers" she stated. Sugawara's eyes widened, then softened as he smirked.

"So, my son actually got someone to be his wife? I am impressed" he said slyly. Miyumi snickered. Kurow rolled his eyes and Chibi barked up at his grandfather. "It was very nice to meet both of you. My grandson and granddaughter" the tribesman said happily.

Miyumi bowed and thanked him politely. Kurow butted in quickly.

"Well, I think we best get him to the spirit world. Yo, Mr. Sugawara! I think we can send you off in style. Right, boy?" he asked.

"You bet!" Chibi yipped. Drawing quickly he used the Bloom Technique to cover the spirit in a curtain of beautiful Cherry Blossom petals. Sugawara straightened up and breathed a sigh of happiness and tranquility. "Ahh. . .Thank you. . .My spirit may now move on to its final resting place" he stated.

Kurow was about to wish him farewell, when he remembered something.

". . .Hey, Mister. . ." he mumbled. Digging around in his robes, he removed his pendant and held it up for Sugawara to see. Miyumi showed him her pendant as well. Sugawara was not surprised to see one on Miyumi and Kurow.

"That emblem of yours. . .I take that you, like Miss Miyumi, are-" he asked, stopping short. Kurow nodded.

"Yeah, I'm from the Moon Tribe, just like you. Only, I'm not a hybrid like Sis is" he stated coolly.

"I see. . .It is good to see one of my brothers and my own grandchildren before departing" the tribesman murmured.

"Yeah. . .Same dude" Kurow said, before tucking his pendant away. Sugawara was about to leave, but then stopped. He had something important to tell Kurow. "Before I go, you said something during our fight. . .You said you don't have friends" he said sadly.

Kurow bit back a smart comment. He didn't like bring up the subject of having no friends. It was so depressing, but he spoke anyway. "Well, not since I came to this planet"

"Do you feel that you are alone?"

"Well. . .Kinda. Sure. But I have my sister and this dude here" Kurow stated, turning to look at his friends and traveling buddies. Chibi barked in reply. Miyumi said nothing, but she smiled.

"I have a feeling you will make many friends on your travels here. You will no longer feel alone. Friendship is the most important thing. . .even if those friends will let you down from time to time" Sugawara murmured. He didn't like the fact that Kurow felt alone. Loneliness was such an awful thing. It felt like you were the only one in the world or that nobody wanted to be around you.

Kurow took the tribesman's words to heart. It was true, he did feel alone. Even with his sister and his creator, he still felt the way he did. He didn't feel like he had a family. His sister was good company, when she wasn't in a bad mood that is. What caused her to snap so easily was beyond him. His creator, who he referred to as "Dad" was not really much of a father figure so to speak. Did his sister even care for him? Did his creator care at all? He'd let it go for now, but. . .that did not mean he would give up on finding friends.

Then, he remembered something. . .something his sister had told him while they were in the Ark.

"You are not going to Earth to make friends, Kurow. You are going because you have a mission to do. If you fail at this, we are all doomed. If I could somehow protect you from your fate, I would, but I can't. Papa said that this is what you were created to do. Whether you and I like it or not. . .we have no choice. . .You have to do this, no matter the sacrifice" Miyumi stated coldly.

Kurow smiled sadly, ". . .Yeah. . .I hear where you're coming from" he murmured. Sugawara smiled and, with one last goodbye and him asking Miyumi to tell her parents that he said hello, his spirit faded away into the sunlight.

Miyumi and Chibi found themselves crying.

"I think I know who was asking me for help all those hours ago. . ." Chibi sobbed. Miyumi morphed back into a wolf and continued to cry. She had just met her paternal grandfather and now he was gone.

"At least we met him. . ." she murmured under her breath. Chibi pushed himself against her side and the trio stared up at the bright blue sky. Kurow smiled and patted his sister on the shoulder. "You know that mystery mission I was on?" he asked, the two wolves turning to look at him.

Kurow hugged Miyumi's leg and closed his eyes. "I think it was to stop Sugawara since he's one of my people. . .Yeah, there's no doubt about it. . ." he sighed happily. Miyumi dropped her head, her heart filled with sadness. Kurow didn't know it yet, but his mission was far from over. "I guess I kinda did everything I was sent to do, huh?" he asked. Miyumi cried harder.

The boys looked up to see their sister crying even harder. Kurow played with one of her ears.

"Don't cry, Sis. Mister Sugawara will always be with ya" he reassured her. Miyumi cried more and more despite the comfort. Kurow had no idea that his sister was crying for him. Miyumi considered telling her brother his true mission, but decided against it. Kurow would most likely try to avoid his fate if at all possible.

