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...and now onto those who remain...


Those Who Remain

120 years later…

April 20, 2131.

Moon Base 1.


It seemed so small from the window—as if she might cradle it within her hands. It was beautiful as well; a pristine blue with wisps of white that covered the green and brown landscapes. It had been a long time since she had last been there, but she could still recall the rustling leaves of the trees, the nipping of the wind at her cheeks, and the warmth of the sun on her skin. It had been a good era then, and she knew the planet had only gotten better.

It helped the Decepticons had been fully disbanded over a century ago, starting with their victory in Chicago. Any remaining warriors still alive had been at a loss and were easily rounded up without anyone else to lead them. They were further subdued when, hours after their defeat, they saw what she could do—saw what she was. Though many had only known violence their entire existence, her presence, and especially her touch, triggered something in them; a revelation which woke them from their primal needs. They had put down their arms then, and after some time, they came to be welcomed as brothers. While there were those who would try to lift up the Decepticon mantle again, their attempts were fruitless and most forsook the purple face in for the hope of a new home—a new Cybertron. In turn, the Autobots gave up their red emblem and, at last, their people were whole once more.

With the Autobot-Deception war truly ended, their Cybertronian companions were able to aid humanity further. In a matter of years, technology had increased in leaps and bounds. Pollution was almost unheard of save for natural sources. Forests had been rejuvenated and animal populations had returned as well. Civilization improved in such a way that cities and their surrounding areas were manageable and no longer needed to spread further. When space travel became readily accessible, humanity began to live in the various stations that orbited the earth or the communities recently made upon the Moon's surface. Conflict had died down as well, and what remained was internal and rarely escalated to include entire countries.

In simple words, the Earth was at peace.

Catherine smiled at the thought, happy to know things had turned out so well. The road had not been easy, though. The aftermath of the Chicago battle had brought much brutality against the Cybertronians. Many had sought to accuse them of the deaths, though it was the former Decepticons who were truly at fault. It had taken much time, help, effort, and risk, but in the end, the people understood and it was time to grow. The city had been rebuilt, but now it served as a home to the Cybertronians and all who would come after and was appropriately dubbed "Cybertronia". NEST also took up its new headquarters there and so humans were not uncommon, working cooperatively with their metallic comrades.

However, humanity still was not yet at ease then, and had remained apprehensive until the Cybertronians gave their services, which paved the way for the world today. One of the most important had been the end of their war with the Decepticons, whom were now either allies or neutrals, and even humans eventually came to have no qualms with them. The acceptance was, in part, due to the other great improvement that advanced the world: the ability to harness the Earth's natural energy sources to create Energon and then make it available for both Cybertronians and human use. The result was a viable and readily available fuel source for all to use.

Of course, Catherine had played her own role in the road taken and it, too, was not easy. She had been only a little wary, as the first steps had been the hardest. Humanity was averse to seeing one of their own so changed, after all. However, when she showed them what her powers could do—showed them Energon was life, the fear diminished quickly. She also carried a great knowledge that she shared with the help of Wheeljack and Optimus, which also garnered favor from her people. Soon enough, she became revered and any fear was forgone save from those whom could not bring themselves to believe her existence was possible.

It was for that disbelief that she did not keep her position at NEST. Instead, it was passed into the more capable hands of Charlotte Mearing and Leo Spitz, both of whom worked with Smokescreen for a time before Sam and Bumblebee joined them. Eventually the reigns were passed to her sister, Annabelle, and Sam's son, Daniel, and then to their own children when it came time. Even though her relinquishing of the role had eased some tension, in the end, she had departed Earth with their Cybertronian allies when the base on the moon was complete. While she mourned leaving those she considered family and friends, she knew it was for the best. Earth would be better able to thrive without her, and there was much work to be done on the moon that required her presence.

