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Once upon a time, the moon shone brightly over the land. A bit of the moon's light fell to earth, and where the moonlight landed, a neon green flower grew. It had the power to give strange ghost powers. An old man with a red cape happened to stumble upon the flower…

Years later, a small kingdom called Amity was built. The queen Maddie, with short red hair and purple eyes, and the king Jack, with black hair and black eyes, ruled the land with old world and slightly modern technology to keep ghosts and thugs away from the kingdom. The queen Maddie was about to have a baby, when she suddenly became ill. Desperate, Jack sent the townspeople to search for a legendary green flower.

The old man pulled the hidden cover away from the flower, touched its petals, and said, "Ghost." The flower started to glow, and two black rings formed around the old man's waist. When they separated, a white haired man in a black suite with a white beard and blue-grey eyes replaced the old withered man. "Ah, it's great to have my youth back!" The man covered up the flower and ran away with an evil laugh. By some twist of fate, the wind blew the covering off the flower, and one of the passing townspeople found the flower. "Look! I found it!" Many citizens uprooted the flower and took it back to the tower, while the old man watched with rage.

The king went to work on creating the antidote with the neon flower. Melting it into a potion, he handed it to Maddie. Taking the potion, she started to glow brightly for a few seconds. After a while, she was back to full health. Two months later, a little boy with white hair and glowing green neon eyes was born. Even though the boy looked nothing like his parents, Jack and Maddie loved the boy to death, and the people cheered for the successful delivery. Later that night, the grey haired man broke into the house and attempted to reclaim his lost youth.

Going up to the boys cradle, he disabled the ghost shield and touched the boys shoulder. "Ghost," he said. The black rings traveled his body, restoring his youth. Suddenly, the boy had rings surround him, turning the little boy's hair black, and his eyes an icy blue as he started crying. Maddie and Jack stormed their baby's room with ecto weapons, but they were too late. The window was wide open, and their baby was gone. Grieving, the queen and king sent green lanterns up into the sky in hopes that their son was still alive and would come back.

Young Danny was five, and he had lived in a tall tower his whole life. While fiddling with his toy rocket, Danny walked into the living room. A bell sounded, and his father came through the window panting. He had slight wrinkles, and his hair seemed slightly thinner. "Daniel my boy," he said panting as he plopped onto his red chair by the fireplace. "Can you help Uncle Vlad for a second?" Sighing, Danny walked up to Vlad and let him touch his shoulder. "Ghost," his uncle said. The familiar black rings formed around him, his wrinkles disappeared, and his hair returned. "Can I go outside Uncle Vlad?" Danny asked making his bright blue eyes as big as possible. Vlad shook his head. "Now now, we can't have you captured by evil ghosts or killed by thugs or ruffians. You are safe here little badger." Patting Danny's head, Vlad walked into the master bedroom to put away his formal black suit and retired for the night.

It was Danny's sixth birthday, and he wasn't about to miss the event that happened every day. Putting on a grey coat over his blue rocket pajamas, Danny tiptoed past Vlad's room and levitated slightly to reach the string that opened the only window in the tower. "It's a good thing I'm learning to use my powers…" Danny muttered as he pulled. The window sprang open just in time for Danny to watch the green lights dance across the stars. Marveling how high they went, Danny promised himself to someday be powerful enough to fly as high as those lights.

Nine years later, a fourteen year old Danny woke up to another boring morning. Yawning, he went to the sink to brush his overgrown black bangs. Slipping on his red and white shirt with blue pants, Danny walked out to the living room and cooked up some breakfast. A bell sounded and Danny sighed as he set the table. 'Back already?' He thought. Going up to the window, Danny looked down at his Uncle who was waiting patiently at the bottom on the tower. The forest surrounded the tower with tall stone walls forming a topless cave. "I'm just getting older Daniel!" "Coming!"