She faked a smile and wiped away her tears. Then, Kagu shouted to them.

"Asa! Pooch!" she called. The trio turned to see the young miko running towards them, the scholar woman in tow. Chibi grinned. "Kagu!" he yipped, moving towards her. Miyumi and Kurow leapt after him, relieved to see Kagu alive.

Once they were in range, they greeted one another. "Kagu, are you alright?" Chibi barked. Kagu smiled.

". . .Don't worry, we're fine. Thank you for what you did" she said, turning to Kurow.

"Oh, you don't have to thank me" he mumbled, his voice getting softer. The girls looked to see Kurow's face become a mask of sadness.

Kagu looked surprised. Why was Kurow so upset? They won! Shouldn't he be happy?

"What's wrong? Why the long face?" she asked, her voice full of care. That kinda surprised the pups. When they first met Kagu, she was a bossy little girl, but she had matured into such a sweet person in a short amount of time.

Well, Kurow felt bad for Sugawara. "I know that Mr. Sugawara did some bad stuff. . .but I can't help feeling like he was hurt just as much" he mumbled. Miyumi nodded. She had seen the words on her grandfather's gravestone and that was proof enough of how he was treated. She couldn't stand racism, neither could Chibi. The younger pup had witnessed the anger and betrayal that his grandfather had felt when he died.

Kagu felt sadness inside her too. Some people could be so cruel. "No, you're probably right" she murmured. The pups nodded.

"Sissy and I have never been treated that way before. . .and when we stop think about how we might feel if that happened to us, well. . .it, uh-"

". . .It makes us very sad. . ."Miyumi finished for him in a low tone of voice. Kurow nodded.

"I think the least we could do is go and fix up his grave site" he stated. The moment touched the scholar's heart.

"Kurow. . ." she breathed, "Please, let me help you with that"

Kurow smirked. "Thank you, beautiful!" he said slyly, going over to the woman, "OK, well I'm outta here then. You two should go check up on the town"

Kagu smiled and agreed. When Kurow and the scholar left for the grave, Kagu told the wolves she needed to get back to her training. However, she wanted to team up for old time's sake. Miyumi said she would go help clean up the grave. She had to do something nice for her grandfather.

Kagu and Chibi did not argue with her and watched her as she left. When she was gone, the twosome headed off into town. Checking up on everyone was a nice and easy task. They returned the missing journals to the scholars and picked up the herbs they needed form Dr. Bluebeard.

Chibi suddenly remembered sweet, little Ayame and how she had maybe a year left to live. Chibi felt depressed, thinking about how that little girl was going to die. Then, an idea struck him like a Lightning Arrow from his Uncle Gekigami.

'It's a long shot, but maybe if we combine these herbs with the ones Dr. Redbeard gave us. . .maybe, just maybe. . .it will save Ayame's life. . .' he thought. It was a long shot indeed. Ayame said there was no cure for her sickness, but did the doctors try everything? Thinking his idea might work, he and Kagu used the warp portal to travel to Yakushi Village.

Once there, they raced around to find Ayame's house. It would have taken a wile if not for some violent coughing fits coming from below. Following the sound of coughing the two found the right house and went inside. Going upstairs, they found Ayame lying in bed with her mother, Dr. Redbeard, and Tama surrounding her.

Ayame's mother looked frightened and on the verge and breaking out into tears.

"Oh, dear. . .Everthing's going to be OK" she lied to her child. It was the only thing she could do to keep her baby from panicking. Tama looked super nervous and grew angry when the doctor didn't do anything. "What are you doing, Redbeard? Help her!" he shouted. He didn't want someone, who loved his fireworks so much that they climbed a hill or two every day to see, to just die. Such a young child didn't deserve to die. She had her whole life ahead of her.

"The poor girl is really suffering here. . ." he added. Dr. Redbeard sighed sadly.

"I know, I know. I've tried every form of medicine known to man. Twice in fact" he stated. There was nothing he could do. The only thing they could really do now was make the child comfortable before she passed on to the next life.

Kagu stared in horror, then shouted to the doctor.

"Doctor! Dr. Redbeard!" she cried. The two bounded over to the red bearded man, who was surprised to see them.

"Kagu? What are you doing here?"

"I brought this! It's from Dr. Bluebeard!" the miko shouted, pulling out a blue flask, "You can mix it with your medicine!"

