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Elena sat with a letter in his hand. She had found it when she checked through Patrova family book. The paper looked several hundred years, the paper said:

To the doppelganger

My name is Belinda Mary Patrova and I was born in Bulgaria June 22 in 1475 with my identical twin sister Katerina. When we are 17 years old Katerina did something that was unforgivable, she became pregnant. After she gave birth to the child we fled together. we met a man named Lord Niklaus, he was everything a woman could wish for.

A lot of people dress pretty clothes. Two twin sisters stood and talked to a couple of men, a man with blond hair with blue eyes came towards them.

"I can wonder what two beautiful girls that you are doing here," he said and smiled at one of the girls.

"Nick always the charmer," said the girl and looked deep into the man's eyes.

"Miss Patrova you look fantastic tonight," he said, smiling.

"Thank you my lord," she said.

I fell for him but I did not see who he really was. It turned out that he was a werewolf and vampire hybrid, and that my sister had keys to the curse of the Sun and the Moon could be broken. When I and Katherine knew I wanted her to run.

"Katerina you have to run." She looked horrified at me

"What you'll come with." I shook my head.

"Katerina you must promise me that you are care about yourself should live nobody else" now it was her turn to shake his head.

"No I can not lose you," I saw the tears in her eyes.

"Promise me"

"I promise" her voice was shaking.

"Go" I screamed and she ran.

I let her run. I let everything I cared about run. I am writing this to you, you have to find Stefan Salvatore. I do not know how or where but he is the only one who can save you.

Elena stared at the paper and she took up a new paper and read

Elena if are reading this, I am not with you, I'm dead or with Klaus. Which one is it you are in danger. I have not been completely honest with you. Lexi was not the only thing that helped me with my thirst, there was one more person. You have to find her. I do not know her real name just that she has used all the time I've known her and where she is.

Bella Swan Forks Washington

Katherine sat in an apartment and looked at a piece of paper. She looked a sketch of a family of two parents and two girls. The girls were the same as smiling at the picture.

"I have done everything for you. I promised, "she said and a tear fell on the paper.

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