Chapter 1

"Hi, can I help you?"

I was startled out of my examination of the shop by the smooth, velvety voice coming from behind me. I jumped at the sound having thought I was alone and as I spun, I somehow managed to get my legs twisted and began to fall. I clenched my eyes shut and braced myself for the impact, but was surprised again to realise that something had caught me. Or rather, someone.

My stomach clenched as I took note of strong arms wrapped around my torso, and I could feel my face flushing with embarrassment.

I righted myself, straightening out my shirt before backing away from the arms that had caught me and I instantly missed their warmth.

Slowly, hoping to prolong my humiliation, I lifted my gaze up those muscled, and as I now noticed, heavily tattooed arms and over a broad chest. Well defined muscles stretched against a tight, simple, black wife-beater. I held my gaze there for a moment, soaking up the sight before looking further still pasted a thick, strong neck and a stubbled jaw that would put and model to shame. I continued my inspection past a strait nose and high cheekbones and was met with the single most startlingly beautiful pair of emerald green eyes I had ever seen. I was lost in their steady gaze for what felt like hours, and from the clear amusement they displayed, might not have been too far off.

He had a crooked smile on his face that was almost a smirk, and I could feel the smugness coming off him in waves. My face flushed an even deeper red when I realised he had seen my entire perusal of his body and I could have sworn I saw a flash of lust in his eyes.

"My name's Edward, I'm the owner here. Did you need something?" He asked, his amusement at the situation and my obvious discomfort clear.

"I um... Yes. Uh…" I tried to remember exactly what I was here for, but I was coming up blank.

"Oh wait, yeah, I wanted to get a piercing!" I announced triumphantly, proud of myself for my ability to put together a coherent sentence.

He quirked an eyebrow at me amusedly in a way that should be illegal, but seemed to choose to ignore my apparent temporary loss of sanity.

"What kind of piercing would you like, Sweetness, an ear, maybe your bellybutton?" I was too offended by his assumption that I could only be after something as innocent as an ear ring to even acknowledge the heat that spread over my lower region at his calling me Sweetness. Did I have a sign on my forehead that said boring or something?

"No," I challenged him, my annoyance giving me a fresh wave of courage. "No I want to pierce my clit." Ha, I thought. Take that. I waited for his reaction and was not disappointed.

His eyes widened in shock and his fists clenched. There was no mistaking the lust that flashed in his eyes this time.