Chapter 6


"So you'll stay?" He asked. It came out almost as a statement but I could detect a hint of nervousness that told me he still needed confirmation.

"Always," I blurted out and quickly slapped my hand across my mouth. In my haste to reassure him it would seem I had lost my verbal filter. "I mean…"

I wanted to say something else, afraid that I would have scared him away already but the smile on his face and the twinkle in his eye told me that it was completely unnecessary. Almost like, maybe, my answer had been the exact one he had hoped for.


Watching her face as she silently berated herself for speaking aloud was both amusing and adorable.

The subtle tilt of her tiny nose, the red flush that flooded her cheeks and the way she nervously checked my reactions to everything she said was all slowly driving me insane. I only met this girl today and my feelings towards her were already getting intense. Watching her come undone on the table had been more than I could bear. In my profession, I see plenty of women in so many indecent positions, and never had I reacted to one so profoundly, or taken advantage of one so fully.

Seeing the innocence in this young girl's face and knowing exactly what I wanted to do to her untainted, perfect body, was too much for me to face. There was no way I was going to taint such a perfect specimen so badly.

"Um, Edward?" Her quiet, musical voice startled me from my thoughts and I noticed that she was beginning to look uncomfortable again.

A panic took over my body as I realised just how badly I desired this girl. There was no way I could take advantage of someone so innocent, and someone like her should not be around anybody as damaged as me.

"Actually I think it's about time that you left."

The words had left my mouth before I even realised I had been thinking them, but I couldn't take them back. She needed to get away from me before it was too late and I changed my mind.

"Wha…?" She began, sounding hurt, but I cut her off and turned away, not wanting to see any more of the disappointment and hurt I had just seen flashing in her eyes. Wanting so badly to take her in my arms and ignite the passion and flames I had seen before. But I wouldn't do that to her. I didn't even know this woman, but I know that she is too good for me.

"I'm sorry, I just remembered that I have a booking soon and I have to clean the equipment." She flushed at this last statement, "It was nice to meet you, but you should leave now."

I chanced a glance in her direction, but turned away once again at the expression on her face. She looked more innocent than ever in that moment and I knew I had made the right decision. She looked so lost and hurt, it was better she left now before I could hurt her more.

Not wanting to face her again, I turned and walked into the back room of the store, shutting the door to the store, and her, behind me.

I waited in there, cursing myself and trying to convince myself that I had really done the right thing for what felt like hours, but was probably only 20 minutes or so.

I knew she wouldn't still be out there, and she hadn't followed me. Why should she have? I was a bastard to her and I took advantage of her, but as I opened the door and returned to the front of the store, I couldn't help but hope.


She was gone.

No sign that she had been there at all.

Nothing, not one thing.

And that's when I noticed the note folded neatly and placed on the counter.