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He was handsome.

The complete definition of tall, dark and fine.

All eyes followed his graceful panther stride as he exited off the elevator, speaking on his cell phone dressed in his finest Armani white suite with a blue Necker Scarf wrapped around the slender slickness of his collared neck. His beautiful obsidian eyes were hidden from view behind a pair of jet black sunglasses and his lengthy ebony banes framed alongside the arch of angled cheekbones, high and sculpted. His lips were plump with a hinted pout, and his small pointed nose curved in a perfect silhouette. He was the epitome of modern beauty standards; dynamically noticeable, nearly rivaling that of a graceful panther.

Every step he took oozed an abundance of fortitude, power and impeccable elegance. The young man was an angelic vision with skin so pale it easily compared to that of the freshest snowfall. The mere sight of him caused women and yes even men to swoon in his direction, praying to be fortunate enough to hear his liquid smooth voice rumble in their chests.

Attention on that devilish body was demanded without as much as a stroke of effort.

So much sexual tension floated from his aura, woman squirmed in their seats to keep from moaning out loud. Men were forced to keep their lower halves hidden from view lest any questions are raised about their masculinity. Just seeing the fluid flex of his muscular back should've been a sin. God it was like he was craved from the most perfect alabaster crystal.

Whispered words of wishful thinking and promised chances at a piece of that man's passions hummed lowly from various cubicles. He could hear every syllable of those fools; wanting, wishing, desiring his every motion for all of their selfish reasons. But who could blame them, being who he was.

The cell phone snapped shut as he suddenly stopped in front of his executive office suite. His eyes casually read over the golden plate plastered over his mahogany door for the past few years.

Sasuke Uchiha

The last name itself was worth more than the lives of many in the twenty story building and that of most rivaling companies in the vicinity.

At twenty four years old and already running the bulk of the Western Uchiha Corporations for Technological Research and Development, some would consider it a record breaker being able to successfully command a full fledge company so young. However those who knew well enough about the famous bloodline knew that it only came naturally for an Uchiha to run business as if the mere technique were engraved in their DNA.

And he was no exception having earned his rightful place amongst his father, mother and brother when he was merely seventeen years old. Yes, a child-like prodigy only destined for the promised wakes of heritable success.

"Good morning Mr. Uchiha," Greeted a blonde haired, pale eyed young woman. "I have your mail for today sir as well as the list of today's engagements."

On automatic function without so much as missing a beat, Sasuke held out his hand for the small stack of mail from his secretary and half listened to her ramble off the week's scheduled meetings, appointments, luncheons, dinner parties, community functions, etc. The basic issues he regularly dealt with on a daily; not much to be too worried over really.

After she assumedly finished listing off most of the important details, and reminding him of a one o'clock interview he had later today, a brief nod confirmed he'd heard all he wanted and disappeared into his office. Those dark sunglasses found a cozy corner on the edge of his desk and that pearl white blazer was tossed to a burgundy plush sofa by the far wall. Sasuke strolled around his desk, thumbing through the useless and profitable letters with his face set in steeled facial.

Nothing deterred from the usual routine he followed when entering his office. The leather chair was pushed back with a shoe clad foot and pulled in by the same, the calendar on his desk was ripped of its previous numbered date and replaced with today's. Three signature pens—one blue, one red, and one black—were retrieved from the top left drawer, a hand sized blue notebook pad from the lower left drawer appeared and all were placed by the key broad.

Always done the same way. Every morning of every single day, seven days of the week.

His eyes stayed glued to every interesting notice—flipping pass the unwanted nonsense— while one hand skillfully reached under to turn on the computer monitor; all done with the accustomed knowledge of what was to be done and how it'd be accomplished.

One letter in particular caught his attention addressing the upcoming campaign party for the newest labeled partner with the neighboring corporation, Eastern Uchiha Enterprises. Tsk, so big brother finally decided to promote a side partner? That took what? Only ten years plus an extra three months? Sasuke himself had already enlisted a partner within three years of coming onboard. It just goes to show how each brother preferred running their own business. That was tossed in his desk drawer where only what he considered to be worthy trash resided.

