I know that I was supposed towork on not 1,but 2 STORIES! But i watched this movie and couldn't resist. I just add them as I think of new ideas so I wont forget in the future.

Well, this is about 14-year old Celeste Baker, who has been living with her abusive aunt, mrs. Galinda Gomez, ever since her parents mysteriously disappeared 8 years and is the outcast in school. She only has a crystal star-shaped necklace from her mother. The only thing she looks forward to everyday is watching her favorite movie "the Great Mouse Detective" which,she watchd with her parents. One day, however, her necklace began to glow one day and got sucked into the movie. She then meets the one, the only, Basil of Baker Street, along with Dr. James Q. Dawson and Olivia Flaversham, and embarks on an adventure of which, Celeste learns about her destiny which she never knew about.

This happens AFTER the movie and I will also work on my other two stories besides this one. My most popular one, Sailor Heart, I have to finish the next chapter soon. Well, enjoy!

*Celeste's Last Happy Day *

6-year old Celeste Baker, a red head with straight hair to her neck and dazzling, blue eyes. she had spent the day with her parents, William J. Baker and Jane Gomez Baker. her father had spiky, blonde hair and blue eyes while her mother was a red head, but a darker shade than Celeste, and glittering green eyes. the family lived in Florida and had all gone to the beach since it was Celeste's birthday, July 8. they all had a blast and were now heading home to enjoy her birthday cake at home. Celeste was currently looking outside the car window, thinking back on her wonderful day. she was currently remembering her special gift that was recieved at the beach.

Beach Flashback

Celeste was building a sand castle (which looked more like a hill with a leaf flag on top) when her mother sat next to her to stare at her little girl working hard on that castle. "how beautiful. it needs something though. it needs someone to look over it." she said as she took something that apparantly had been in her hand. she unfolded her hands to reveal a beautiful, blue star-shaped crystal with a silver chain to hold it. the mother wrapped it around her neck and put the necklace on for her. "this necklace shows that you will protect it always. happy birthday." she said with a smile. "thank you mami! it's so pretty!" Celeste said as she hugged her mom. "mami, i will protect not only the castle, but you and daddy too. i don't ever want to lose you! you're the best parents i can ever ask for!" she said as her father came in just in time to recieve a group hug from his family. "oh, i love you! i will always protect you." Celeste said to her parents.

End Of Flashback

Celeste then fingered her necklace while staring out, thinking about her day. when they finally reached the house Celeste hopped off and ran to the white door, her parents following behind. her dad opened the door and allowed them to come inside. they each cut a slice a the chocolate birthday cake and watched "the Great Mouse Detective" they were at the scene of the clock battle when Celeste fell asleep, so she was carried to bed. then the parents went to the finish the movie cause they like the movie too (you're never too old for a cartoon movie) and then the movie ended. however, when the movie ended, it didn't go to the credits. instead it went to the area of Ratigan's evil lair. then, they weren't expecting what happened next. they were each grabbed by the neck from a pair of strong, hairy arms and were being chocked by claws and were soon dragged inside, both screaming and gasping for air. Celeste woke up from her parent's screaming and ran to the room. when she reached the room, she only saw the credits of the movie and drops of blood on the floor. seeing the blood drops, Celeste ran to the house phone and called the police to report her parents missing. a couple of minutes later the police came and investigated.

until they were to be found, Celeste had to live with her aunt, who lived all the way in London, so she had to travel by plane to get there. years later, the police reported that the bodies were never found and were reported dead. Celeste cried a river when she heard the news from America and now had to permanently live with her aunt, who abused her verbally and physically ever since she moved in. years passed, and Celeste grew into a 14-year old girl, who is an outcast at school for being smart and having missing parents.

Me: well, that is chapter one. chapter two will be about the present and where the story really begins.

Celeste: HEY PPL!

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Celeste: just now. wanted to say hey to the people in the world. IS THAT SO WRONG?

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