Dr. Redbeard was silent. Would this work? Everything else had failed or made Ayame's sickness worse. Could he? He might as well. This was their last chance. . . "Let me see that. . .That Bluebeard, always trying to one-up me. But this could work!" he shouted.

Taking the flask, he hurried out of the house.

Half an hour later. . .

"It's ready! I'm done!" the doctor shouted as he hurried up the stairs. Quickly opening the flask, he stooped down, held it to the girl's lips, and forced her to drink. Ayame didn't like the taste, but she had to take it whether she liked it or not.

After gulping it down, she moved a little. ". . .Ungh. . ." she groaned. Her mother paused.

"Ayame?" she asked, holding onto hope.

Ayame looked over at her mother. ". . .M-Mom. . ." she mumbled. Tama jumped for joy.

"She's awake again! She's talking, too!" he hollered. Dr. Redbeard sighed in relief. They all rejoiced. Ayame's mother asked how she would be able to thank the doctor, but he told her that she should thank Dr. Bluebeard. Upon telling Ayame that she could go anywhere, the little girl wondered if she would be okay.

Her mother said she would be as she cried tears of joy. Tama was so pumped up that he decided to put on a fireworks show to celebrate. Everyone headed outside to see Tama's best show yet. As Chibi watched the spectacular show, he wondered if his sister saw the performance.

And she did.

From all the way across Nippon, Miyumi spotted small bits of color exploding in the distance. She smiled. "You did good, Chibi. . .Kagu. . .You both did good" she whispered and went back to cleaning Sugawara's grave.

Back in Yakushi, when te show ended, the two headed back to Ryoshima Coast. They tried going to Gen's first, but he was too preoccupied with some weird machine he was building to pay attention to Kagu or her complaints.

After having their ears bleed for a while, the two went to Ryoshima and climbed up the cliff to meet up with Kurow, Miyumi and the scholar lady. Approaching the alter, the two noticed that Miyumi had reverted back into her Moon Tribe form. Her hair was still limp and loose but now had dark blue ribbons braided in random spots and her blue miko dress still glowed with beauty.

The alter, however, was the most beautiful. The roof looked strong and sturdy with four royal red pillars supporting it. The stone foundation was scrubbed clean and good as new with perfectly aligned steps. The gravestone itself was a brand new slab of stone which had been chiseled, scrubbed and dusted off and the words: "Here lies Sugawara, a great, kind and wonderful man, politician, son, husband, father, and grandfather. May he rest in peace for all eternity." craved into it with care. Kurow had placed four golden candles around the slab and a pink flower down in front.

Miyumi placed some artifacts from the ruins in front of the grave too, including her grandfather's guitar weapon, some scrolls of the Lunar language, and some of her hair of which Sugawara had chopped off when he was evil. The chopped hair was now tied neatly with the torn remains of Miyumi's old hair ribbon and placed beside the other gifts. When she was finished, she knelt down to pray.

"You three did a great job with the grave" Kagu commented, taking in the beautiful sight before her. Miyumi didn't respond, she had to finish praying. Kurow smiled, happy to know that his work was impressive and appreciated.

"Yo, dudes. Whassup?" he asked, approaching his friends, "So, you like it? It's pretty boss if you ask me" he stated, feeling good. Miyumi finished her prayer and joined her friends.

"Well, what do you think? Isn't it lovely?" she asked. Kagu smiled and nodded.

"Yes. I'm sure Sugawara would be please as well" she gleamed. Miyumi sighed and sang a Lunar song. She was halfway through when the scholar woman was startled. "Ahh!" she screamed.

Miyumi stopped short and whipped around. Kurow did the same thing. "Yo. Whassup?!" he asked, shocked. Then, his pendant began to glow. He removed it from his robes and examined it.

"Dude. My pendant's glowing" he said. Miyumi looked at hers. It was glowing as well!

"Hey, mine is too!" she exclaimed. Kagu suddenly felt a rush of cold air.

"Something's wrong. . ." she murmured, stopping to think. Then, I hit here. "Oh no! It's the demon who possessed Sugawara!" she cried. The group stared at the alter just as a dark aura emitting poisonous smoke flew out of the ruins.

It repelled quickly, revealing a demon, the same demon Miyumi, Chibi and Kuni had seen in Hana Valley. Miyumi's face turned into a mask of pure rage. She had seen this demon one too many times before. She had seen hime while she was bleeding to death in Agata Forest and after they had defeat Sen and Ryo at the Playhouse.

The demon looked around, barely glancing their way as he took in his surroundings.