It took the full three seconds for the computer screen to boot up with a 'Welcome Sasuke Uchiha' title wavering in dark blue lettering. In the next moment a mechanical feminine voice echoed gently from the desk speaker, greeting whomever turned on its mainframe, "Good morning to you. Password is required to go past the protection data wall."

Sasuke's long, slender fingers danced gracefully over the keyboard with disciplined speed and ease, '4-5-M-S-9-U-1-5-6.' and he waited while she collected the typed code.

"…Password accepted. Voice identification deactivation required."

Sasuke acknowledged with his vibrate baritone voice, sliding off as an accented mumble, "CEO Sasuke Uchiha, fourth seat in corperate command."

Seconds later, "Good morning Sasuke Uchiha. What would you like me to do for you today?"

Sasuke propped his elbow on the armchair, resting his cheek on the back of his knuckles, "Open files A9-G6 and corporate decoding file numbers 013-198 for confirmation review and proper evaluation."

"Yes sir. One moment please."

In the midst of his computer screen loading the requested windows, Sasuke absently started scribbling down numerical figures on his note pad, mentally calculating the spreadsheets spouting out of his peripheral one by one. Soon with nearly every spreadsheet flashing up before the other displaying his employers work, Sasuke went through the task of reading, studying and reviewing every single marker, jotting down extra numbers and notes needed for later on.

But then after going through the fourth file application a small two digit mishap brought a rough sigh to his lips. "Perfect," one of the fools on the ninth floor damaged the entire column with that single mistake. Now he was going to have to redo the entire page in order to have the proper arrangement aligned accordingly. Sasuke reached in his front desk for a yellow disk namely used for recording moronic errors, and slid it into the tray.

A cleverly cruel method for fanning out those who've made a mistake more than once in his company's data review process. No one's career has ever lasted past the third strike and since he was paying each them well enough not to do so, he was within his rights to do as he pleased. Luckily for this fellow, it was only his first offense. He'd be wise not to do it a second time.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Enter." They knew. They all very well knew not to disconnect his mindset from work no matter how supposed critical the information was, so Sasuke was fully aware it wasn't any of his employees. That could only be one person he knew would come this early.

The soft swish of his door gliding across the carpet was hardly noticeable until Sasuke heard the rasped toned of his partner's pinged irritation, "Must you always command entrance like you're some sort of God?" At the lack of response the dark haired partner shut the door, rolling his eyes. "Apparently a simple yes or no isn't native to your vocabulary or perhaps a part of your ten word lingo."

The only other man in this entire building who could create a hushed stir besides Sasuke Uchiha.

Neji Hyuuga.

Like his partner and only ally, the other young man's lithe body screamed for everyone, men, women, young and old, to touch his richly milk creamed skin. His muscular build was leaner than that of his Uchiha friend. His lavishly deep chocolate brown hair was restrained by a red ribbon at the nape of his neck, with the slacked treads slung heavily over his right shoulder. The stretched linen of his tailored charcoal gray pinstripe Dolce & Gabbana, fitted marvelously over his ivory body.

But one large advantage the Hyuuga held over the CEO was his two uniquely colored eyes. One would think when looking in his eyes they were the same stunning mixture of brilliant ice and pearl but if inspected closer they could see the deep lavender glittering inside.

Neji's voice, although not as deep as Sasuke's, held enough liquid heat to make others purr like pleasured felines. His slick stride was just as dangerous and seductive as his partners and just as lethal.

Sasuke's fingers shot over the key broad without missing a beat when he replied boredly, "I own half this city, all twenty floors of this entire building, the people working inside it, and that same door you opened exactly four seconds ago." The typing slowed long enough for one shadowy eye to half view the other occupant, dully, "I am a God."

"Touché, though I must say it's an expensive method to earn the blessings of your followers," Neji jutted his hip against the mahogany desk corner. "When should I expect to see your shrine? Will I be sacrificed to sate your holy desires?"

"What do you want Hyuuga?" Sasuke eyed the other carefully. "I doubt your day's any less busy then mine."

"Indeed, no more or less than usual," Neji shrugged his left shoulder, purposely keeping his reason for coming undercover.

But Sasuke knew him better, and thus the bit of perplexity in him that was bothering him to regale the Hyuuga until hearing what he had to say, had him slowing his speed to nonexistent until sitting back in his chair, padding his fingertips in the center of his face. "Alright Neji, you've got my attention."