Catherine let out a soft chuckle as she turned to lean against the window and wondered what the people remembered of her. It had been at least seventy years since she had left for the moon base, so for many she was a thing of history. To others she might be a legend—a supernatural story of a young woman who never aged and could heal and bring back the recently dead. Of course, the latter she had not done at all since the battle and the first revealing to the world—it was not something humanity could handle—but the former two she had done much of. Part of her considered the thought of being a legend humorous and also somewhat honorable, but another part of her worried what could happen to her "tale". That was yet another reason she knew she had to leave, and now the only true trace of her was in books, the Energon-based technology that was used to save lives, and the word of those she knew personally whom were still alive.

"Speaking of the devil," she grinned as the doors to the secluded hallway opened. Behind them was an old man leaning slightly on a cane he held in his right arm. Despite his age, his skin was not terribly cluttered with wrinkles, and his hair still retained some flecks of dark colors from his younger years. His eyes were as lively and brown as ever, though, and they shined as the stars did when he spotted her. He returned her grin with his own as he began to hobble his way over, limping heavily on the right side, but managing with the cane. Catherine met him halfway, and it was there they stood before each other, eyes bright and full of love and memories. They waited only a few seconds before they embraced as tightly as his frail bones could handle. When they pulled away, the old man left his hand on her cheek which was far smoother than his.

She retained her smile, "Hey, Sammy."

"Hey, 'Cat. I see you still haven't aged a bit. If I hadn't stopped caring about my handsome looks a while back I might be jealous," the old man chuckled and removed his hand to hold it out for her to grab. She happily did so and began to lead him towards a bench near the window she had looked out of before his arrival.

"Well, that's what happens when you have the source of all life in the Universe embedded in your chest," she snickered back, and he chuckled again. As he had said, she had not changed since the battle of Chicago so many years ago. She still looked like a twenty-year old, although she was well over one hundred. She knew she would look as such until the end of time, too. It was a boon, of sorts, but it was also a means of sorrow. Already she felt a small flicker of pain as she looked upon Samuel, so frail and old—so different from the young man he had once been. The only reason he was still around was because he had been touched by the Allspark. The Energon has fused with his body like her, and it had kept him going far beyond any normal human. The others, however—her family; friends; teammates—had already long gone, and now only their children or grandchildren remained.

"So, how goes retirement? Flirting with any old ladies yet? I'm sure you must be so popular when you're one-hundred and forty-something," she winked as she helped him settle onto the bench.

He gave her a sly grin, "Them 'ol girls can't keep their mitts off me! But you know Carly was the only one for me. Ahh, I miss her, I do, but she's in a good place now. She had it pretty hard the last few years, y'know, but she's good now. Probably up there chatting away with Mom and Dad and fussing over Daniel with them. You remember how they were with him. Mom almost smothered him, and I was sure Carly was going to have to fight her over him."

"I remember very well," Catherine laughed, patting the hand he had on his knee and then wrapping her fingers around it. "Did you make it here okay, by the way? I know you never did like using the space bridges…"

"Oh, I made it alright. The vehicles are better now—make it nice and smooth going through. I am going to be lodging a complaint about the process, though. Them idiots there don't know how to treat an old man! But I'll manage. Anyways, how are you, 'Cat? It's been a while since I got the time to come up here and you never come back and visit."

"Sorry, I've been busy helping with the base and the plans to get colonies on Mars."

"Oh? Is that finally getting underway? Daniel's and Annie's kids mentioned something about it, but they've retired, too, and the grandkids don't always say much."

She nodded, "Yeah, we're going through with the plans. We're almost ready to begin construction on the atmosphere and climate controls to make it inhabitable. From there we'll need to work on vegetation and water, of course."

"Good grief. It's barely been any time at all and we're already going out there. Star Trek is becoming real, ain't it?"

"Well, it was only a matter of time," she mused, leaning her head back some. Sam looked to her, brow raised, and she chuckled a little as the artifact in her chest glowed a bit brighter beneath her shirt. "It's always been Mankind's destiny to go out into the Universe, Sam. Ever since we looked up into the sky and saw the stars it has been ordained we would one day travel to them and expand. It is so much more than that, though; we never even knew it, but we were meant to meet—the Cybertronians and us, I mean. That, too, was our destiny, and it is one that spans across countless dimensions and universes. Our meeting is the spark of something far beyond ourselves that will lead to so many things. The road is never easy, though. There will be a great many trials before we can reach the greatness that awaits all of us. But… there is no rush. It will take many, countless years—eons even— before such time arrives."