"This all belongs to me!" he shouted, passing the group below. Kurow looked panicked, but pulled out his flute. Miyumi pulled out and unsheathed Sakura Strike.

"D-Dude. . .What is that?!" he exclaimed, fear in his voice. Upon hearing the boy talk, the demon whipped around.

"Call me Akuro!" he screamed. His voice made the earth tremble and the disturbed the sea.

Kagu sweated with fear. "A-Akuro?" she asked. The demon smiled wickedly down at her.

"Yes! And I am the heir to the throne of darkness!" he cried. Miyumi clenched her fangs together.

"You little piece of. . .of. . .worthless trash!" she screamed. Akuro smirked and then opened his mouth. But he wasn't not going to speak. He began charging dark matter energy from his mouth. Once a giant sphere of the energy was formed, he fired it at Chibi.

Miyumi's eyes widened, but Chibi remained calm.

"CHIBI! MOVE!" she screamed. Chibi didn't move one inch. He braced himself for unbearable pain and suffering, but it never came. Instead, it rocketed past him, missing by a hair, and hit the Lunar Ruins. At first, nothing happened, then evil energy began to fly out until a massive explosion destroyed every little bit of the Ruins.

The groups' eyes widened with fear and shock. Akuro observed his work.

"Hmph. . .Just as I thought. My power is still not complete: I lack my full strength" he grumbled, going over to the group. Kurow could not believe what he just saw or heard. The sick demon had enough power! Why would he need more?! "Are you kidding me?! You've got enough power as it is!" he shouted.

Chibi landed on the ground without a scratch and growled at the demon. "Why you little-!" he snarled. He charged at Akuro, slamming into him, only to be electrocuted and shoved away.

Kagu screamed. "Aagh! Pooch!"

"Tu es terrible, repugnant, et mal!" Miyumi screamed at the demon. Akuro laughed manically and smirked.

"You are not ready for this, Children of the Sun! Resist if you like, but darkness will consume the world all the same. Everything that I see will become part of the darkness!" he roared. Kurow was slightly confused.

"Part of what darkness?" he asked, scared and unsure. Akuro, still smirking, looked at him.

"The two girls there know of what I speak. . .from when they were consumed by King Fury himself" he hissed. Kagu and Miyumi looked at each other before looking back up at the demon king.

They gulped, well Kagu did anyway. "T-That. . .was the darkness?" they asked in sync, both sweating like crazy.

Akuro nodded. "The world as you know it will be ruled by that same darkness. That is the world I will create. . .for Father, for Mother, for my Clan and most of all. . .It will be a new world for my younger brother, Yami!" he roared, laughing again.

Miyumi sweat dropped. ". . .And Issun calls my father a fruit cake. . ." she groaned

The scholar looked panicked. ". . .Yami. . ." she whispered.

Akuro cleared his throat. "Enjoy the time you have left. I must have words with Orochi before he meets his end. I will be back for you, Children of the Sun. I would advise you to put your affairs in order by then" he hissed. With that, he backed into his portal.

"Hey come back here!" Chibi yipped, trying to go after the demon. He almost had him, but the portal closed too fast and that was it.

Once the demon was gone, everyone fell to the ground, shaking like wet dogs. Kurow and Kagu were messed up the most. Miyumi sheathed her beam sword and was able to calm everyone down. They discussed on how Akuro would meet with Orochi. Kagu pointed out that Amaterasu had killed Orochi a year and half ago. She was confused.

Kurow pointed out that Akuro could travel through time and wanted a way to follow him. No one could come up with any ideas. Deciding that that was that, the group decided to return to the city, fear and sadness in their hearts.

Miyumi remained behind to pray some more for her grandfather and to ask her family for help.

"Please Mama. . .Papa. . .everyone. . .there must be something we can do. . .please, I beg you. . .help us. If you don't, everyone in this world will die. . ." she said, collapsing to the ground in tears.

Unbeknownst to her, up on the Celestial Plain, while the gods along with Waka and Kaguya were trying to find Miyumi and Chibi, Izanagi, the king of the gods and of the Celestial Plain, was in his private room.

He had heard Miyumi's prayer and walked over to the Divine Mirror Pool, a place where he could watch anyone from any location in all of space and time. He had known all along.

Yes, he had known that Miyumi and Chibi had left to save the world. He just didn't tell anyone else.


He didn't want their journey interrupted. Upon seeing Miyumi's crying image in the Divine Mirror Pool, his eyes softened.

"Do not worry, my beloved granddaughter. . .the answer you seek. . .is not out of your reach. . ."

To Be Continued. . .

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