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Melodies of Life – a collection of one shot drabbles with different genres that were based off from a song.

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NOTES: Based from the GA Anime.

Colour Everywhere
( - Chrisitian Bautista)

Written by LunarChan

[Mikan Sakura and Natsume Hyuuga]

Used to seeing black and white...
Never really in between...

A weapon. A tool. My world was a mere streak of black and white. A bad horror sitcom. I was just living because I wanted to save my sister from that bastard named Persona. I was his weapon. I was his slave. And he was one of my masters.

I obey every command they input in me. Like I was a gadget made to follow them. Because if not, one false move and my sister would be dead. That bastard's alice was much scarier than I thought it would be.

My life was like yin and yang. Black and white. But more of the black one. Doing undercover missions, my hand was never cleaned. It was stained with that red liquid that the heart pumps to keep us alive. And the next morning, I always pretend that nothing happened. That I'm clean. As white as snow...

But I can never contradict myself.




Waiting on the love of my life
To come into my dreams...

The only love I knew was from my family. Nothing more. Nothing less. Wait. I guess I can consider that I love my friends, too. Those that remained true and faithful to me, even though they've heard so many bad things about me.

It was that saddening day when she came to this school. I was planning to go outside the academy one afternoon. I blasted one of the walls, and to my surprise, that gay Narumi was blocking my way out. He wouldn't let me go, I know.

And I lost because of his gay alice. Why the hell would he had to humiliate me by blowing a creepy kiss on my cheeks? Isn't that illegal?

I regained consciousness and peeked from my eyelashes. I saw a new girl in pigtails talking to our Biology teacher. After he left, I watched the girl carefully. She walked near me and I still pretended that I'm asleep. She even pinched my nose. How dare that stupid pigtails girl? But she didn't know I was faking my sleep. She then opened her bag and get something out of it. When she was really engrossed in looking at that certain thing on her hands, I crept up behind her.

I tried to use my alice to threaten her, but it didn't work. I tried again. Who on earth is this girl?

Ruka came in from the glass window. He was late.

The door fluidly opened and there revealed our biology teacher with that gaytard Narumi. The pigtailed girl quickly ran to Narumi's arms and she left one thing behind. One important thing behind.

I smirked as I scooped it on the floor before going to the window with Ruka.

"See you next time, Polka-dotted panties girl." The smirk never leaving off of my face and I rode with Ruka on his eagle.




Needed someone else to turn to...
Someone who could help me learn to see...
All the beauty that was waiting for me...

"Then your partner will be... Hyuuga Natsume-kun." That gaytard had some nerve, eh? To make that girl be my partner. He's messing with me.

That day changed my life. Since then, she was pestering me. Telling me some strange things I never did or never got used to.

She was my exact opposite.

Like yin and yang. She was the angel, and I was the demon. She was the hero and I was the villain. She was my hero.

She was always smiling despite she was a low rank and that means inconvenience.

She was something new. She repelled me – back in the forest where she held her entrance exam.

She was like on the north pole and I – on the south.

And darn this saying 'Opposite poles attract'. Hell. Was that saying real?




You... You put the blue back in the sky,
You put the rainbow in my eyes,
A silver lining in my prayers,
And now there's colour everywhere.

You put the red back in the rules,
Just when I needed it the most...
You came along to show you care,
And now, there's colour everywhere.

I would never forget the day we played dodgeball. How dare she? How dare her grab Ruka and force him to be on her team? I know they did some dirty tricks to him. Which made me angry.

I thought she was different. I thought she wasn't the one to use people. Are all people the same? Do they all want to use every person I love?

That made me grit my teeth as I fought her team.

It took almost two hours to have her one on one. An eye for an eye, you polka-dotted panties girl.

I threw the ball at her. This would end it.

But then, the flames started to disappear and that's when I realized that her freaking alice had distinguished my ball of fire.

She scooped the ball easily with those fragile arms, and I was amused at first. But this isn't the time to be amused.

My jaw locked together as I saw the ball still spinning on her hand, hoping, fervently hoping that it would fall off.

And it did.

She was surprised at first.

Huh. Show me your ugly, crying, frowning and full-of-regret face.

But when she raised her head up to look at me, she smiled warmly and laughed sheepishly.

Is this girl insane? This was not the time to be laughing around.

"Heehee. I lost." She smiled sheepishly at me.

"Tch," She hit a nerve. "Let's go Ruka." I turned my back on her and tried to ignore her the best I could, but in the end, I can't help it.

"Why? Why are you always smiling?" I said through clenched teeth. "You lost, yet you're smiling. WHY?"

She looked at me as id that was the weirdest question ever asked to her. "Well, because today was fun, full of effort just to win together. And it's one way of bonding with each other." She reasoned with a smile forming on her lips.

I just had to turn my head around and not look at her.

She was pure white. Her soul was clean. She seemed too unreal. But there she is – real and true.