Danny raised his arms and said softly to himself, "going ghost!" A blue ring surrounded his waist and split in two. As one went up, the other went down, making a big change. Danny's clothes were replaced with a modern black hazmat suit with white gloves and boots. His black hair was replaced with snowy white hair, and his eyes changed from its regular baby blue to glowing neon green. A faint glow surrounded him as he flew out of the tower and picked Vlad up. 'If he knew I was making a catch phrase for myself like 'going ghost', he would kill me!' Danny thought as he was sure not to touch the ground. Danny had also made a cool name for his other appearance, but he wasn't going to tell Vlad. Placing him inside the tower, Danny changed back into his other form and sat with Vlad for breakfast.

"This looks delightful Daniel, but I'll have to pack it, because I have a very important business meeting, and I can't stay long." Grunting, Danny picked up Vlad's breakfast and placed it in a lunch box. A bright tinted thermos sat in the cupboard, but Danny preferred to leave the strange device alone. 'Vlad said it was used to catch ghosts back in the old days…' Danny shivered at the mention of ghosts. He remembered Vlad telling him that outside the tower, there were bloodthirsty ghosts who wanted to misuse his powers, and evil people who would cut him open because of his powers. 'I'm safe here…' Danny thought at first, but he promised to get strong enough to fly as high as those lights that appear on his birthday.

Now that his fifteenth birthday was coming up, he was confident he could fly even higher. Waving Vlad goodbye, Danny turned into his white haired form and flew Vlad back to the bottom of the tower. "See you later little badger! Remember to stay inside!" Vlad walked out into the woods were the secret entrance was kept. Only humans could pass through the shield, so Danny knew he was safe. When he was sure Vlad was gone, Danny started flying and practicing his other powers. "Sometimes it's tough being a half ghost…"


Sam Manson snuck on top of the tall castle high above Amity. Dash and Qwan, the Jock Brothers, followed her as they positioned themselves over the window to the throne room. Sam wore a black raider's shirt, black short skirt, combats boots, and black hair in a small ponytail to highlight her violet eyes. Dash was in a red and brown outfit, with his blonde hair in a small ponytail and a small scar across his slightly violet blue eyes. Qwan had a matching outfit, with small Chinese black eyes and short black hair. All three were known to be vicious villains who robbed for profit and glory. Sam had the two Jock Brothers lower her into the throne room. It was rumored that the nameless prince's silver crown was heavily guarded with many bald guys dressed in white, and armed with ecto guns.

Hovering over the pedestal, Sam slowly picked up the crown and put it in her purple backpack. One of the guards was eating a turkey sandwich, so as she was raised up, she muttered, 'Ugh… I can't stand meat…' One of the guys in white looked up as the shadows retreated from above the ceiling. "Code Silver Crown! Everyone move! The prince's crown has been stolen!" The alarms sounded throughout the whole kingdom as Sam and the Jock brothers ran into the woods. "We got a runner! Call out the Red Huntress!" An iron gate opened up as three figures jumped out of the cell and into the woods. Riding a giant blue ghost dragon was the famous Red Huntress in a black and red high-tech battle suit made for fighting ghosts. The other two girls rode black dragons.

"Spread out and find the jerks who stole the crown!" The Red Huntress called to her group. The blue dragon known as Dora growled to the two black dragons the same message as they ran after the scent of the thieves. While running, Sam spotted some posters of her and the Jock Brothers. Dash and Qwan looked vicious and mean with knives. Sam had blonde long hair instead of her black short hair. "They got my hair wrong! How did they do that! It's black!" "I think it looks fine," Sam said as she grabbed the poster and pushed it into her backpack before catching up with Dash and Qwan. Up ahead, Sam and the Jock Brothers had hit a wall in the dead forest.

"Quick! Let me climb on your shoulders and I'll help you guys up." "And why should we trust you?" Dash asked as he looked at her violet eyes. Sam pointed at the clearing behind them, as they heard the growls of the dragons closing in on them. "She has a point dude!" Qwan said in a panic. "Let her up and let's get out of here!" Qwan put Dash on his shoulders to let Sam climb to the top. Once she stepped off them, she turned towards them as Dash said, "Now let us up!" "Sorry boys!" Sam called to them as she ran off into the woods. "Manson!" Dash screamed as she left the woods.