The glow beneath her shirt dimmed as the last words left her lips and her body relaxed. Her gaze remained forward, though—staring at something beyond the gray walls before them. Her eyes turned to the old man, however, when he did not speak for some time. She thought he might have been confused as most were when she sometimes settled into such spells, but, instead, there was a humorous glint upon her old friend's face.

"You always make me feel like I'm a kid when you talk about that even though I'm an old man," he snickered. She chuckled with him, but stopped when his features became somber and his eyes trailed to the wall, looking at them as she had moments before. "But I am an old man. I've lived longer than my wife and my son, and I might even live beyond my grandkids, Richard, or... no, was it Randy? I... I have trouble remembering sometimes. My mind will get foggy every so often now, but… but there's always one thing I remember and it's that I'll end up leaving you. And for that I am sorry, Catherine. You're always the one to carry it all on your own, and once again I'm leaving you—"

Sam was silenced when a pair of soft hands cupped his cheeks, gently turning his head to face hers and bringing brown eyes to meet light-blue ones. She smiled at him softly, and he felt a welcoming warmth in her touch—one that could not stop his eyes from watering nor his lips from curving into a similar expression. She then pressed her forehead to his and there was no need for words to tell him what she meant. There was only her touch lingering there for as long was needed to soothe her friend's heavy heart and mind.

Only when she could feel that he was at ease did she think to pull away, though left her hand on his cheek for a moment longer before grasping his hand once more. He said nothing as he nodded at her and squeezed back, the two of them leaning into the bench. Catherine laid her head upon his shoulder and he, in turn, set his upon her head, and in that instance it was as though they were young again, the worries of the world gone from their shoulders. They were but two friends relishing in one another's company, and the walls around them were not so dark or confining.

It was there they stayed, simply sitting in silence for a long time, though they spoke volumes to one another. And when at last they were at peace, they spoke of many things. Foremost were the memories that came and went. Some Catherine had to remind Sam of when he could not recall, but regardless, there were many laughs and grins to share between them. And when there were no more memories to recall they became quiet once more, hands held tight. It seemed there would be no end in sight, and certainly the two wished it could be so, but, as a flicker of emotion—one not her own—passed through Catherine, she knew it was time for him to go. So it was with a sad smile that she lifted her head from his shoulder and helped him up.

"Don't tell me it's time to go already?" he inquired, a twinkle of laughter in his eyes.

"Afraid so, but there's someone here whose come to send you off. He's missed you a lot," she replied, turning him to the opposite end he'd come from to face another set of doors. He raised one brow at her, but the other lifted as well when the metal structure slid open to reveal the towering, metal-armored figure of a friend he had not seen in a long, long time.

He laughed at once, "'Bee! I see you finally got a break from babysitting those grandkids of mine!"

"They are rather adamant about my doing so lately— using an argument about not being children anymore and that there is no threat to their safety," the Autobot hummed with a touch of amusement. "It is good to see you again and that you are are still well, Samuel. I apologize I have not visited sooner."

"Aw, quit your apologizing. You've only been doing what I asked you to. How the heck have ya been?"

"I have been well, Samuel. Much better than I have in Vorns. Pardon me, but it might be best if we talk on the way to the space bridge. You're carrier will be leaving in a few breems."

The old man huffed, "Well, I'll be damned. Time sure does fly."

"Unfortunately," Catherine grinned, taking his hand again. "I'll leave you two to have some alone time. I've got things to tend to, anyways."

"Not going to see your old friend off?" Sam snickered, although he opened his arms for a hug.

She happily wrapped his arms around him, "I will right here. You take care now, okay? I don't want to have to go to Earth and kick your sorry old butt for being stupid!"

"Now, now; I may be Sam, but I've gotten wiser in my years. You don't need to worry about me."

