Chapter 14

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I was sitting at our table, listening to Arturo, Billy and Grubber talk, though I wasn't really paying attention, but did nod and absent mindedly agreed to what ever they were discussing.

My head was still wrapped around last night. Not what was said, but what I didn't say. Ace had a point about us almost never seeing each other again. I mean, the least I could have said was "Oh yeah, just thought you should know I've loved you since the second we met" Then again, that might not have blown over so smoothly.
Finished with their breakfast of some stolen coffee, Big Billy, Arturo and Grubber made their ways to the Nintendo 64, leaving me alone at the table. I noticed Ace stirred in his sleep, rolling over, yawning, and eventually getting up.

Ace plopped down in the empty seat across from me. He scratched his head and yawned, while asking Arturo to go get some coffee. Arturo, disappointed to leave his game, but nodded and walked a bit off scene to the counter top, leaving Ace and I alone. Ace stared blankly at me. His mouth wasn't curved into a sneer or a scowl, nor did his eyebrows give away any emotions. As always, he was wearing his glasses, so the eyes didn't help me out much either.

After a brief moment of awkward staring, Ace slowly said, "Snake... I forgot to ask you something." I eyed my sleepy leader, waiting to answer a stupid question, when Ace grabbed my wrist, and began to rub the top of my hand with his thumb. I didn't know what to think of it, so I remained silent, awaiting Ace's question, trying to fight my on-coming blush. Blushing is always more noticeable when you have green skin.

With his free hand, Ace grabbed the left sleeve of my tank top, and pulled my light body out of my chair, and on to the table, knocking over the foam coffee cup neither of us noticed Arturo had delivered. Arturo along with Billy and Grubber, were all watching us out of the corners of their eyes, just as confused as I was.

Ace took his hand off mine, and began to play with my short bangs. Continuing to hold my shirt, he pulled me closed to him. The awkwardness of my position on the table was weird enough, but what was weirder us that Ace didn't think we were close enough to each other. I was lying down on my stomach, completely when Ace let go of my sleeve, and put both of his hands on the back of head. Ace tilted his head down, exposing his amber eyes.

"Ace...? Whats are-" I began to question, but I was silenced by the sneer Ace was giving me. It wasn't his usual expression, but much more softer. Something I recognized from the way he had looked at Buttercup when they were dating. But me? Why would he?

Still with out an explanation, my mind focused less on Ace's curved lips, and more that they were moving towards me. Closer, and closer until the connected with my own in a motion of pure bliss.

It took me a moment to realize that I wasn't dreaming, and that this wasn't another one of my fantasies, and was reality. Beautiful reality. His hands remained on the back of my head, playing with my long hair, while my own went to grasp the white fabric just under his collar.

His tongue outlined my black lips, trying to slip between them. I opened my mouth the slightest bit and Ace quickly took the opportunity to get his tongue down my throat. He now traced the inside of my teeth and I flickered my own tongue against his, resulting in a unison moan, temporarily breaking the kiss.

We both let out a deep breath, and Ace managed to ask "How long have ya loved me?" between his. I blushed more then I already was.

"Umms... forever?" I decided to say. Ace smiled and muttered something along the lines of "Knew it". I smiled as I moved from on top of the table to comfortably on his lap. Ace smiled back and let out a small chuckle. It was then did I take my eyes off of him for a small moment, and caught a glance of the other three in the room. None of them were shocked, disgusted or even looked too surprised. I know they had known that I was gay, (They were able to recognize all the times I've tried to flirt with Ace, and curiously asked me some years back) and something tells me Ace had told them his sexuality somewhere along the line as well. None the less, they all looked happy for us and that was enough for me.

"'Ey get a room." Lil' Arturo joked.

"Hmm.. ya know, dat might not be a bad idea." Ace said. I laughed, thinking it just a joke but Ace gave me a lustful glare. He then placed his hands under my legs and picked me up as he stood from the chair, made his way out of the shack and was heading for the exit of the dump. I truly had no idea where he was taking me, but I really didn't care, as long as I was with him.


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