"Finally!" she said with glee as she tightened her backpack. Suddenly, the Red Huntress appeared out of no were. "Hand over the crown loser!" Sam jumped at the Red Huntress and knocked her off her dragon. "Get going!" Sam said to the dragon as it continued to run. Noticing that the passenger wasn't her master, Dora stopped abruptly. "Come on you stupid dragon!" Sam yelled as she kicked Dora on the side. Glancing at Sam's backpack, Dora attempted to grab it and retrieve it to the red huntress. "Stop it!" Sam yelled. But before she could react, both she and Dora fell off a nearby cliff. Landing in a tree, Sam climbed down and attempted to run away from the dragon that had recovered from the fall and was now flying above the trees. Backing up into a steep cliff, Sam tried to find a cave. To her surprise, a small opening was found with a ghost shield around it. "Yes! An escape!" Ducking into the crack, Sam came across a luscious green field with a tall modern tower.

'Weird… there's no door here…' Sam thought as she stared up at the tower. The top was open, so Sam knew that the ghost dragon could find her here. Grabbing the vines, Sam climbed up the tower and into the window. As she climbed in, she scanned her surroundings. There was a small living room with only one window and a classic setting for two people. As she looked around, Sam noticed that someone was here. Sadly, she was unable to react fast enough as an ecto blast hit her head. Her vision went green and she blacked out.


While Danny was reading some of Vlad's business books, he heard someone climbing the tower. Practicing Vlad's defense lessons, Danny got up from the couch, ran into a corner, and turned invisible. A girl in black seemed to climb up from the window. 'She must be strong if she can climb the tower…' Danny thought to himself. The girl looked dangerous, so Danny snuck towards the weapon closet and pulled out an ecto gun. 'I can't let her catch me using my powers… maybe she will mistake me for a normal human…' Danny fired the gun and heard her fall to the floor unconscious.

Turning visible again, Danny walked up to the intruder. Looking at her appearance, Danny did a body search for any weapons. There were no weapons, but as Danny went into her backpack, he pulled out a poster that said 'Sam Manson, Wanted.' The picture had a girl similar to the stranger on his floor, but her hair was off. Squinting his eyes, he placed his thumb in front of her hair. "Oh, so this is Sam Manson." Sam started to wake up, making him turn invisible. Her violet eyes opened up and looked at the floating ecto gun. Before she could scream, Danny blasted her again, making her faint. "Okay… what to do with her…" He decided to hide her under his bed in his room. Stashing her under the bed, Danny thought of what to say to her. Suddenly, Vlad called up to Danny.

"Perfect timing," Danny thought as he went ghost and picked up Vlad. Dropping Vlad in the room, Danny attempted to ask something. "Um… Uncle, remember when I wanted to try and fly outside for once?" "Daniel my boy, I have already said no to that…" "But, can you please listen…" Danny tried to push Vlad into his room, when he suddenly turned on Danny and glared at him with glowing red eyes. "I will never let you out of here and that's that!" Vlad shook his head and turned back to Danny with his normal grey eyes. "I just want you safe little badger, and you know of the dangers out there… now promise never to ask me if you can go outside." "I promise…" Danny said with a low voice. Vlad gave him a hug, grabbed some weapons, and started to polish them.

"Umm, Uncle?" "What is it now Daniel?" Vlad asked slightly annoyed. "It's my birthday soon, and I was wondering if you could get me that new version of 'Doomed' the video game?" Danny asked as he rubbed the back of his neck. "But Daniel, that's a three days journey by hover board." "But it would take my mind off wanting to go outside…" Vlad got up from his chair and put his hand on Danny's shoulders. "Okay then, I'll leave now and get you the game. "Thanks Uncle Vlad!" Danny said cheerfully hugging Vlad. Little did Vlad know, Danny had other things in mind.

I'm so sorry that it fits in to well with the movie, but I'm planning to bring it a little off track... or a lot! There will be more battles, secrets, discovering new powers, etc. Adding the ghost hunting stuff from the show, and random Tucker moments (I got the idea from an anime called Sands of Destruction) I hope I'm not doing this on a silly topic. A friend of mine made me constantly watch it five times, so this is getting it off my chest so to speak. I'm mostly working on my story "Crossing Over the Dimensions," so until then, Chow : )