Catherine laughed as she stepped back and met his gaze, laughter on his lips, too. Though she felt a pang in her heart, she still smiled and touched his cheek. She opened her mouth as if to speak, but closed it in the end. He raised a brow curiously, but she just shook her head as she clasped her fingers behind her back.

"I'll see you later, Sam," was all she told him, and he nodded before turning away and walking with Bumblebee. The two went right back to talking, and the redheaded young woman watched them go from her spot, her arms still latched behind her. She kept a smile on her face, but it faltered as soon as the doors closed behind them. Sorrow took hold quickly, forcing her to close her eyes to prevent the tears. It was impossible, though, as she accepted the realization that this was the last time she would see her best friend—her Sam.

It was a blow mightier than the rest, and she had to sit upon the bench as she tried to control her emotions. There has been so many people she had met and come to love; so many paths that had crossed with hers, and so many that had already ended. It had been difficult when Jackson had passed first, and when Anthony, Fig, and Epps followed the loss had been even greater. It only grew when her father and mother passed on after a long, happy life, and so, too, did Sam's parents. The years had taken their toll on them, and her parents would not be its last victims. Time was a cruel thing, and, although technology had expanded life expectancy, Leo, Michael, Carly and even her younger sister Annabelle eventually met their ends, as had her god-son Daniel. Their children still lived and even had kids of their own, but she had not formed the same bonds with them as she had the others. The only one that remained had been Sam, but now that path would soon end, and although she knew it would happen—she had been warned long ago when she accepted her role—the pain was still more than most any she had felt before.

A flicker of warmth came from the artifact in her chest, and five rushes along with one smaller whisper of comfort followed, all of which helped to ease the pain, though did not completely ebb it. It was not a pain she wanted to truly forget, not that she could ever forget her loved ones. Still, she accepted the comfort and knew, in a way, they would all be a part of the Matrix—of the Well of Sparks. It would not be in the same way the sparks of the Cybertronians were, but their consciousness was part of the world within the artifact and that meant they were with her, too. Still, she would grieve for many years for the loss of Sam—the last of those she had known from that world of long ago.

Catherine, the familiar voice of her bond mate called and, at last, she was moved from her seat. She rose slowly, closing her eyes to take in a deep breath of air. When she at last gained the strength, she walked to the third exit of the corridor. It opened as soon as she was near, and she managed to smile some when she found a silver hand waiting for her. She hopped on at once and was lifted up to her bond mate face where he pressed his forehead to hers while a flux of love and comfort rushed across the bond. Like before, he was not alone. Her children, though spread out amongst the galaxy on missions to look for their kind and supplies, were able to reach her through the bond as if they were right next to her thanks to the Matrix. The sixth, smaller flux came from a source she had once thought would never occur: a certain golden-armored mech whom expressed his concern and comforted her, though the uncaring look upon his face would say otherwise.

"I'll be alright," she told the two of them after a few minutes. Although her sorrow was still strong, they knew she spoke the truth, and even if she hadn't, they would make it so. "I was just… saying my good-byes."

"We're here for you. Always," Sideswipe smiled back, his spark sending her endless waves of warmth, and Sunstreaker grunted in agreement. She nodded back as she wiped at her eyes and stepped off onto the silver mech's shoulders. Her children shared in the sentiment, but then pulled away to continue on with their duties. She knew they would happily shower her with affections when they returned in a few years, and no doubt express jealousy that the Twins were the one to be permanently stationed with her. The thought at last made her laugh a little, and the two mechs shared a quick grin.

The moment was disturbed, however, when the door to their right opened and a young mech with armor spouting maroon, yellow, and red colors rushed through. He stumbled when he spotted them, and clumsily flailed about to regain his balance, orient himself properly, and salute respectfully. Catherine giggled a little, causing the young mech to look down sheepishly. Sunstreaker rolled his optics with a bit of grumbling and Sideswipe raised his brow, urging the young mech to state his business or pass through if that's what he meant to do.

"Oh, uh, um, well, I, uh… was looking for Ms. Wolf," the young mech squeaked, and did so again when the golden-armored mech looked at him like he was crazy.

