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Gilbert lied on his bed, staring at the ceiling going over the night in his head. He was glad Mattie and him had become friends before he jumped in and asked her on a date.

* Earlier on that day*

Gilbert tried to fix his hair in one of the wall mirrors Feli had placed around the house, failing to get it just right. Gilbird tweeted from his cage, an annoying twill which lasted far longer than he had ever sung.

"Sorry dude, you can't come with us tonight, we're going on a date, which means just me and Mattie." Gilbird looked as annoyed as a bird could and turned around, seemingly not wanting to deal with Gilbert any more.

At that moment the front door opened and Feliciano came through, startling when he saw Gilbert.

"Gilbert? What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be on your date?"

Gil looked down at his watch and frowned, it was only 5 to 4, he still had another hour until he had to be over at Mattie's.

Showing Feli the time, the Italian shook his head. "No, it's 5:15, you're late!"

Gilbert looked around the corner at the wall clock in the kitchen and saw it was indeed quarter past 5, which meant he was late.

With a curse, Gil quickly gathered all his belongings and dashed out the door, calling goodbye to Feli on his way.

Mattie sat on the steps of her house and Gilbert felt horrible. Rushing over to the other side of the street he plopped down next to the girl, breathing heavily.

"Sorry I'm late, I thought I had another hour, see." And showed her his watch. "It must have gotten stuck when I went to set it earlier. I'm so sorry."

Slipping on his shoes, Gil waited for Mattie to say something. When she didn't respond by the time he had his shoes on and laced, he started to worry.

Looking up into her bright eyes he saw amusement and calmed straight away.

"Sorry, but that was too funny you were so flustered and apologetic, it was cute. But don't let it happen again." She stood up then and made her way down the path. "Now come on, I want to know where you're taking me."

He stood and followed her, Gilbert was just relieved she still wanted to go out with him, which meant she might go out with him again.

*Back to present*

Gilbert smirked, she definitely wanted to go out with him again. He was also glad he told her about his past.

* Earlier *

Gilbert passed Mattie the popcorn and drink so he could take his seat and then grabbed them off her so she could sit.

He made himself as comfortable as he could in the horrible movie seats and turned to face his date.

Mattie turned to Gilbert and smiled. "I'm so excited, I've wanted to see this movie for ages but Al and Artie had already seen it and wouldn't come with me but I'm glad we're seeing it together."

"Yeah, I heard the cast is really attractive, the main chick is hot." Gil answered.

"Of course you just want to watch it for the hot people. But the main guy is really something too." Mattie replied.

Gilbert was stuck with replying, he didn't know if Mattie knew he was also into guys as well as girls but it was who he was and if she could understand the other parts of him, this part could go over well as well.

"Yeah, but I think he's best friend is better looking to be honest."

"Hmm... Maybe, oh it's starting, pass me the popcorn."

The lights dimmed for the previews and a few people scurried to their seats.

Halfway into a trailer for a new comedy Gil felt someone sit next to him, looking over he came face to back with a man taller than Berwald and broader than Ludwig.

Gilbert stiffened and turned back to the screen, trying to calm his rapidly beating heart. He reached for some popcorn to take his mind off the man but couldn't stop his hand from shaking as he grabbed a handful.

Mattie noticed Gilbert's hand shaking and looked at him, he wasn't looking in his direction but at the screen. Matt could still see he was having trouble with something and was going to ask when he caught sight of the man to Gil's left.

Eyes widening, Matt nudged Gil and gestured for them to swap.

Gil nodded and got up letting Mattie slide into his seat and plonked down into his new one.

Both got comfortable again and went back to watching the opening credits

Mattie put his hand on the armrest, palm up and waited.

Gil seeing Mattie's hand placed his palm hesitantly into the girls and sighed when she clasped his fingers. Leaning over he whispered a thank you in her ear and earned a bright smile.

* Back to present *

Gilbert smiled to himself and stretched out on his bed. He thought that Mattie and him had a wonderful night.

*Earlier *

"Oh that was awesome, he was all like, pew pew pew, and she was all like, no way man no way, and he was like, pfft whatever." Gilbert recounted as Mattie and him made their way down to the restaurant.

"Yeah, it was so cool. But man am I starving." Mattie said as his stomach grumbled and made him blush.

"Well, good thing we're going to get food." Gilbert replied as he held open the door to one of the small restaurants downtown.

The noise rushed over them as they stepped in and Gilbert made his way to the hostess.

"Do you have a reservation sir?" The pretty blonde asked him.

"Uh, no. Did I need one?" He replied.

"Tonight you did, I don't have any open tables, sorry sir." She answered apologetic.

"Oh, that's fine, well bye then." Gilbert awkwardly waved and went back to Mattie.

"Well, we're too high class for this place anyway, we'll go somewhere better."

Mattie followed Gil out the door and went to find somewhere better.

Somewhere better turned out to be the closest McDonald's which was across the road and back towards the cinema.

"Sorry, we have to eat here" Gilbert said.

"No it's fine, I think this suits us much better than a fancy restaurant. Now come on lets eat." Mattie replied and led Gil to a booth in the corner to eat.

* Back to the present *

Gil thought it really went well after that.

* 30 minutes ago *

Mattie held onto Gilbert's hand as they made their way up to the house. Stopping before they reached the door.

"Despite everything I had a really good time tonight Gil. We should do it again." Mattie stated leaning in, staring into Gil's eyes.

"Me too, I'd definitely like to do this again. I'll see you tomorrow though?" Gilbert replied, leaning in as well, breaking their eye contact to flick his gaze to Mattie's lips and straight back up again.

"Yeah, come over around 9, I'll make breakfast." Mattie leaned in further and Gilbert's eyes shut, waiting for the final centimeters to be closed.

Matt went for it after he saw Gilbert's eyes close, leaning in the extra millimeters when the door banged open and Gilbert jumped and turned his head to see Alfred in the doorway with Arthur standing behind him trying to pull him back.

Matthew's lips met Gilbert's cheek as the other turned to the door, stepping back he also turned and glared at his brother.

"Come on, Gilbert needs to get home, say goodbye and come inside." Alfred said in a high sweet voice, as the door closed and Arthur dragged him back up the stairs.

"Sorry about them, but you should probably go. I'll see you tomorrow." Mattie went to make his way inside but thought, why not?, turned and pulled Gil back by his lapels and smashed their lips together quickly then scurried into the house.

Gilbert stood shocked in front of the door for 5 minutes before a huge smile broke out on his face as he almost skipped back home.

*Back to the present *

Gilbert rolled over and touched his lips. He had a great time.

He fell asleep in wait for tomorrow.

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