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Selina POV

Every bit of clothing stuck to my sweaty skin, the sun being in the center of the sky only intensified the blazing heat. Today was a muggy summer day and I sat on the porch under the minute amount of shade. My parents? They were off in Bora-Bora or Tahiti or one of those expensive places on a week vacation. Me, I was stuck in New York looking over a garage sale. They weren't horrible parents; they knew I hated beaches and that I hated flying even more. So here I was selling off our old unused things. It was a terrible habit of my dad's, he would buy gadgets and the like that we never really had a need for. Sighing I ran a hand through my short boyish hair cut.

A few people walked past the lawn looking half interested, most however ignored it completely. Before anything could start melting I trudged across the lawn to pack everything up and give it to the Salvation Army. After two trips back into the un-air conditioned house I was glistening with sweat, I wiped it away with my arm. God I hate summer. Showing this much skin made me uncomfortable, but I couldn't survive more material. The gray shorts I wore hung low past my knees and the tank top made me self conscious. It showed off my curves, or lack thereof. Grass crunched loudly beneath me as I strode across the lawn, a flash of red caught my attention.

Wavy crimson hair poured over her shoulders as she bent over looking at my old game collection. From where I stood she couldn't see me, just the sight of her made it hard to breathe. It was my next door neighbor; I had seen her on a few occasions; at school, the mall, public places. But I had rarely seen her around the neighborhood, as weird as that sounded. The short jean skirt she wore nicely accentuated the curves of her body. Feeling my throat dry up I shook my head in an attempt to empty it of wandering thoughts. What was I thinking?

Of course that didn't work, my eyes curiously trailed every inch of smooth skin, from her flip flops up to the hem of that damn skirt. In her own thoughts the redhead placed strands of hair behind her ear, brown eyes bright as she smiled. Calling her pretty was an understatement. Delicate freckles decorated her cheekbones; barely distinguishable from the rest of her skin, when she blinked I noticed her alluring red lashes. We were alone and all my thoughts suddenly revolved around her. I don't even know her name; I've never talked to her in my life. And here I was ogling her, like I have the right to.

A frown worked its way onto my face when I thought of all the men that had probably fantasized about having their dirty hands on her. My cavities ached as I crunched down on the lollipop in my mouth; the girl straightened up and turned around at the sound.

"Anything you looking for in particular?" I drawled trying to sound unfazed by her presence. It was all lies. She stood at the same height as me, her smile turned a little anxious, damn it, I must have been scowling.

"I was just looking for a new game," her voice airy, pretty, she motioned to my games.

"Not such a good place for new games." Why am I being such an ass?

"Well yeah," she laughed lightly, "I meant something I've never played. How much is that one?" She pointed to my old Sonic the Hedgehog games, wait why did I put you guys in there? Besides that game sat a few shooters, Halo being the one that stuck out the most.

"You sure you don't want something more like these?" I asked, then again she didn't seem like a girl who was into violent games. The redhead shook her head,

"That one is the one I want," she smiled pointing at Sonic, I shrugged my shoulders and picked it up. "How much is it?"

"Ten dollars," I handed it to her after she gave me the cash. I looked back up at her once I had put the bills into my pockets, "I hope you like it," I said creatively. Again she smiled making my heart flutter a bit,

"Thank you," she said before making her way back to her house. I forgot to find out what her name was. Sticky with sweat I lifted the heavy box up into my arms and headed inside for the final time.

A week later

The golden sun was barely peeking over the horizon when I woke to someone lightly knocking on the front door. Half awake I nearly stumbled down the stairs,

"What the hell?" I grumbled rubbing my eyes. Who could that be? Again a faint knock sounded, "Do you know what time it is?" I growled as I unlocked the door. Vision still a bit blurry from sleep I opened the door wide, "It's fucking four-thirty in the-." My tongue swelled and became useless when from the steps the redhead looked up at me with her desperate brown eyes, shivering.

"I'm sorry," she let out weakly, "I forgot my keys and my parents are out working."

So we have the same we're-barely-home parents? I noticed the purple sweater she wore was thin when she pulled it tighter around herself. "Can I come in?" For a second I wondered what she had been out doing, she didn't look like the partying type; it's none of my business. Nodding I stepped aside not meaning to inhale when she passed me, the light scent of flowers shadowed her.

"You can stay here until they get back," I murmured, she turned away from me, blush stealing her cheeks. What? It was that moment when I remembered I was still only in my sports bra and pajama bottoms.

Naturally I crossed my arms motioning to the stairs with my head,

"My room is up there." God how could I have forgotten what I went to sleep in? Mentally cursing at myself I followed her upstairs at a safe distance, "It's the room on your left." Once we were inside my room I flicked the light switch on and began to nonchalantly hide my dirty laundry. Swiftly I pulled a shirt over my head and turned to face her. The girl sat perfectly on my bed, my bed, when her eyes found mine I had to remember how to speak.

"You should stay in here; it's warmer than the other rooms."

"Thanks," she breathed taking off her shoes, "What's your name?"

"Selina." A breathtaking smile crossed her lips,

"That's a pretty name." Cheeks burning and heart racing I pretended to look out the window, my gaze again met hers and she began to speak, "I'm Ivy."

"Well, I'll be downstairs if you need anything," I said lamely as I turned the door knob.

"Alright, night Selina," Ivy's words buzzed in my ears causing a smile to curl my lips. Down in the living room I flopped onto the couch, happy in the fact my parents weren't home.

It was two in the afternoon when Ivy sleepily made her way down the stairs. Red hair curled around her face cutely as she yawned and stretched her arms. I sat in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal when she walked in and sat down,


"I should get home," sunlight weaved into her fiery locks as she looked out the window, "What time is it?" I pointed to the clock on the wall and Ivy gasped standing up straight, "I have to go." Words bubbled in my throat, 'you could stay' being the sentence in mind.

Still I remained silent and followed her to the door,

"Bye," I said as she stepped out onto the oven called the porch. How had it been so cold last night if it is so hot now?

"I'll see you later," Ivy said over her shoulder making warmth stir in my chest. I hoped she was right.

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