"Why didn't you just use the comm. link to ask us?" he inquired, causing the young mech to flinch and become flustered.

"Aw, lay off the 'bot, Sunny. The base is small enough we don't even really use the comm. anymore," Sideswipe replied, smacking his brother on the arm.

Catherine shook her head, "Boys, boys! Calm down. Now, uh…Hot Rod, was it?"

"Huh? Oh! Uh, yes! That's me!" the young mech beamed with delight.

"How about you tell me what is it you needed?"

He nodded, "Right! Prime sent me to find and tell you he wants to discuss some of the construction plans and missions with you. You don't have to come right now, of course, but, um, whenever you're good."

"Thank-you, Hot Rod. Tell Optimus I'll be with him in a few breems."

"Of course—er, I mean, yes, ma'am!" the young mech saluted and quickly scurried away with a silly grin upon his face. As the redhead watched him go she felt a strange feeling trickle forth from the Matrix—a premonition of the great many things yet to come. It was one she had yet to fully feel before, but she knew what it meant and knew why Optimus has sent the young mech to her. However, it would be a long, long time before such events would come to fruition, so she set it back in the place it had come from without worry.

"You're too nice to them—even the ex-Con ones," Sunstreaker snorted as he folded his arm, and Catherine gave him a look.

"No, I'm civilized to them. You, on the other hand, are just a grump, but that what we all love about you."

"And you're still annoying."

"Oh, just admit you love me. We all know you do," she purred with a wink. Although the golden-armored mech huffed and scoffed at her comment, she could sense the insincerity and knew he did, in fact, care for her in his own way. It had taken time as both she and Sideswipe though it would, but he had long since accepted them and her. Of course, they couldn't act civil all the time, and so there was always the occasional biting argument that was really more so for fun than actual bitterness.

"So, you want to go see Optimus now or should we play hooky instead? We never did go on those vacations we talked about," Sideswipe inquired, playfully nudging her with his head. Grinning she nudged him back, but shook her head.

"No. I'm feeling better, and it'll help get my mind off things. We definitely have to go vacationing later, though," she told him and, with a gentle touch both to his cheek and to the bond, he complied. His brother followed right at their heels, most of his words coming silently through the bond, and they made their way in the same direction Hot Rod had gone.

They exited out into a dramatically larger area which served as the hub of the base and where all their Cybertronian companions and human workers were busy tending to the base's needs. From their spot many levels up from the ground it was easy to see it all, and it was even easier to find Optimus at the center, giving orders to Blaster and their new second-in-command, Prowl, whom then relayed those orders to others. As if sensing them, the Autobot Commander looked up and met Catherine's eyes, and she shared a silent, knowing thought with him that was echoed from within the Matrix—a touch from a brother on the other side.

Optimus looked away first, and Catherine let her gaze roam across the area, taking in each and every spark there. They might feel a flicker—a whisper of some unspoken words, but it would be no more than a passing sensation, not unlike a phantom touch of the skin. It was easy to find the 'bots she had known before the peace working at the moment, and each of them spared her a glance as they had come to recognize her touch. Some of the others she gazed upon were those she had created, but the rest were mechs, femmes, and even quadrupeds who had once been lost to the vastness of space or been their enemy. More would come, she knew, and more would be created. In turn, more humans would one day come to the base, then to Mars when the colonies were made, and further still as they continued to expand outward. However, she would not know them. She was not sure she could bear to know more with their lives so short, bursting to life as a bright flame, but diminishing in seconds compared to the eternity she had remaining. Yet, at the same time she knew she would try.

Her thoughts were disrupted when she felt Sideswipe reach her through the bond, reassuring her things were fine. Again, her children and her brother-in-law were there as well. Sorrow kept its hold and would always have one when she would look back into her memories. However, in that moment—looking away from the room to the optics of Sunstreaker and then to those of her bond mate, and letting the flux of their love fill her— she was at ease.