Her smiles were all real, and she was too unfit for this fake world. For this lovely fake academy they had created.




My life is so predictable...
Never any mystery...
But ever since you shined the light...
All of that was history...

Missions at night, a student at day. That's how predictable my life is.

But she came barging into my life and she even forced herself to sit beside me.

We went to Central Town, and being the retarded girl she was, she was like a dog who always gets happy with every little unusual – well for a normal human, that would be unusual – things around her.

And when she saw Howalons – that was it. She made up her mind to buy it and even gathered everyone for her personal reason to buy one box of Howalons.

She even performed "The Little Girl's Matchstick" in front of everyone just to buy even the smallest box of it.

What a girl.

I decided to spice up the fun by adding up real flames to the stick she was holding to. Unfortunately for her, the flame I made was too big and she yelled. The audience laughed.

After the ending part, I made my way to a tree where I can peacefully read a manga.

And after fifteen minutes of being alone, she came to me with a box on her hands, smiling like an idiot.

"What?" I asked.

"Today was filled with so much happiness and fun." Polka put the box between my knees. "Thanks for coming today to the Central Town with me, Natsume."

She left, bouncing as she ran away to find Imai.

I opened the box and there was one tiny Howalon. I didn't give a second thought, but shoved it right into my mouth.

The milk melted as I chewed it and it was like a cotton candy. It was sweet.

"Thanks for coming today to the Central Town with me, Natsume."

What she said echoed on my fried brain.

And it changed me. She changed me.

For just a moment, I forgot that I was a toy inside the academy, and I wanted to repeat that moment when she said that to me and repeat it again and again like a broken CD.




There's something in my life worth living for...
I was hanging around just wishing on a star...
To put the happiness back in my heart...

I was hit by a bullet and tried my best to pretend that I'm not. That I'm fine. I don't want anyone around me to worry about me.

That was just before the Alice Festival began.

Polka asked permission to sit on the other side of the tree I was sitting with.

I wanted to tell her to go away. But on the second thought, I wanted her to stay. "Whatever. Just do what you want." What my mouth finally said.

She sat on the other side of the tree and she kept pouting. There was something wrong.

I was right. There was something wrong. She got into a fight. And when I actually advised her to go back to them and apologize or something of the sort. She smiled warmly at me. "I don't want to say this because I keep on thanking you but you're still so mean to me, but anyway... Thank you, Natsume." And with that, she sped away.

I winced and I felt my world turned to darkness.

When I woke up, I was inside the hospital.

It was this one unlucky day that that Reo bastard came inside my room and used his alice on me. Damn it. I wanted to resist, but even if I tried resisting, I still can't. I'm still a little worn out and a little sick.

"Good night, Natsume-kun." He whispered on my ear and I felt my eyes groggily closed.

The next thing I knew, I woke up with that polka-dotted panties girl beside me and the other hag beside her.

Where on earth am I?

They told me the story and I noticed that ear mufflers she had on. That was sure to be something useful since she's wearing it. To my relief, we contacted the academy.

Even though I was sick of the academy, it was more than being sick to be in the hands of the enemy of the academy.

But Reo bastard had just to end our conversation.

That's when I realize, they can't die with me. I'm dying soon anyway, but I can't drag them with me.

I just can't.

I have to do everything I can, just to make them be safe.

And when they ran away, I was near to my exit when she came back.

She was an idiot! Why did she have to come back? !

"Say goodbye to your powers!" That Reo bastard suddenly yelled and of course, my body reacted to his alice. Dang it.

I fell to the floor, with her on top of me, punching me and her eyes almost teary.

"Idiot," I told her weakly. "Why did you come back?"

"You're the idiot one, Natsume!" She nearly cried. "Do you want to die?"

You're really an idiot." Reo interrupted us and babbled.

To my utter surprise, she picked up some gun powders lying on the side of the door of the warehouse and she blew it to Reo's eyes.

"Come on," She tugged my arm and helped me walk.

I was still weak. Darn that Reo.

Nearby, we saw this staircase going underground, and we might settle our luck there. She still helped me walk, but I slipped and we both fell to the floor.

"We're all going back to the academy." She held one iron bar in her two tiny hands. "We will."

Her confident smile made me realize that something is worth fighting for. That I still am worth fighting for.




You... You put the blue back in the sky,
You put the rainbow in my eyes,
A silver lining in my prayers,
And now there's colour everywhere.

You put the red back in the rules,
Just when I needed it the most...
You came along to show you care,
And now, there's colour everywhere.

She changed me. My life was brighter than before. Colorful, even. I now noticed how simple things around her change. She was like a magnet. A freaking magnet that attracts everything to be drawn closer to her.

I never knew that this polka-dotted panties girl would be the reason for me to smile a little now. For me to feel better. For me to fight harder.

She's something in my life worth living for.


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