'Hn, it never ceases to amaze me how often that trick works,' Neji cleverly thought. "I'm curious about something regarding the hiring bit for your personal assistant," He paused, then. "Have you had any luck since searching for a worthy applicant?"

Should've known it was over this meddlesome nonsense, "No, I haven't." Uchiha's voice, sharp and cut off hinting that the subject wasn't up for discussion.

But who was Neji to do what he was told? "Perhaps if your requirements weren't so outrageous, then you'd gain a proper aid."

"My life is a hectic routine of continuous hell from the minute I wake up to the time I take a shower and go to bed. I need someone who'll be able to keep up with my every step. No dipstick will be able to handle these tasks without some sort of IQ level."

"You need a hard worker with a good sense for multitasking and handling difficult situations without worry for failure. . . not to mention dealing with that brazen attitude of yours."

Sasuke rolled his eye to the desk corner, having sworn he'd heard an insult and sort to throw his own, "Since you're so worked up on the matter why don't you go out and find me one or would you be interested since you meet all of my requirements without flaw?"

"Sorry," Neji pushed off, heading for the front door. "I already deal with your rigid personality six days of the week. I draw the line at having to follow your every step like some lost puppy." The sarcasm dripped all over the room until Neji took his leave, leaving a slightly nettled Uchiha pondering away in his chair.

Sasuke sat up in his chair and clicked a few icons on the computer screen, labeled Assistant Requirements and Task Purposes. The phrase of 'waiting on hand and foot' was putting it mildly compared to what he'd actually demand of this soon-to-hired person. He or she was going to need some energy; a ton of it to keep up with his ever busy weeks and not complain or talk about whatever. He hated conveying with anyone for pure pleasure of conversation unless it was beneficial for a financial deal or expansion of his company.




Essential Requirements (in his opinion, completely basic and well doable) included the following:

At least some form of college education, preferably in the study field of computer administrations and engineering.

Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of data processing and client communication.

Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of project and contract administration, including budget management, advanced accounting, and contract negotiations.

Must possess the ability to prepare and present oral and written reports; ability to plan, supervise and evaluate the work of other employees; ability to maintain detailed records; ability to establish quality relations with other employees and clientele.

Must be able to move from one location to the next without hesitation regarding residence.

Must be able to perform communication effectively, both orally and in writing.

Can organize work in order to set priorities and meet deadlines on strict schedule without error.

Must possess the ability to type forty to fifty words per minute.

Must be at least eighteen years old.




Sasuke frowned. So what exactly was the problem? The requirements on this list were both fair and quite feasible for a well-rounded person with enough common sense and proper intelligence to handle this line of work. To put it simply, he just wanted a less than average version of himself who was able to do what he could without breaking a sweat. Was that so much to ask? Nothing to hard.


As he glanced over some of the essentials even he had to evaluate that some of the duties were a bit steep for a simple assistant. Perhaps—he right clicked over a couple of details, highlighting a bright blue—he could lessen the blow of aptitude abuse a little bit.

Just a little. They would be working for him after all.

So deep in the throes of a wondrous dream world consisting of everything considered delectable and salty sweet with floating buttery ramen with extra pork, a certain blond haired teen happily made love to his adoring pillow, layering lick upon tantalizing lick on its delicious surface. So plush, so utterly soft and sleek as the succulent juices flowing from its swelled proportions. Naruto nuzzled his nose deep into the large bowl until he felt close to drowning in its yellowy softness and yet for some reason it smelled of sweet maple syrup and honey; not anything like the mouthwatering flavors.

Odd noodle combination. Mr. Teuchi must be experimentin' again. Oh well it sure smelled delish and the taste was strangely good… and squishy.

"Mmm mmm s-s-stop it Bwo Bwo, me tickly!"

That was weird…his bowl was talking. When it did learn how to speak human? The golden juices filled with meaty substances, usually sat while its rim was pressed to pink lips and suckled until the final slurp signified Naruto's done meal.

"Ugh come on Nawo, K'ba say you be weally late if you no wake up—ophff—no no no huggy Nawo! You hurt me!"

