Chapter 1

Hmm... story time! Don't really have anything to say except: SNACE! This fic has nothing to do with my last oneshot (or the first one) so Ace hasn't relized he likes Snake in that way... yet. Takes place when Ace is twenty, Snake is seventeen, ect (Almost all my stories will be unless pointed out differently.) Oh and Copywrites yada yada... I don't own anything blah, blah, ect... (XD God, I'm a dork)

WARNING: Rated teen. Vilonce, coarse language and (evutualy) lovely slash.

Now on to the story!


Four boys walked out of the church. A gangrene support meeting had just finished and the boys, the gangreen gang, began walking back to their shed in the dump.

Ace was oldest, being fourteen, and was the leader and boss. Billy (who wasn't that big back then) was twelve, Grubber was also twelve, and Little Arturo was the youngest, at eleven. The gang had started four years ago, at a support meeting just like the one they were leaving. As they were all run way orphans, they desided to stick together, and form the gangreen gang.

They didn't do much more then just vandalize and loiter back then, but they would one day be big trouble for Townsville and it's unsuspecting convience stores and elderly people.

The gang walked as a pack down the side walk. Arturo walked at a faster pace then the other three, and was a few steps ahead of them. He was followed by Ace, then Grubber and finally Billy. As they passed by a dark ally, they could here wimpering, and two deep voices.

Ace went to go check it out, and instructed the rest of them to stay there. At first Ace stood behind a large trash can, but he caught a glimpse of a young boy, probably twelveish, getting mugged. The boy had black hair that reached half way down his back. He had huge, scared, pink eyes, one of which that was bruised. His body frame was like a twig. He probably weighed less then Arturo. He wore a old brown hat, that was way two big for his head, brown shorts and an old black coat, covered in holes.

The one thug was going through a back pack, Ace asumed the poor kid's, while the other demanded more money. The boy was screaming that he didn't have any, while the thug moved a switch blade closer to the boy's head. The thug that was going through the boy's bag stood up.

"Take his jacket and let's leave." he said to the other thug. The boy nervously took off his jacket and handed it to the thug. Under the jacket the boy was wearing a baggy tanktop with yellow and brown stripes, so he was wearing shorts, and a sleeveless shirt. He wasn't even wearing shoes, and the temputure was below freezing for crying out loud!

The thug that was harrasing him smiled, and before running off, stabbed the boy in the stomach. The boy collapsed against the alley wall.

At this Ace exploded from behind the trash can, but he was too late to catch the thugs. Ace turned to the boy. His white shirt was now turning crimson. His eyes met Ace's, with one message: Help me.

Ace bent down and put his hand on the cut. "You're gunna be okay, kid." Ace said, trying to find something to use as a bandaid. The kid was loosing a lot of blood, and was on the edge of loosing consciousness, so Ace tried to talk to him.

"So kid, what's ya name?" Ace said.

"Sssandford." the kid said in a haze.

"Killer name kid," Ace said, trying to hold back a laugh, while trying to wrap his belt around Sanford.

"So Sanford," Ace added ephisis to the unusual name, "How old are ya?"

"Elevenss" Sanford anwsered. He was fadeing fast. Ace knew he had to hurry. Ace picked Sanford up, knowing he had a few moments before Sanford would be KO'd. Ace met up with the rest of the gang, and together they carried him to the shack at the dump, where they were able to get Sanford patched up, Arturo gave him a haircut, and Ace gave him the nickname "Snake", on account of Snake's lisp, forked tounge, and general snakeness that he possesed.

That's how the gang got it's second in command.

(End Flashback)

We were walking down the streets of Townsville, acting tough and cool, and looking for someone to mug or some way to piss off a police man. Ya know, typical stuff we teen-aged hoodlums did for fun.

We hadn't had a hit in a couple of days, so we were all anxious to find a person, away from the crowds and slightly on the weaker side, to mug.

"Hey, how 'bout those guys over there?" Arturo enthustiacly said, and pointed to a group of middle aged guys.

"Naw. There's too many of 'em. We'll find someone all alone. Don't worry." I said to him. He looked dissapointed, but didn't say anything. He couldn't. I was the leader my word was law.

We countiued walking down Townsville, and it wasn't beofre long we found a little girl, no more then eight, alone, skipping on the sidewalk.

"There's are hit, boys." I said, with a snicker. The gang all chuckled or happily hissed and made "phht" noise in Snake's and Grubber's case.

We closed in on the girl, who was in quite the state of panic. She tried to run away, but was stopped by Big Billy and Grubber, who held her in place while Snake tied her up using her own skipping rope and while Arturo checked her pockets. He produced a three bills and an assoermint of coins and handed them to me. I held the money trying to count up the money, but then I remembered. I didn't know how to count. Don't judge I only went to school for one day when I was seventeen, so I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in our shed.

"Arturo, come ova here, and tell me how much this is." I said to the smallest gangster. He let go of the girl leaving Snake to hold her down all by himself. Arturo walked over and I showed him the change.

"Hmm... About three dollars and sixty-seven ce-"

"Ouch! Sshe bit mes!" Snake yelled, interrupting Arturo. He was franticly waving his hand, trying to shake the pain. In the confusion the girl became loose of her jumprope bonds and ran for her life, down the streets of Townsville, but not before she snatched the money from my hand. I watched as she dissapered in the distance, and then I turned my head to glare at Snake. He was rubbing his hand, looking down at the ground, trying to avoid eye contact with me, as if he didn't know the beating he was about to get wasn't coming.

"Snake..." I camly said, slowly stepping towards him. The other members of the gang, fled to go hide behind garbage cans and whatnot. Snake however, just looked down, knowing what was coming, and knowing it would hurt.

I know slow begining, but I needed to get the flashback out there, as I think this story will be a major part on the Ace and Snake in all of my up and coming fics, everything will be expanding off of this one. (Unless it's not -.-) So tell me what you guys think, and I'll see ya in a couple of days.3