The journey had been long and tiresome already, but there were still many paths to tread and there was no telling of what all lay before them. She would walk along them, though, and do so without fear for her loved ones would be there to help her. Although many had departed, they would remain with her—even if just in memory—and there were still those who would always walk those paths with her. There was no doubt in her heart of the thought, and just as she had known it countless years ago, that would always be enough.

The End

TMWolf: Okay, soo... the epilogue was kind of sadder than I meant it to be, but... that's a bit of the point. All actions come with a consequence, unfortunately. However, let it be known that this chapter is also a signal for the last of Catherine's sorrow- Sam is the last human she loves, and the rest of her family is Cybertronian and can essentially live forever. So the sorrow is not permanent; no, she has a family that will stay with her for as long as time persist and in that she will find happiness always, and also in the memories of her life and those whose paths crossed with hers. Not to mention, there are still many paths yet to tread. There are still countless things for our dear Catherine to encounter, and she will be able to do so with her bond mate, brother-in-law, children, and her Cybertronian family at her side. That's not to say there won't be any danger along the way, but she's not afraid, and she won't be anymore. She's found her place and her happiness, and that's all she really needs.

And so, the story comes to a close. Yes, Catherine is indeed immortal. The Matrix is going to keep her alive until the end of time- when all things return to Primus and all are one. She's going to live a long, very happy life, and even the premonition of trials to come (I'm sure you can guess what at this point) she'll be alright. It helps Humans and Cybertronians are now allies and at peace with one another- even ones who had been Decepticons. Don't get me wrong- not ALL 'Cons have renounced their titles and joined their brothers, but MANY have. The idea comes from noticing that most of the Decepticons in the movies seem... beastly. Basic. As if they went on instinct- as if they weren't fully sentient like the Autobots, Megatron, Barricade, or Sentinel were. Thus, with Catherine's touch/presence they regain some of themselves and become full Cybertronians with more than just a fight programming. They were individuals who could have their own thoughts, and many came to realize they only wanted a home and were tired of fighting. Of course, there will always be those still wanting to fight- both Autobot and Decepticon- but those who wish only for a home have become just Cybertronians once more, working underneath the leadership of Optimus, whom has welcomed them with open arms, and under the comforting light that is Catherine and the Matrix. The same peace is known by Humans, whom owe their prosperity to Cybertronians- longevity; cures; a purified planet; etc. Things are wonderful at last, and will be for a long time.

But that's another story- one which will most likely never see the light of day. Yes, you heard right folks. There will be no sequel. I intended for this to be the end of Catherine's story, and the rest is left to the imagination and the hope knowing there is greatness awaiting all things, save for the evil they have yet to conquer. Still, I am glad to know that you have all enjoyed the story and honored me by joining Catherine and I on this journey through her life. You readers have made it all worth it, and I thank-you. In fact, there are few who I really got to know and had such a good time when replying to and would like to thank personally:

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To the rest of you I give my thanks again. I might not have formed as closed as bonds as these lovely people, but I still appreciate all you had said. It helped me all through this story, and it's helped to give me the confidence to keep writing.

Yep! I plan to write more fanfiction in the future- most likely Transformers yet again! I do have plans for other series- like Assassin's Creed- but I'll definitely come back to Transformers for sure! In fact, I actually have about twelve ideas for These Paths We Tread oneshots to cover time not written about in this story. There's actually a lot to write about with many months skipped here and there, a 2-year time skip, and then 120 years! Soo... look out for a new story for one shots, which will focus a lot more closely on secular moments and have a whole lot of emotions and characters building ;)

However, that might not be for some time. I do have plans to write my own original novel- or, well, trilogy, actually- and I want to write and maybe even get published one day. I don't know if I will- it might not even be possible- but I want to try, so that's what I'm going to be working on. If you guys ever get curious about it, I'm posting it on a site called "Wattpad" under this username. Still, that's going to my main focus over any fanfics, although I might do some on the side when I need a break for my original stuff.

And so, for now, this is good-bye, my friends and reviewers! Catherine's story has come to a close and it's time to part ways with her as she continues on her path. And so, in the words of Cowboy Bebop:

You're gonna carry that weight.