Why did his bowl have to result to wanting to speak towards the grand finale? All it had to do was sit there and take it. Why try to deny your inevitable conclusion when there was no going around the fact that it'll be licked until spotless of its golden fluids. Naruto was half way to waking up wanting to discover the secret of the speech enlaced ramen but his eyelids felt so much better sealed shut.

Gradually slipping back to a sugary unconsciousness, the sunflower haired teen was hardly aware of the two tiny bodies hugged so close to him. One child was pulled next to his mouth getting a tickly tongue bath while the other was struggling to get free from a one armed bear hug. The one fact he knew of was that the taste was great and the warmth was too cozy to let go. His tongue joyously continued its excessive licking and his arm kept that strangle hold stronge.

"Bwo Bwo no, no tickly Mm. Mm. You be bad!" Said the giggly sweet noodles.

The warm pillow started smacking his arm with small hands, "Nawo no bweath! You huggy too tight!"

"Mnn tired. G'sleep ramen," Naruto murmured nuzzling his nose in the hot body. Damn he was comfortable. He absentmindedly contemplated on whether to snuggle closer to it or bring it closer to snuggle with him. Either way who cared? It was too damn early to care about illogically, incapable of doing, talking ramen bowls and pillows. The weekend was meant for sleeping in, not unwanted disturbances.

"K'uubi, help. Me no bweath!" Minato gagged and gasped waving his stubby arm out for assistance.

But the only help he could get was busy having a giggle fest being licked on his face like a kitten. Kyuubi tried crawling away only to be captured and relicked all over his plump face. "Stupee Bwo Bwo. K'ba say you be late!"

But nothing gave. Their older brother slept like the strongest boulder; just as thick and twice as heavy.

It was then the door the bedroom swung out and in came the irritate face of Kiba, growling low in his throat at the sight of the wild sheets and captured children in his still sleeping best friend's arms. God if he didn't have a key to the place the kids would've died from suffocation ages ago.

Scratching his red tattooed cheek, Kiba half glanced around the bedroom for something sizable enough to knock the stupid blonde awake but saw nothing worth beating him with.

"K'ba, help. No bweath!" Choked a desperate Minato, pitifully waving his chubby arms frantically for help.

"I swear," Kiba mumbled hurrying over to unhook the two toddlers from the lethal hold of death. First came the ever laughing Kyuubi, then the barely breathing Minato on the verge of tears, cursing his big brother with every fiber of his tiny body. Kiba sat both kids on the floor, patted their bedridden folds of fluffy hair and straightened out their PJs. "Alright boys, breakfast's on the table. Go on and eat up. You know the deal today."

"Yah pancakes, pancakes!" Cheered the double bubbly kids, running off to eat the yummy meal Kiba concocted in the kitchen.

"And ease up on da' syrup Kyuubi. I ain't washing your face again."


"Minato make sure you drink only one glass of orange juice alright?"

"I pwomise!"

Good. Now with the brats out of the way it was time to wreck some serious ear pain. "Yo Naruto, up and at 'em man. We gotta be at work in an hour." No good. Dumb kid slept like a fucking rock. Kiba lead over and tabbed the blond's whisker blemished cheeks but got nothing. So finally he went with the oldest type of annoyance known to wake up even the hardest sleep and lean in close to the peach curved ear . . . "Wake up you stupid dumbass or you're gonna be late!"

Knowing he wasn't going to get much sleep now, Naruto rolled over to his side, slowly squinting one dull weary blue eye at the angry, hot face above. Serious dark black eyes stared back evilly. With his brain still gone downhill it took a few seconds for him to fully comprehend that there was standing by his bed, hands on their hips, glaring.

Confusion marred into a slight frown, "K-K'ba?"

"No shit," Kiba rolled his eyes, keeping his nasty glare in full gear. "You wanna get out of bed or what?"

Naruto groggily sat up, pillow still in his embrace, and turned to squint at the flashing red numbers mocking his early morning wake up call. The numerical pattern read, seven twenty five. Hm, a quarter past? Must've been tried to have slept in past the alarm's seven o'clock wake up.

As he began to slowly thread the important issues together, Naruto yawned the last remnants of drowsiness and scratched his back, "Where're da twins?"

"Eatin' breakfast," Grunted Kiba. "Come on dude, get your ass outta bed."

Naruto frowned, "You didn't give Minato—"

"No 'cause I know he's allergic to apples."

