Bonjour! This is my first story, and it is very badly written. :C

Sam and Dean have a little run-in with the BAU Team.

Warnings: Gore


Anyways, enjoy! Renegade is a song by Styx.

Somewhere in the outskirts of Lawrence, Kansas

3:07 am

"Leave me alone!" A girl cried and continued running down the road, trying to escape the invisible creature. Far behind her lay the mutilated body of her boyfriend and her boyfriend's once beautiful 2008 Toyota Corolla, which was now smeared in his blood.

She continued to run down the road, hoping that someone would show up and save her. She didn't even know what she was running from. She heard growling and barking from behind her, like a dog, but she didn't see anything. The sounds got closer and only intensified her fear. She continued to race down the road as fast as she could, but the thing chasing her wouldn't give up.

Finally, she saw a red car coming her way and began flailing her hands wildly, trying to get the driver's attention.

"Help! I need help!" She yelled from the top of her lungs.

The car came to an abrupt stop, and the driver stepped out of the vehicle. It was a woman with dark hair. The girl ran towards the car and once she was face to face with the driver, she said, "We need to leave! Now! There's this, this thing!" She stopped as the driver stepped forward and patted her on the shoulder. The driver smiled and looked past her and then suddenly, her eyes went black. The girl was frightened, but didn't move.

Suddenly, the growling returned, now louder than ever. The girl turned around and to her horror, there was a large dog with dark black fur and red eyes, its face was distorted in a vicious snarl. The girl screamed and tried to run past the driver, but the dog moved forward and jumped at the girl, tackling her. The girl continued to scream as the dog pinned her down and began tearing and clawing at her. Blood splattered the shiny car, blending in very well with the red paint. The driver wasn't disturbed even the slightest. In fact, she was smiling. She slowly walked forward towards the dog before bending down to pet it.

"Good boy."