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Smosh –IanxAnthony

° Part 1 °

Something was wrong.

They had finished recordings today and spent the rest of the evening at home – chilling. But Ian knew his best friend and he recognized that Anthony was acting away from usual today.

Should he leave his best friend alone with his thoughts or ask if he needs someone to talk?

Anthony was just sitting on his double-bed and stared at the empty side – the side which was always cold. Pikachu glanced straight at the closed door from its corner, where he released it when he needs someone or even something to hug in a lonely night. What Anthony was missing was obvious, but only hell knows the reason why – he had no girlfriend.

Ian either. Did they do something wrong?

They have so many fans all around the globe, getting love letters from countries they never will visit in their life, but here in California he was unable to find someone who fitted him. Who gave him what he needed and was not a hyperventilating fangirl.

In these situations Anthony wished he wasn't that famous.

He had to talk to Ian. He was his best friend and he had to tell him what was going on with him. They worked together, were doing silly things and had to work on all the scripts for the videos. If he wouldn't talk to Ian, their work wouldn't be that good anymore. They trust each other and had an unspoken agreement: to talk about everything that's bothering one of them, no matter how embarrassing, silly or private it was. They lived together under one roof. Sure, both of them had their own privacy, but sometimes it was necessary to talk even about that.

Some hours ago, they agreed to watch a film after work, so Anthony should go into the living room and joining Ian on the couch already.

"Hey man.", Ian welcomed Anthony.

"Hey.", he said and fell on the couch next to his best friend.

"You were acting a little weird today. Is something wrong?"

"That's why I have to talk to you."

"Sure, what's up?"

Anthony hesitated a little, but then he started talking.

"I love our job and what we are doing, but I'm also missing something and I'm sure you know exactly what I mean."

Their eyes locked and he saw that Ian did really know what he was thinking.

"We have no girlfriends.", Anthony said.

"Yes, that's right."

"Why are we incapable of finding a girl?"

"I think we are to busy to go on searching.", Ian said with his blue eyes back on the TV-screen.

"That's sad, isn't it? We have so many fans, getting love letters from all around the world."

"Forget the fangirls. They are just loving the Anthony on air, but they don't know the Anthony behind the scenes. The tired one, the Anthony in the morning or when also you have a bad day."

"What if I meet one and she has the chance to get to know the whole Anthony Padilla?"

"Don't do this, man.", Ian shacked his head in addition.

"Why not?", Anthony took the zapper from the TV-table and paused the DVD.

Ian turned his body to his friend's side, fixed the brown eyes with his blue ones before he began to speak.

"What are you exactly missing? I thought you were happy living with me in our own house, working with me. Is it sex?"

"I am happy! Of course I miss sex, but it's not the main thing I'm missing."

"Then …?", Ian waited for an answer.

He knew he was Anthony putting under pressure, but if he wouldn't, his friend would never say everything he wanted to say and continued with acting strange.

"I miss the hugs, kissing, not being alone in the king-sized-bed, a warm body beside me, just to have someone in a cold night."

"I know what you mean."

Anthony didn't say any more words – all he had to say was being said.

After some seconds, the both starring at the paused film lost in thoughts, Ian took the zapper out of his best friends hand and continued watching the DVD.

"Well, I'm not a girl and can't give you sex, but ...", Ian began and put one arm around Anthony, put their bodies closer together.

"What are you doing!", Anthony hissed.

"I have a warm body, you can talk to me about everything and I have arms to hug.", Ian explained, "Sorry man, but I can't give you more than that.", the blue eyes fixed the brown again, a soft smile laid on his lips, "I also could sleep in your bed, but I think this would be a little bit too awkward."

Anthony saw the growing grin on Ian's face and stopped defending against the gentle hug.

They continued watching the film and Anthony couldn't deny that Ian's warmth felt really good, sitting on the couch wrapped in blankets. It was an action film, a lot of explosions, shooting and blood. But there were always these unnecessary lovestories in the plot.

"I hate these lovestories in action films. They destroy the whole tension. She is only a sweet chick for the eye, has to get saved the whole time.", Anthony commended the woman, which was the hero's girlfriend.

"Maybe a good idea for our next video.", Ian agreed.

"And then the passionate kiss in the end. If we watchers aren't frustrated enough. Wait a sec!"

"You are very critical today."

"I said wait! You didn't say anything about kissing.", the brown eyes looked wide open at the person, which he was so close, which arm was still around his shoulders.

"Nope, I didn't.", Ian didn't deny.

Anthony released the hug and starred at his best friend.

"Are you saying, that you would kiss me?"

Ian only shrugged with his shoulders.

"Girls doing this, either. I think there is nothing bad about kissing ones buddy if both would feel better."

"So it would also be okay to sleep with your buddy, if both would feel better?", Anthony asked a little bit confused of his best friends offer.

"No, I wouldn't sleep with you.", Ian said calm, pinching Anthony with his blue eyes.

"Should I calm down now?"


Anthony took some deep breaths before he asked again.

"So you think you could kiss me?"

"Yes, I do."

"Why should I let you", Anthony found back to his self-confidence.

"On air we are often touching. Our cheeks, chest or nipples. I'm sure I have touched every part of your body except your lips and nether regions. Oh wait no! In one video I kicked into your balls!"

Ian saw the pink color, which flushed Anthony's cheeks when he was embarrassed or laugh too much. He knew without the ability of mind-reading his best friend was thinking about his offer kissing him.

"So you..", Anthony began, but before he was able to finish his sentences, Ian came closer and was getting above him.

"If you would like to try, you only have to say it.", Ian's voice was deep, turns the cheeks of his best friend even more pink.

"No, I don't want it.", Anthony explained but Ian moved a little bit closer so that their faces were only some inches apart.

"Really? That sounds not very confident to me.", Ian grinned.

Anthony tried to say 'no' again, but he was fixed by the blue eyes of his best friend, and their faces were physically closer than normal. For a moment he lost balance and felt with his back on the couch. Grabbing for stability he was finding his hand clutching into Ian's T-Shirt on his backside. After he saw in the blue eyes again, only lighted by the lamp beside the couch, he wasn't able to say 'no' any more.

He felt Ian's warm breath on his face, the other body above his own.

"O-okay.", he whispered.

"What?", Ian asked loudly.

"Damn! Kiss me!"

Neither a second later Anthony felt warm, soft lips against his own, felt the tender touch, the sweet acceptance and the warmth, which spread in all directions in his belly. He closed his eyes.

After moments of enjoying the gentle touch of their lips, Ian moved backwards and ended the brief but intense kiss.

"Wasn't that bad, wasn't is?", he asked with a satisfied grin.

"No.", Anthony said with a steamed voice and Ian moved a little away from him.

They didn't say anything, were only looking at each other and felt the hot of their lips after they separated.

The moment found his end when Ian stood up.

"See ya tomorrow! Good night.", he left Anthony on the couch and disappeared in his own bedroom.

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