"And you let Kyuubi—"

"Wash his hands before eating."

"What about their—"

"Hair will be combed after breakfast and teeth are brushed," Kiba rehearsed this enough times to know the drill. He helped out enough to know how to take care of things when Naruto was too tired to manage with it all. That's why he was here today because of the same predicable scenario that took place every Saturday morning. Naruto slept in, the twins would wake up hungry and upset, they'd be cutting it close to work, and blah, blah, blah. Same ole' stuff he was used too.

"Thanks man."

"Yea whatever. Just hurry up and put on some clothes so we can get outta here. I ain't stayin' longer to clean up the cafe. I wanna save some of my Saturday this weekend."

"Shut up," Naruto kicked off the sheets and hopped out of bed, heading for the small sized bathroom. "Hey make me some ramen!" He called from the toilet.

"Hell no, I made some pancakes and eggs," Kiba shot back, searching through the drawers for his friend's uniform shirt and a pair of jeans. "Eat what I made or starve."


"Dumbass." Kiba shot back. "Ah found one." Kiba threw the colorful shirt in his arm, "Yo, hurry up before I leave your ass here!"

"Fine, fine."

Suffice to say they were cutting close by the time Naruto finished up taking care of his hygienic needs, eating a small breakfast and getting the twins dressed for today. Minato rarely gave his brother trouble when it came to getting dressed just as long as he had his plushie with him at all times. Kyuubi on the other had to be yelled at and popped on the behind to behave long enough to be changed out of his jammies.

Both twins were wearing matching red short sleeve t-shirts and khaki cargo slacks with the only difference being in the animal logos. Kyuubi had a red three tailed fox pup and Minato with a yellow tailed, green eyed tadpole, itched on their backs. Kyuubi's long red hair was tied into a high bound ponytail swinging from side to side with every skipping bounce as he sung some unknown song while holding Naruto's hand. Minato was in his usual spot, held in Naruto's arm nestled on his shoulder. He sucked his thumb and fingered over the large frog hanging protectively by his side while his bright blue eyes serenely watched his twin sing a cheerful tune.

With Iruka sensei having to work today, the twins was going to have to sit tight in the café for the four or five hours their brother worked. The two were used to having to wait on their brother from time to time and so weren't much of a problem when given something productive to keep their minds occupied.

And since the entire café adored the sweet little guys, plenty of entertainment was offered with extra attention. Mr. Teuchi always kept a supply of crayons and special coloring books stashed in his office for these certain occasions. A small red glittered booth placed in the far end of the café was reserved for them only and periodically a cup of juice was brought over for them to sip on, along with a plate of French fries and chicken nuggets and if either of them needed something they'd call "Me want juicy!" and like magic someone would arrive at the drop of a hat with a refilled plate of french fries, nuggets or a cup of juice.

It was such a relief to have so much help when it came to helping with the children. Naruto was able to breathe easy when he went to take a short break outside, away of the rushing craziness of contented customers and the heat of the kitchen. Today was his shift to help with preparing the ingredients for noodle preparation and as much as he enjoyed learning the secretive techniques, he was beat.

Naruto shifted where his back was braced against the window as he though over his plans for today. The goal was to go out on a treasure hunt for a well-balanced job. Something he was good at, but not too overwhelming with mental overload. He was a hard worker so there was no care of the amount of hours but compare to what he was making at the café he was going to need something well paid and benefits would be an added bonus and . . .

"Bwo Bwo . . . Nawo . . ."

Naruto blinked out of his mental rivera and glanced out of his peripheral to see two sets of teary eyed sapphires whimpering. "What's up guys?" He kneeled down wiping off the pearling drops with his shirt rim and offered a gentle signature smile.

Minato and Kyuubi shared a passive exchange and sniffled before shyly looking away. There was no one else they trusted more than ever to help with this little problem but their brother. So they both mumbled, "Potty," while water eyes blinked and stubby legs squeezed to hold in the building pressure.

Naruto chuckled and stood with a small hand in each one of his. "Alright, come on." Whatever job he found plausible for his benefit, he hoped they'd be patient and understanding for of his current lifestyle to take care of the kids too. They meant the world to him and it was for them he was willing to find only the best.

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